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I love the sound of rain - especially when it's beating down on the rooftop. Today's hot and sticky - I hate the humidity! The train isn't leaving for another hour. I run into the cafe at the station to get myself. Cold drink and a sandwich. As I sit eating into my prawn & mayo I catch a glimpse of the man standing next to the huge pillar in the station. He's looking down at me... Or is it my sandwich..? Hmmm.. He has a handsome face. I smile with a mouth full of food and he smiles back. He comes over sits down next to me on the bench. 'Hello' he says in such a gentle voice. I mumble a hello back still chewing on my food. We carried on talking when the train was due to arrive and how the public transport was shit in the UK.

I got up to throw my empty sandwich box and bottle into the bin and walked over to the other side to have a cigarette. I tried to snuggle up to get into the tiny corner to stay out of the rain. He followed me over, and opened up his umbrella lighting up a cigarette himself. We kept looking at each other and looking away - it was almost like we both were reading each others thoughts. I could see how he was looking me up and down, almost undressing me - to be fair so was I with him. I noticed the one thing I notice on any man I like the look off. His hands, shoulders, arms and shoes. Says alot about his character he had very clean shiny shoes. I was on my last cigarette and needed some more - of course this meant getting drenched in the rain. He said he'd walk up to the shop with me. As we walked there was an awkward silence, it was a nervous, almost sensual. There was a small park we past on the way to the shop. I had this urge to go and sit on the swing. I love swings. I just walked towards it, he looked confused as to what it was I was doing. I didn't care much of his thoughts at that point. He watched me race myself into a mad frenzy on this swing - I was getting soaked by the rain, my trousers, my white blouse was revealing my zebra printed bra I had on underneath. My hair was dripping from the ends onto my clothes. He walked over to the swing and stopped it. Took my face into his hands and pushed my wet hair back and licked the side of my neck, biting it gently, biting my earlobe. His hands groping my tits through the wet blouse, unbuttoning it in the process. He moved his hands down to my trousers unzipping them and pulling it down my ass. The rain was trickling down to my pussy as he did so. He moved my G-String to one side and slid a finger in, kissing and biting my inner thighs as he did so, removing my trousers In the process. I opened my legs wider so he could finger me harder. He pulled his finger out and pulled on each side of my pussy lips, opening it up before he stuck his tongue in. Licking and kissing me deep in my slit. I was suddenly aware of where I was - I'm in a random park, half naked being licked out on a swing! But fuck did I love it! I moved my hips over his face as he was eating me. 

He stopped and stood up and unzipped his trousers pulling out his huge lush cock. I grabbed a hold of it and licked the head before taking the rest of it into my mouth, sucking on him harder & deeper each time I took him in. His dick was twitching and I could taste his pre-cum hitting the back of my throat. He pulled out and held me up from the swing turning me around. I placed me knees up onto it holding onto the bars each side with great difficulty as he moved up closer behind me. I felt his mouth rimming my ass and pussy, eating me like he was pussy hungry, his fingers fucking both my holes. He held my hips and I could feel his wet cock sliding into me, I moaned so loud as his cock stretched my pussy. He started to fuck me so hard I could barely keep myself on the little swing. I felt the heavy rain dripping down my ass as he rammed his dick in and of me. 

I moved off the swing, my head spinning due to what was happening. I told him to sit on it legs either side, I sat on top of him, with my heels digging into the ground for support. I placed the tip of his dick on the outside of my cunt and rammed it into me. I began to fuck him so hard, I grabbed his hair biting and eating his neck, chest. I fucking wanted him. I could see I was leaving bite marks on his chest. He groaned, shouting at the top of his voice for me to fuck him harder, that he's about to cum. As I did so I felt his cum inside me, his flushed, even in the rain. It was almost like you could see steam coming off our bodies. I sat on top of him, looking at him. Both of us just looked at each other and laughed. He grabbed me and kissed me, I could feel his cum dripping out of me onto the swing. It wasn't going to be a quick journey home.

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