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My wife Candice and I always have dirty pillow talk about her making love to multiple partners while I watch.  One night a few weeks ago when we were getting hot and heavy we were talking about it. I asked her if we should look into making it a reality and she smiled and said that she would do it for me. We talked about how we would go about it. We decided to put up an ad on craigslist explain what we were looking for and the requirements.

                The ad was titled “Wanna DP” Had a picture of her chest and read, “We are looking for 2 men to take care of a BBW while the husband sits and watches. The male will not be involved, but the wife’s wants to take on 2 at one time. She is a 32yo with 40DD tits and a huge sexual appetite. We will send pics in return for pics. We are not always near our computer so a response will may take a while. We are not looking to rush into this. It would be on a weekend night in the next few weeks. This needs to be 2 men. So if you and a buddy always wanted to tag team a woman here is your chance. Send a pic or message will be deleted. Military men a plus. Her birthday is coming up and this could be a great present.” Within two days we had many responses to sort through.  After going through and eliminating the people that were obviously not her type. We replied with pictures to a couple of responses that she was interested in. Out of the six responses that we sent messages to, two of them responded saying that they were interested in having fun with Candice. She spent a few more days looking at the pictures that the guys sent and decided that she had to try the one set of guys because of how large the one man’s cock was. We messaged back and forth with the guys until we set up a date and time to meet. Candice and I decided that we would rent a hotel room close to the guy’s location, so we could use the experience as an escape. Candice was very nervous in the days leading up to the meeting. We told the men to meet us at the bar in the hotel lobby so we could have a few drinks and talk about what was going to happen.  We got to the hotel a little early. Candice took a shower and got dressed in a low cut pink shirt that shows off her great cleavage, a black dress, black high-heeled knee high boots, and did her makeup a little slutty. Candice does not usually wear makeup so I was really turned on about how she was going all out like this for me. While she was showering I got things ready in the room, putting out protection, setting up the chair so that I would have a good view of the festivities, and getting some beer and soda chilled in a cooler for drinks. Candice said she wanted a few drinks before we went down to meet the boy’s to help her loosen up and get ready. She also told me that she was very excited about being violated by a cock other than mine for the first time ever, especially considering it was going to be two, while I had to sit and watch. Candice had three margaritas and said “they should be getting here any minute, let’s go.”

                We got to the lounge and found an open table. Five minutes later, which seemed like an eternity, the men arrived. They introduced themselves as Joe and Mike. They got a drink at the bar and had a seat at the table. I sat across from Candice. Joe sat to her left and could not stop staring at her tits. Mike sat to her right and kept checking her out. I could tell they were both very excited about getting their hands on my sexy wife. Candice had three drinks while talking to the boys and making sure that they understood the ground rules concerning protection and what she wanted from the experience. After all the parties were in agreement Joe paid our tab and left a tip. On the way to the room Joe joked that Candice was going to get a “tip or two” soon enough. When we got back to the room, I got the boys some beers and poured Candice another drink. Candice then showed the boys where the condoms were, and informed them that there were flavored ones for when she was sucking their cocks. She reiterated the rules by saying “you have to wear protection anytime you are inside me, but you can cum on my back, chest, or stomach. Do not cum on my face, as I do not like it.” She then told me to go sit in the chair and not to move unless I was needed for something.  The three of them took a seat on the bed with Candice in the middle. She turned to Joe and kissed him and rubbed his chest. Then she turned to Mike and kissed him. They both had a hand on her tits through the close, and were kissing her face and neck. She then slid her hands down to their crotches and began rubbing their cocks through their jeans. She was beginning to moan softly and become flush. The men had begun rubbing her thighs under her dress. I could tell she was really starting to enjoy herself. She was really working their cocks through their pants now and I could easily see they were both getting very excited. Their hands were rubbing further and further up her thighs. I saw the surprise on Joe’s face when he made it far enough up to realize that Candice was not wearing panties. I heard her whimper as his had rubbed against her naked pussy. Candice was looking very flush and out of breath, she leaned back and removed her shirt. Leaving her only wearing her dress, boots, and bra; I could see that Joe was fingering her pussy quite feverishly. It did not take long for Mike to pull her bra down and begin sucking and kissing her nipples Candice was still playing with their cocks when she reached over and pulled Mikes shirt off and began rubbing his chest. Joe had slid off the bed and positioned his head up under Candice’s dress and was slowly beginning to eat her pussy, which made her moan louder and more often. She reached around and released the hooks on her bra. She then pulled Mike up and opened his pants and pulled them down. He reached over and grabbed a tropical flavored condom, which Candice took from him and placed against the tip of his cock and proceeded to roll it down with her mouth.  Mike’s cock was a good size about seven inches long and three inches around, so a little smaller than mine. Once she had it all the way on she pulled back and told Joe to remove her Dress because it was uncomfortable. She stood up he pulled her dress off then she sat back down on the bed and pulled Mike over and began sucking his cock. My cock was rock hard in my pants from the show she was putting on.  She went all the way down on Mike’s cock and stuck her tongue out and licked his balls. Mike began to moan loudly. Joe was still eating her pussy like a man possessed. I could see her juices dripping from his face. Mike told Candice that he could not wait to bury his cock in her pussy. Joe then said that he would love to get his cock sucked. Joe stood up, Candice opened his pants and when he cock popped out she had trouble catching her breath. His cock was huge; it had to be nine and a half inches long and six inches around. It looked like a beer can but longer. He grabbed a banana flavored condom and said “I hope you can handle this banana”. Candice just gave an evil smile and said she would give it her best try. Candice then looked at me and asked if I was enjoying the show. I said I was. She then told Mike to fuck her doggy style so she could suck Joe’s cock. My wife looked so hot on the bed being fucked by one guy and sucking another guy being locked in like finger cuffs. Candice was giving it her all but still could not get all the way down on Joe’s beast of a cock. She was moaning around his big cock, and her makeup was running and smeared from the workout she was getting while working Joe’s cock further and further down her throat. After a few minutes Mike began to breath heavy and grunt. He said he was going to cum. He pulled his cock out, ripped off the condom and came all over her back and ass. Candice let out a big moan because it excited her so much. Joe said “I guess it is my turn to fuck that pussy.” Joe slid behind her; she was still bent over and began to slide his cock into her pussy inch by inch she was moaning loudly as he entered and I could tell he was really stretching her out. She would whimper in pain a little as he pushed his cock in further, then he would back out some and replace it with even more.  Mike’s cock was beginning to grow hard again from her moaning. He grabbed another condom and moved to Candice’s mouth. She happily took the cock into her mouth and sank it right down to his balls. It did not take long for his cock to be all the way hard again. She them pulled her mouth off his cock and told Joe to lay on the bed because  “if she was going to have two cocks she was going to do it right” she then explained that she was going to mount Joe and when she was ready she would let Mike know to fuck her ass.

