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This is a chapter from my latest book, Ashlee's Toy. If you enjoy this passage please go to and search for Ashlee's Toy, the whole book. Thank-you for your interest.

Wednesday morning was soon upon me and my plan to seduce the handsome young repair man was coming together. My cell phone gave it's familiar jingle and the name Ronald Martin came up in the caller ID. "Oh, yes, my repair guy," I said to myself as I accepted the call.

"Hello," I said.

"Miss Underwood?" he quizzed.

"Yes," I replied feigning ignorance of him.

"This is Ron with ABC appliance repair,"he explained.

"Oh, yes, I have been waiting for your call," I said in a sultry voice.

"Will you be home around eleven this morning?" he asked.

Lying I replied,"Oh,no, I won't be home until 3:30 this afternoon. Could you please come then?" I cooed in an equally sexy voice.

"Well, I suppose so, I can make you the last call of the day I guess," he stated.

"Oh, thank-you so much, Ron, I will have to find you a special treat for your kindness," I sweetly purred.

"I will see you at 3:30 then," he replied.

"See, you then,"I gushed.

I made preparations for the encounter the rest of the day. Going down to the basement, I opened the door to the dungeon and left the light on. The bed sheets were still rumpled and smelled of female scent, so I straitened the bed and sprayed some air freshener on it. Leaving a few toys on the bed, I hoped to attract his curiosity even more.

When he was here on Monday, he obviously had an erection just from seeing my play room. My plan was that by leaving the door open and the light on his curiosity would get the better of him. He would go inside for a closer look and then he would be mine for the taking.

I took a shower and washed my beautiful hair. The almost sheer satin robe and some perfume were the finishing touches to the trap. My hair was still a little wet when the door bell rang.

"Welcome, Ron, I am so glad to see you, I have missed my washer desperately," I pouted.

"Hello, Miss Underwood," he smiled nervously, as he glanced at my scanty attire. He was carrying a box with the part in it ,and his tools.

"I apologize for not being available sooner," I said with an impish grin. "I hope you will not be mad at me for having to work too late," I said as I laid a hand gently on his shoulder.

"N,no problem," Ron replied. "I sometimes work till seven or even eight," he commented.

"Well you know where it's at, don't you dear," I said glibly. He took off down the stairs and began his work. I have a video camera in the play room so I could see when to spring my trap. Sure enough in about fifteen minutes his nose was peeking into the room. Soon he was walking around and picking things up.

Quickly and quietly I padded down the stairs in my bare feet to catch him. As I slipped in the door, I at once slammed it shut and locked it from the inside. Ron spins around with a look of horror on his face.

"Well, Ron did you find anything of interest to you?" I demanded. He could not speak for a few seconds. He was so mortified by the situation he could barely even move.

"I am speaking to you," I pressed the issue again.

"I,I,I got your machine fixed, Ma’am," he stuttered, and quaking in his shoes.

"I can see that, but why are you in my play room, Ron?" I asked. "Do you want to play?"

"Noo, no ,no I can't," he replied.

"Do I make you nervous, Ron ?" I chided.

"Yes, Ma’am," he said while his eyes were looking for the door.

"You look like a rabbit caught in a trap," I mused. "Do you feel like you are in a trap?"

"Yes, a , no, a maybe," he stumbled over his words again.

"Will you answer a question truthfully if I ask you?" I said seriously.

"Yes, I guess so," he said.

"Did your Mother ever spank you on the bare bottom when you were growing up?" I challenged him.

"There we go with those personal questions again," he snapped.

"You are the one who is snooping in my playroom and I need some answers, Mister Martin," I retorted back.

His mouth flew open when I mentioned his last name. "Caller ID, brightness," I said coldly. His face dropped and he looked at the floor as he said,"Yes."

"Yes, what?" I asked.

"Yes my Mother spanked me on the bare butt when I was growing up," he gritted his teeth as he said it.

"That’s nothing to be ashamed of Ron, many people got spanked as children," I stated. "Some of them grow up to like it as adults also." His attitude changed a little and a slight smile came to his lips.

"I have always thought I was warped in some way," he confessed.

"Well, you aren't," I assured him. "At least I don't think so for that reason anyhow."

"I, I really need to be getting back," he stammered.

"I think you need someone to talk to, you have been carrying around some kind of guilt for a while now it seems," I said in a soothing tone.

"I have had all these pent up feelings since I was old enough to know about sex," he explained. "I never knew what to do about them, except for, you know," he alluded.

