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Categories: Oral Sex, Being Taped, S-M / Domination / submissive, Group Sex / Threesome, Anal Sex
Tags: Group
Location: My House
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

"put this on" I said to my wife, K, handing her a blindfold..

"Dont fuck about , we need to go" she replied

"Look love, i've brought some guests round for your birthday surprise but you need to put this on. Now"

Nervously she took it, wondering if I meant what she hoped I did!..

I left the room briefly & returned moments later.

"the noise you can hear is the sound of 5 guys taking their clothes off. I've told them what a dirty slut you long to be & they are going to make you their dirty slut - whilst I film it"..

She looked flushed & stood nervously with her hands held to her side but the guys circled her immediately & began kissing & caressing & holding & grabbing her, twisting her nipples, smacking her ass & all chatting in her ear - "mmm i'm gonna fuck that ass".. "5 guys? You little slut".. Right bitch, on your knees".

With that last comment K was thrust to her knees & a collective of cocks thrust in her face. I heard her groan with pure pleasure as she greedily devoured the first very thick cock which touched her lips.. After 5 minutes of not knowing who's cock she was licking & sucking she begged loudly "someone fuck me!".. A couple of the guys laugh but one immediately moves round behind her & roughly enters her eager tight pussy..

My own cock was throbbing as I filmed her mouth & pussy being vigorously fucked, knowing how much she always got off on the thought of being a blinfolded dirty bitch for a group of guys.. Soon it got better when 1 of them slipped underneath her. She squelched down onto his big circumsized cock, whilst another guy exclaimed how fucking tight her ass was as he pushed himself inside her..


For the next 45 minutes these 5 strangers take turns at ravaging her mouth/pussy/ass, choking her, pulling her hair, spanking her ass.. They use her as their sex toy & come over her face & lovely breasts one after the other.. She greadily sucks them dry..


When they leave she removes her blindfold. Drenched in their spunk, weak with her own multiple orgasms & having been pummelled for nearly an hour, I put the camera down & kiss her.. "You fucking dirty wee slut" & I turn her over, shove myself deep up her ass & explode inside her... "next time you are bring women home!"...

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