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Categories: Group Sex / Threesome, The Audience / Voyeur
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Location: A swimming pool or hot tub
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I tried entering this story but it looks like it didn't work.



So anyway, I live alone and the only guys I talk to are the dorks at work.  Most of them make crude remarks to me like if if I say I am going out for a run they will invite me over for a shower after.  Or if I said I took a nap on the weekend they ask if they can come over and join me.



Our boss Lynette is always out of town doing business.  When she goes, I take care of her place.  I really like that because she has a pool and one of those nice hot tubs.  Not the cheap kind they unload of a truck but the kind that is built in.  I can hardly wait for the end of the day then I rush Straight over and dive into the pool even before I go into the house.



If I Ever told the dorks there was a hot tub there they would Not leave me alone.  I know That!  So.  I have this fantasy where I tell them but make them beg to let them in.  Of Course I would bring my hot red bikini to the office so they know what they will see.  By the end of the day I finally say Ok.  But you HAVE to follow my one rule!  They will say YES and then we go.



At the house we are all standing around and I am carrying the little red bikini and Finally I tell them my rule.  I tell them if Lynette gets home from her busy trip and finds her tub all scummy with nerd grease I will get punished real bad.  I mean it.  Lynette is Very tough.  I swear she would storm into the office and paddle my ass with a boat paddle right there in front of everyone.  so if they want to soak they Have to take a shower first.  and I mean a good one with soap and scrubbing.



Lynette has this outdoor shower so they take turns stripping right there on the deck and showering while I watch.  The whole time I am making comments about how they are out of shape or their dicks are the smallest I have seen.



Finally when the last one is sitting in the tub, they are totally hot from the embarrassment but waiting for the payoff when it is my turn.  They do not even bother to put on their trunks after what I just did so they are all naked and ready for the show.  But here is what I do.  Instead of showering right in front of them, I say "Ok.  I get to use the shower in the use since I am the house sitter!"  Then I grab my bikini and walk in.  Can you imagine That? Their little penises would deflate on the spot!



But that is when the fantasy really starts.  I go in and shower, then I go out to tub.  But when I step outside, they see that instead of putting on that bikini I have been teasing them with, I am Totally Nude.  I just stand there on the deck like I don't even care and let them look all they want.



Now things are going!  I finally slip into the tub and just go ahead and sit on the guy's lap with the smallest penis.  Yes.  The smallest!  I let him touch my breasts all over while I jerk him slowly and gently.  Then the surprises don't even stop.  With my other hand, I reach over and grab the next guy's dick too.  I stroke both of them while they are doing whatever they want with my body.



Finally after they both shoot, I swim to the other side and slip right between the other two.  They are So ready by now that I just grab each of them and jerk away.  I am Sure they are mauling me like crazy but that just makes it better.  Finally after they are done too, I let them relax while I lay across all their knees and put my legs wide apart.  They are all tired so I finger myself slowly, then fast.  I would scream out all kinds of dirty things when I finally come.



I guess this would never work and I wouldn't have the nerve anyway but I really want to get off and at the same time have some fun at Their expense for once. 


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