"You fantasize about being spanked when you jerk off don't you?" as I smiled sweetly.

"Yes," he muttered as he covered his face with his hands

Out of nowhere some maternal instincts kicked in and I held out my hands to grasp his.

"Don't be ashamed," I said as I pulled his arms around my body. His tears on my shoulder assured me of his sincerity. So many times before men had feigned "feelings" to get me into the sack. This guy was real and hurting so I comforted him.

The smell of a man excited me and I wanted to have him at once. His tender heart was in my hands though and I could not bear to risk hurting him. I was dismayed that my plan to tease and dispose of this guy seemed to evaporate, as his vulnerability was exposed.

After a minute or two I put my hand under his chin and kissed him on the forehead. I laid my cheek next to his and just inhaled his aroma. The male scent unlocked some wild passions in me that had not been awakened by a man for some time.

His tears soon stopped and he was enjoying my fragrance as well. The lump in his work pants was a testament to his state of mind. His demeanor is turning from fear of me to feelings of lust.

I was very pleased with myself for my cunning. Next I had to get his clothes off.

I pulled his face to mine and I kissed his trembling lips, very gently at first then with more zeal. Ever so slightly I opened my mouth and slipped just the tip of my tongue into his. The bulge in his pants was nearly bursting through the cheap synthetic fabric.

My hand went slowly down his shirt to his belt and stopped for only a moment as my tongue surged into his mouth. The wandering hand moved down ever further to reach the fine protrusion in his pants. I touched the ready manhood and squeezed it a little.

Suddenly he pulled back with his face aghast, and said,"what am I doing?" "I am supposed to get married to Marilyn some day."

"Who's Marilyn?" I asked in a rude tone.

"My sort of fiance,"he replied.

"Does she wear your ring?" I quizzed.

"No," he responded.

"Has she ever fucked you?"I asked in a smart ass voice.

"No," he replied.

"Has she ever even kissed you the way I, a perfect stranger just did?" my dander now up and ready.

"Never,"he exclaimed.

"Then what kind of claim does she have on you?" I sneered.

"We go to the same church together and her father is the pastor," he explained.

"Well, that answers a lot of questions for me,"I chortled. "You are one of those up tight Christians aren't you?" I asked.

"I am not up tight," he replied.

"If you were any tighter, I could bounce a walnut off your head about a hundred yards," I laughed.

"Maybe, so, I have been stuffing my feelings and denying my gut for many years now," he admitted.

I pulled him close again and kissed him, I slyly reached around with one hand and squeezed his butt. To my surprise and delight he returned the favor, with his hand on my thin satin robe.

I slowly lifted my robe as his hand lingered and soon it was touching bare skin. My free hand went again to that blessed lump that was teasing me by it's obvious presence. This time he stood his ground and moaned slightly as I caressed the prize.

Stopping the fondling, my hand went to his belt buckle and zipper. He offered no resistance now to my advances and the pants were soon on the floor. Slowly I shuffled him back against the bed and gently laid him down. Pulling off his shoes and socks the pants came off easily.

He unbuttoned his own shirt and nearly ripped it to get it off. I admired his lightly haired chest and his pronounced pecks. Giddy with excitement I stood up and dropped my thin robe to the floor. His brown eyes grew wide as he drank deeply of my naked beauty. The proud fleshy object that was still encased in cotton was throbbing to be released.

Bending over I slowly removed his shorts, revealing a nice sized penis that is ready to play. Laying down beside him on my side I asked,"would you like your fantasy and then some to come true tonight?" I questioned.

"I don't know if I should," Ron said.

"What if you could put all of your hangups aside and go with your instincts, what would you say then?" I asked as my gaze pierced his brown eyes.

"Yes, please Ma’am,"he replied

"You don't have to call me Ma’am unless you would like me to be very strict with you," I grinned. "Then if you wish you can say, "Yes,Mistress", that is, if you are comfortable with that," His rigid pecker jumped with concupiscence at my words.

"Yes, Mistress," he replied at once.

"I play pretty rough, do you think you can take it or are you going to wimp out on me?" I asked. "Further more you have to trust me to control both your pain and your pleasure, can you do that, Ron?" I asked seriously.

"I can take it, and I do trust you, no one has ever talked to me so frankly before," he said. "I'll put my body in your hands."

"Are you still a virgin, Ron?" I asked.

"Yes," he replied sheepishly.

