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Categories: Steady Partner, S-M / Domination / submissive, Oral Sex, Identified partner
Tags: amazing sub Dom Fantasy sex Love Nurse ON Girl
Location: A Public place
Roleplay: Doctor/Nurse/Patient
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Agressive

I Was In My Hospital Bed As I Had Been For A While And I Started To Get My Sex Appitite Back, It Was The Late Shift On A Friday Night One Of The Nurses I Had Fancied For A While Was Due On..From What I Had Observed And Heard She Was Straight And Only Batted For The One Team...She Was Hot Very Tall Beautiful Sleek Dark Hair Humungous Boobies And Lips Just Like Angelina Jolie..I Mean I'm Only Human Right..? 

It Was A Long Wait Well It Seemed So That Night For Her To Come On Shift But Eventually She Did And Smiled At Me And Winked From Her Nurses Desk..I Became Extremely Wet And Tried To Hide My Embarrasement From The Ward Which Wasnt Easy ..I Closed My Eyes Thinking Of Her While They Swapped Over Kinda Getting A Kink That I Was Being Watched As I Slid My Hand Down To My Pussy Playing With My Swallon Clit..I Was In Such A State When I Heard Hey Em From Above Me..It Was Her I Was Soaked..She Told Me Maybe I Needed Bathing..I Went Beet And Agreed As She Took Me Into The Bathroom And Locked The Door..She Started To Run The Water And Began To Undress Me..I Could Smell Her Beautiful Perfume And Her Sented Hair As She Leaned Over Me To Remove My Top..Suddenly I Dont Know Where From Or Why I Jumped Up Pushed Her Against The Wall And Moved In For A Kiss..I Grabbed Her Face Firmly and Began To Kiss Her Deeply Goddd Those Lips Were More Devine Then I Thought..She Gave In At First Then Tried To Push Me Away But I Kinda Got The Impression That Wasnt what She Wanted And With That I Held Her Wrists Pinned Her Up The Wall Sprawled Her Legs Apart Over The Toilet Held Her Wrists Above Her Head And Went In To Kiss Her Again..This Time She Returned The  Kiss .. 


I Kissed Her Passiontely Holding Her Up Roughly Though She Seemed To Like That As Well I Pulled Away From The Kiss And Teasingly Licked Her Lips Then Started To Kiss And Lick Down Her Neck As She Gasped Out I Gropped Her Breastes And Nibbled Through Her Shirt Still Holding Her Hands Above Her Head Still Licking And Kissing Then Taking My Other Hand Down To Her Jeans And Ripping Them Open Sliding My Into Her Very Wet Pussy..Her Breathing Was Heavy And Her Heart Was Pounding As She Began To Moan As I Played With Her Very Wet Hot Shaved Pussy..I Slid Two Finger Into Her Tight Pussy And Finger Fucked Her Hard Deep And Fast As Her Moans Got Louder I Let Go Of Her Wrists Knowing She Was Mine By Then Carried On Fingering Her Pussy As I Pulled The Towel Away Pulled Her Thigh Up Slightly And Started To Rub My Soaked Pussy Up And Down Her Leg As I Was Fucking Her..She Was So Loud I Thought We Were Going To Get Busted Which Turned Me On Even More .. I Took Every Fabric Of Me Grinding On Her Leg While Fucking Her As We Both Began To Explode I Screamed Out Squirting All Over Her Leg Which Made Her Cum More ..


I Let Go Of Her And She Slumped To The Floor Her Jaw Dropping Looking At Me So Vulnrable I Put My Towel Back Around Me Went Into The Bedroom Wrote My Number Down Went Back Into The Bathroom And Stuck It Down Her Bra While She Lay Slumped In Her Own Juices Unable To Talk I Bent Down And Whispered Call And Winked..


Do You Think She Called..?? MMHHHM Miss Ya Niesy Luv Ya xoxoxo

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