                Joe rolled on to the bed. His cock looked like a missile getting ready for launch. Candice straddled him and began to lower herself on to the giant cock. It took her about two minutes to get all the way down on his cock and relaxed. She then turned her head to me and said “are you ready to watch your wife get fucked like a dime store whore? I cannot wait to get filled by Joe and Mike; and there is no way you are going to like this as much as I will.” I said that I could not wait to see her get used like a fuck doll. She then told Mike to come over to her. She grabbed the bottle of lube from the stand next to the bed and slathered all over his condom covered cock. She then told him to put his cock in her ass. Mike went around and began sliding his pole up her ass. She was moaning and panting. She told him to go slow, as this was a lot to handle. He worked his cock slowly but deliberately into her ass. After a minute or so he was into the hilt. Mike and Joe’s balls just met in the space between my wife’s ass and stretched pussy. Candice then began to wiggle slowly allowing both of their cocks to move in and out just a little. She was moaning and shaking. She lifted herself up a little and Joe began pounding his cock in and out of her cunt. This made her face turn very red and she was screaming in ecstasy. Mike began to move his cock faster and faster; Candice could not do much except moan, bite her lip, and get pounded by both of these men. Candice was does not talk dirty often during sex, but she was yelling “fuck me like a whore”, “I love to be fucked like a dirty slut”, “I am cuming like a virgin on prom night”, she was pleading with them to keep fucking her. This went on for about fifteen minutes when Joe said he was going to cum and that every good whore deserved to be covered in cum. Mike was ready to cum as well. Candice sat up and both men stood beside her with their condoms removed. Candice stroked both their cocks towards her chest. Mike came first shooting drops of cum on her tits; then Joe began to grunt and moan he let out streams of cum all over her tits, stomach, and some got into her hair. They both leaned and kissed her and said thank you for a great time and that they would love to do it again if we were ever in the area and interested to get in touch with them. We got their contact information while they got dressed. Once they were dressed they thanked Candice for her fantastic performance and me for sharing my wife. Then they left.

                Once Joe and Mike had left I went and sat next to Candice. She looked at me and said “I hope this does not ruin our relationship”. I told her that she had never been hotter and that I really appreciated that she would do0 that for me. She said well it certainly wasn’t only for you; I came like a wild animal. I leaned in and kissed her and whispered in her ear that I was so turned on that my only concern was that she had enough energy for me. She looked and smiled and said what do you have in mind. I told her I needed to eat her stretched pussy at the very least. She just smiled and said that could be fun. I began kissing her and rubbing her cum covered tits. I could not help myself I began to lick and suck her tits. I could taste cum on her and it only made her hotter. I had a mouthful of cum from her tit. I lifted my head and kissed her with the cum of two other men in my mouth. She just chuckled and said oh so they can cum in you but not me. I proceeded to lick and suck her tits and stomach until I reached her pussy. I could tell that it was stretched and swollen. I could smell the scent of her cum mixed with lube and scented condom. I ate her pussy and slowly inserted a finger until she was moaning and bucking against my face, as she was cuming again. She said you need to fuck me, because every good whore needs a big load of cum in her abused cunt. I fucked her hard for a few minutes her pussy was tight because of how hard she was fucked. I shot cum deep into her pussy. When I finished she smiled and said, “Now I am a real whore for you, three cocks in one night covered in cum and my cunt is leaking your juices”. I hope that we do this more often, but we have not made any other attempts so far.

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