I kissed him on the lips again and said,"we will remedy that situation tonight."

Standing up I reached out my arms and pulled him up to his feet. We walked over to the whipping frame and I secured him to it's clutches. I slowly walked around his captive body and touched it in places that interested me.

"When was the last time you were spanked?" I asked.

"When I was fifteen,"he replied. I spun around and whacked his bare ass with my hand.

He was taken by surprise by the force of the blow and the timing of it.

"When I was fifteen,what?" I quizzed. He looked puzzled for a second.

"When I was fifteen, Mistress, "he said, correcting his error.

"What was the punishment for, Ronald?" I insisted.

"Dis respecting my Mother, Mistress," he added quickly.

"Have you not disrespected me by forgetting to address me as "Mistress"?" I challenged.

"Yes, Mistress," he answered.

"You will receive twenty strokes with my leather strap for your insolence," I stated. "Do you feel this punishment is fair?"

"Yes, Mistress," he replied.

Walking over to the wall I retrieved a stiff leather strap though not as severe as a cane it packed quite a wallop. He tensed as I touched the skin on his rump. It was anticipating the caustic caresses of the fine leather.

Taking a firm stance I laid the first on with a "kerwhack". He lunged forward some and I scolded him,"hold your ass still for punishment or this can get a lot rougher than you may want it right now."

"Yes, Mistress," he said obediently.

The next several smacks were hard and true but the strong young man held his own with minimal oral emanations. After ten I reached down and caressed his rock hard pecker. I was careful not to touch it too much or it would go off like a hot kernel of pop corn.

"When is the last time you jerked off?" I asked him.

"Last night, Mistress," he replied.

"You will not cum with out my permission," I announced. "That action will get you ten strokes with my paddle."

"But, Mistress?" he started to protest his innocence.

I cocked my head and smirked the answer to his question. A knowing look then filled his face. I continued to strap him and finally got in the strokes I had promised.

His white buttocks were now a variety of shades in red. I touched his skin and felt the heat radiating from it. I touched his face then kissed him and asked,"is this what you have been dreaming about your whole life?"

"Yes and then some, Mistress,"he answered amidst tears of joy and affliction.

"Well, I think we need to relieve some stress in you," I announced. Picking up one of his socks I held it ready in one hand and stroked his cock and balls with the other. Soon I placed the sock over the erect member and continued to stroke while squeezing his balls with my free hand. He let out a loud yell and nearly blew the sock off his pecker with the force of his release.

"Holy crap that was good, Mistress," he added quickly.

"Glad you enjoyed it but we have a long night ahead still," I informed him.

"You need ten with the paddle and then you are going to learn the fine art of cunnilingus," I said.

"Cunniwhosis, Mistress?" he questioned.

"Never mind, I will coach you the whole time with it," I sighed.

Picking up the paddle I smacked his ass good and hard. His cries were real and loud at this point. "Want me to stop, Ron?" I asked.

"No, please, it just hurts a lot more, Mistress," he confessed.

I continued the paddling and he suffered through the ten swats. I released him from the frame and pulled him to the bed. "I will assume that you have never eaten a pussy before either?" I asked.

"No, Mistress,"he replied.

"Just follow my instructions and don't get carried away," I said.

I laid down on the bed with my head raised up some, by pillows. Spreading my legs he looked in amazement at the wonder of creation he was about to partake of.

"Start by my left knee then slowly kiss and gently lick my skin up to my snatch," I ordered.

He began his homage to my body and was doing very well. As he reached up closer to my puss though he lost control somewhat and I said," slow down, take your time and let my excitement grow."

"Yes, Mistress, he muttered with a mouth full of my skin.

When he got up to my desirous hole, I said,"linger and sniff, then start again on my right leg."

He performed flawlessly and reached my sacred temple for the second time. "Gently lick the folds of skin on either side of my hole," I instructed. "Alternate back and forth between them, just gently licking and kissing for now," I said.

My passions were rising and it was hard to concentrate on the instruction of my new pupil.

"Suck the folds of skin into your mouth now, "I ordered. "Rub the sides of the skin with your tongue while it is in your mouth," I coached. After a few more minutes I said," spread apart the folds with your fingers to reveal my pussy opening, then tongue me like you are licking an ice cream cone."

By now my nerve endings were firing and my juices were flowing and Ron was going to give his very first orgasm to a deserving woman. It came up on me and flooded my being with passions untold. "Keep licking," I said as the cums were repeated. I ground my sweet hole into my virgin's face and he moved with enthusiasm, to please his Mistress.

