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So there are these two friends that have talked for awhile. They have had phone sex and sent nude pictures to each other but never met but have talked for awhile. They have always wanted to meet but now they both have a partner so they feel as they will never meet to see how it would be finlly to meet. ( mr carter and mrs b)  mr carter always told mrs B how he is into dressing up and role playing. So he finally sets up a time to come see mrs B, they both feel little nervous to finally meet.


So mr carter pulls up to mrs B house and gose up to the door and knocks, mrs B answers the door in a black skirt and button up shirt with the top few buttons undone so her bra was showing alittle and with some fishnet stockings, mr carter was in shock to see her dressed like that they had always talked about her wearing that putfit but he was amazed to see it in person.  Mrs B can see by his face he likes what he sees, they smile at each other and he leans in for a hug they hug and she invited him in.  They walk in she asked him if he was thirsty and he says no he is fine. Mrs B sits on her bed and says so do u want to play mario kart like we plained, sure says mr carter still in shock of her outfit, in his mind he is thinkin of nothin but how good she is looking and that he really doesnt want to play any games he wants what they have been talking about doing on the phone for sooo many months.  She starts up the game and hands him a remote, are you ready to lose mrs B? She laughs and says ooo i think im gping to win.


So the game starts and they start racing and soon mr carter start to take the lead in the race, after awhile mrs B starts to see that she is going to lose the race and she doesnt want to lose so she "drops" her controler on the floor in front of mr carter.  He looks down at it and relizes that she is bending over infront of him and as she bends over her skirt slids up and up so that he can see the bottom of her ass which makes him wonder(does she have a thong on or no panties at all) she looks back at him and smiles bc she knows he is wondering what shes wearing under her skirt and she laughs and says dont you wanna know?  Mr carter acts like he doesnt know what shes talking about and says know what? And she lets out a little laugh and says what im wearing under this skirt. Mr carter is speechless and he says well u know im wondering.  She grabs the controler out of his hnd and drop it on the floor and starts to grid her ass on him giving mr carter a little lap dance and he goes to tpuch her and she slaps his hand and says no touching.  Mrs B knows mr carter doesnt like to b told no.  As she grinds on his lap she can feel his cock grow in his pants.  She is suprised of how big it feels bc she has only seen pics of it, mrs B stands up and mr carter stands to kiss her, they start making out.  As they kiss mrs B undoes mr carters belt and his shorts then she drops to her knees while looking up at him she smiles and pulls his shorts down. " u want that cock huh its driving u crazy bc u could only imagine how it would b and now its inchs from ur face. She says oo i know and pulls down his boxes and grabs mr carters cock and starts stroking it, mmmmmm mr carter as she looks up at him she slids his cock in her mouth. 


He grabs a handful of hair and watches her take all of his cock in her mouth she starts to gag as she puts it all in, she looks up at him bc she knows he watching.  She can feel his cock pulsing so she knows shes doing it good for him, he pulls her hair alittle and starts to fuck her mouth, mmmmmm ya mr carter is loving it and he sees that mrs B is gagging on his cock so he stops and let her breathe alittle and she then licking from his balls to the top of his head then back down. Then she starts sucking again and mr carter let her know that he is about to cum and she stops sucking and says mmmmm cum for me all in my mouth i wanna taste it.  She keeps sucking and soon she feel a warm shoot of cum shot down her throat, she sucks some more to get it all then licks up what was ledt on his cock.  She stands and says i hope it was good as u thought it was going to be. Mr carter doesnt answer because he knows mrs B is soaking wet from sucking him so he pushes her over her bed. Lets see what u got on under that skirt mr carter pulls up her skirt and NOTHING mmmm u naughty girl. He slids his still hard cock in her wet tight pussy. As mrs B feels his head touch her pussy she says oo b gentle its been omost a year since ive had ome, this just turns mr carter on even more bc he knows her pussy is tight and he slams his cock in her and she screams.


Mr carter starting fucking her pussy so hard and all mrs b can do is grab a pillow and moan and scream bc it is amazing mr carters cock in her very tight pussy she cums in mins because its been so long for her she is soaked. Mr carter finally lets up and she says omg omg give me a min by this time ahe gas cumed 2-3 times and she rolls over and pulls up her skirt so mr carter can see her shaved pussy. He looks down at her wet pussy that he just fucked really hard and he just puts his face down there and starts eating her pussy. A few licks and then standa up and slams his cock back in her pumps a few times then takes it out then back to eating her out then back to fucking her.  Her pussy is so wet from cumming its fetting all over them and the bed. Mr carter sit up as hes fucking her and rubs her clit as hes fucking her. She puts ger legs up on his shoulders so he can get even deeper. At the same time they tell each other they are about to cum and then they both scream as the both cum to gether. She tells mr carter he was the first to cum in her pussy and it was an amazIng feeling to have his cum shot in her throat and deep in her pussy. 


Mr carter stands up from fucking mrs B and she crawls to the end of the bed and starts to lick mr carters cock to suck off their cums off his cock. You like that? She shakes her head tea and says yea we taste good together. Then she says it was better in person than over the phone mr carter agrees.

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