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Tags: office drama punishment humiliation
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Roleplay: Boss/Secretary
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Nature: Humiliating

This story is for all those submissive minded ladies out there, you know who you are. Please enjoy and leave comments. Thanks.

A Sensitive Subject

A glance across the room and I caught him again looking in my direction. His eyes quickly looked away staring into nothingness, each time I caught him. I continued to discuss plans for the new office with Mr. Jorgenson as though nothing were awry.

"Who is the handsome stranger that I was not informed of?" I thought to myself. He had not been noticed by me before and I usually knew everything that goes on around here. My boss, Gary Jorgenson had not mentioned any new personnel to me and he told me almost everything.

The conversation about the new office faded into conclusion, so during a pause I took him aside and asked," Gary who is the man standing by the window there?"

"That Sheila, would be my nephew from Baltimore," Gary replied.

"May I ask Sir, is he visiting or is his stay going to be permanent?"

"That depends on him, he's got the diploma and I was going to ask him to be the branch manager at the new 89th st. office."

My mouth flew open and I had to stop myself from bursting out in a fit of anger. I had hoped to land that position personally and the feelings of disappointment and anger were welling up to the point, I had to cover my mouth and excuse myself.

Fleeing to the Ladies, I found the room empty and beat the wall with my fist. Quickly I forced composure and returned, "I'm so sorry Gary, I think something got caught in my throat," I explained.

"I hope you’re OK, Sheila," Gary remarked.

"I'm fine, I just needed to take a little bathroom break."

"As I was saying, I would like Neal to take control of the new branch. Further more I would like you to step in and bring him up to speed on our goals for the next six months."

I cleared my throat and choked back what I really wanted to say. "I'll be glad to be of service Gary," I replied with a fake smile.

"Good now lets go over and I will introduce the two of you,"Gary remarked.

Walking behind Gary, my fake smile turned to a frown, I was pissed that things were going down this way.

"Shelia Beckman, I would like to introduce you to my nephew, Neal Jorgenson," Gary said.

Reluctantly I held out my hand to meet his, "Pleased to meet you Neal," I said.

"Likewise, Mrs. Beckman?" Neal replied.


"I stand corrected," Neal replied.

"Neal I would like to see how you would fit in at the new office on 89th st., Shelia is willing to bring you up to speed on our expectations," Gary remarked.

"I think we can make that happen, Uncle Gary," Neal replied while looking at me with a twinkle in his eye.

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