For the first time in four years, my craving for a living hard cock had returned. "Ron, it's time to fuck me, slide up here and put that lovely beast into me now," I commanded. He ceased from his tonguing and moved his face up to mine. As he kissed me deeply, I tasted my own essence. He slipped himself in and my pussy was filled with his manhood.

His rhythmic thrusts soon brought me to another screaming orgasm. My virgin was now a pleasure inducing stud that would be very handy to have around.

As he kept up his moves he finally shot another full load this time into my wet snatch. I wrapped my legs around him and held him there until every drop was released. My lusts were satisfied for now, but my heart was not. I now felt something that I had not felt for some time. I knew that he may be seeing his "girlfriend" again soon, and I loathed the thought of it.

A week ago if someone would say, Ashlee Underwood is jealous because of a male, I would have laughed out loud hysterically. Now as I lie in bed with a hunk that just wanted to fix my washer, I am faced with a complete about face from that position..

I was both angry and ecstatic at the same time.

"So, was that something like you had in mind?" I asked the depleted stud lying beside me.

"Like a trip to another planet!" he exclaimed. "Where did you learn all that stuff, anyhow?"he asked.

"I picked it up in college," I replied.

"Where did you go, Texas S&M? "he laughed.

"No, smart ass, Cal Tech," I fired back.

"So, how many men have you, uh m,worked over in such a way?"he questioned.

"You are the first," I said. His mouth dropped and his eyes gave me a puzzled look.

"I usually play with girls, you see," I explained with a grin. Again his face had a blank look.

"We are quite a pair aren't we? A tight ass Christian and a confirmed Lesbian, both lying naked in a bed after fucking our brains out," I remarked.

"This is unbelievable, what have I gotten myself into?"he asked.

"I didn't hear you complaining when you were getting into me, a few minutes ago," I retorted.

"No, it's not about you, I just brought to mind the story of Joseph and Potiphar's wife. In the Old Testament. Joesph was about to be seduced by his Egyptian Master's wife. He ran out of there and left his outer cloak behind him,"Ron explained.

"Yes, and he spent several years in prison for his trouble," I chimed in. "Yeah, I went to Sunday School too you know."

"I have committed a great injustice here tonight with you," he sniveled.

"First of all, she was Potiphar's wife, I am not committed to any one," I emphatically said. "Don't be such a pathetic cry baby, you got yourself laid and laid good. So be happy."

"Do you believe in God, Ashlee?" he asked with a stone face.

"I don't know, I don't think about it, I am too busy having fun," I replied.

He picked up my hand and held it. "Look at the beautiful body you have, haven't you ever wondered how such a beautiful and complex creature as yourself ever came into being?" He asked.

"Not really," I shrugged.

We have hands to work, feet and legs to run,body s that with proper care will last for decades,"he remarked. Then he grinned, "plus God gave us the sex organs to reproduce and these wonderful marvels," he said as he cupped my breast in his hand.

"Those are all real, by the way," I explained.

He reached over and kissed me on the lips, not hard or passionate. Just a heart felt loving kiss. I was a little unnerved by it but it was a pleasant feeling.

He looked at his watch,"Holy crap, it's 11:30, I have to work tomorrow," he said all flustered.

"So you are just going to fix my washer and leave?" I asked in a tiff.

"I have your number," he said while pulling on his clothes.

"I have yours also, Mr. Martin," I replied coolly.

"What will Marilyn have to say about you being such a naughty boy?" I asked in a haughty tone.

"She won't need to know for now," he stated. "Somethings in my life need to change though, I can see that now."

"Maybe both of us need a change or two," I replied coyly.

"I need a change of socks,"he said, holding up the jizz soaked one.

"Leave em, I will throw them in my next washer load," I cheerfully said.

"Thanks, for everything,"he said as he wrapped me in his arms and kissed me long and hard this time.

"If the Maytag guy gets lonely, call me," I said, as he walked out the door.

Grinning he blew me a kiss from the door of his truck.

I smiled like a giddy school girl as I walked in to shower and go to bed.

Why had these feeling come about? I was just going to use him as I would one of my other sex toys. That was the plan. Am I an idiot, am I falling for this guy? Why is he always talking about God and stuff? That is such a kill joy, or is it.

My mind was overwhelmed by the thoughts running through it. I poured a little rum on some ice to dull my senses and put me to sleep.

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