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  By: fawna  Age: 35  Country: United States

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Categories: Identified partner
Tags: shower
Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

Thanks for the suggestions. My fantasies are maybe too girly, but now I will try to describe more of the stuff you guys like too.



I will tell you about my fantasy of going on a business trip with the only guy in the office I can stand.  His name is Edy and he is the least crude of the monsters I have to work with.  So I imagine we get to the place and check into a hotel.  Instead of just saying Goodnight I suggest to him that we go over our plan for tomorrow.  He is a really nice guy so even though he is tired he says OK just to make me feel better.



I get to my room and call Edy, casually asking him to come over to go over the plan.  But tomorrow's plan is not Even on my mind.  I quickly get out of my clothes and into the hotel bathrobe.  When he comes over he is definitely shocked but doesn't say anything.  So I just say Come on in!  I figure we could talk a while then get a quick shower before bed time.



He does not Even Know what is going on.  While he is talking, I make sure the robe gets loose.  I tease him mercilessly.  Sometime I bend over so he has No choice but to stare down my cleavage.  Then I sit on the edge of the bed and pull up my feet, exposing my legs completely.



While he is getting aroused I Really turn it on. My robe gets obscenely loose.  Now when I bend over the table in front of him he is seeing my whole breast complete with nipple. When I sit on the edge of bed, my knees are far enough apart to answer any questions he might have about my pubic hair.  By now he has given up explaining Anything about our business trip and the bulge in his pants tells me he is ready for the Real show.



Right then I stand up and walk right up to his chair and say I guess that is enough for today.  Thank you so much for helping me.  Ouch!  He thinks the show is over and he will have to limp back to his room and jerk off.  But instead, I just pull the robe off and drop it to the floor.  While he stunned into silence at my nude display I casually ask So you want to take a shower before bed?



Well you can imagine he has No Idea what is going on.  By the time he figures it out I am already running the water.  By the time he gets with the program, takes his clothes off and enters the shower I am already covered with soap.  Finally, I say. I thought I was going to have to wash my own breasts!  He gladly takes over.  Caressing my body with long full stokes, he makes sure not to neglect my soft breasts.  Playing with them gently but surely he brings my nipples to full attention.  As he takes each one into his mouth in turn, I let the pleasure take me away.  Meanwhile his hands explore further down, eventually reaching the Goal.  I help out the cause by reaching out my own hands, searching and finding that magnificent penis.  When he raises his mouth to meet mine my vagina starts to drip with anticipation.



While his fingers explore the folds of my moist pussy, my own fingers are running over the length of his cock from balls to the tip.  He gets harder and I get wetter both our hands start to move faster.  Now I am starting to lose my mind.  I grab his dick with my whole hand and guide it right to my target.  As he goes in, pleasure.  More pleasure as he puts me against the shower wall and goes in deeper.  Back a bit, then forward. More pleasure. Back and forth.  Back and forth.   Now a little faster.  I am in heaven.  Now even faster.  Now even deeper.  Can I even stand any more?  Faster, deeper.  I start to feel light headed.  Am I sweating?  In the shower??  Wow!  Now he is actually going even faster!  No mistake now, I am getting dizzy.  Better hold on tighter.  And better put my whole mouth around his tongue and suck hard.  Can’t hurt right?



I have no idea what I am screaming except that it is really dirty.  He is pumping his dick as fast he can go and I am about to faint.  Faster, faster, faster, faster.  Finally, I explode.  All kinds of emotions and feelings chase each other all over my body.  I don’t even care if the whole geek squad at work was filming this.  It feels like it takes all night to come down from this high.  When I do it is morning and we are in the bed with our arms and legs are still wrapped around each other’s naked bodies.



He tries to sneak out of my grip to avoid the awkward departure scene but I am Not going to let him go just that easy.  So I take control and say to him No way are you getting out of here that easy! After your performance last night you deserve a big reward.  I slam him back down on the bed and tell him to get comfortable because I am going to suck his dick so hard the hotel vacuum won’t be able to show its face for a week!  I separate his knees, crawl between his legs and lower my head as he closes his eyes and relaxes.


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