My Obsession With Joel!   added 3 years ago
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Categories: Oral Sex, The Fetishists
Location: A theater
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Agressive

There's this guy i work with... He's so gorgeous! Everytime i see him i just want to do dirty things to him! He's got long-ish brown curly hair and glasses. Clean shaven and a smile that could kill! Arms that could also, i love watching him lift things! He's 6/3 and perfect. One day, He came up to see a movie at the same theater that i just so happened to go to and he came in with snake bites and i wanted to fall to my knees and worship him! He was so sexy with those piercings. How did he know exactly how to turn me on??! They looked new. Maybe two weeks old and i went up to him with a smile on my face. "Hey, Joel" He smiled his adorable half smiled. "Hi ya" He laughed. "What did y'all come to see?" I look over at his three almost as attractive male friends he's got with him, waving. "Oh, we're seeing The Campaign!" He says excited. "No shit, We are too!" I say pointing a thumb at my two girlfriends i came with. "Ah cool, sit with us!" He grins, turning his back and heading to the concession stand.

I followed after him. "What can i get for you?" The cashier asks with a fake smile. "I want an Icee" we both say at the same time! Looking at eachother giggling. "Two icees!" He says looking at me, as if asking for my approval to buy me a drink. "Thank you!!" I smile. So, we get our cold drinks and head to the theater. Our friends have seemed to all hit it off with eachother, walking ahead of us, giving us plenty of distance. We talk randomly about work and school and the weather. We finally get to the end of the hall entering the theater. He lets me pick our seats, I pick the very top row at the very end. He sits comfortably next to me and we look over and our friends sit five seats away. "What are y'all doing?" I say. They just give us looks and go back to their conversations. "Whatever." He says laughing. The show starts to begin and we sit there silently, laughing every now and then looking at eachother with a smile. Finally he gets up and walks out. As soon as he passes my friend comes up and sits beside me, "Go after him!" she tries to pull me up. "I think he just went to the bathroom. Calm down Becks!" I laugh it off. "This might be your only chance to get close to him!!" Her words got to me somehow and i raced out of the theater.

"Took you long enough." I hear as i walk out the door. I turn and see him proped against the wall, one leg up, hands in his pockets. "Huh?" I look back up at his face realizing he probably just watched my eyes. "Haha I was waiting for you." He comes towards me. "What would you have done if i hadn't come out here?" I wondered. "I knew you'd come." He said in a smug tone. I bravely held out my hand and he took it. We walked hand in hand to the family bathroom. I looked around and we entered. I turned to the door and he put his hand around me and locked it. He bent his head down and kissed my neck, my heart started to race. I put my hand behind his head and slightly pulled his hair. He put his hands on my waist and twisted me around. I looked up at his face with a nervous grin. He leaned in and kissed my lips, his mouth tasted like heaven, the cool metal against my lip from his sexy piercings, I moaned as he slipped his tongue into my mouth.

"Mmmm" i moaned into his mouth and pushed him back against the wall. He started to move his hands slowly down my waist and gripped my ass. Our tongues twisting and intwining together, i slide my hand down in between us and run my hand over his dick and he pulled both of my hands up and pinned them up against the wall making me crave him even more, and he moved his hips, starting to dry hump me. He broke our kiss looking into my eyes as we both breathed heavily. I pulled my hands out of his lock and he unzipped his pants pulling out his dick and i dropped to my knees licking his head rapidly, working my head up and down getting him harder. Finally he pulled me up and pulled my pants down with my thong, I stepped out of them and he bent down and picked me up sitting me on the sink.

I wrapped my legs tightly around his waist and had me slip the condom on him, he smiled as i was having a tough time getting his nine inch monster into the large condom. I finally got it on and picked myself off the sink as he forced his cock inside my pussy. He leaned in quickly kissing me and with one quick jolt he got half of it inside me and i screeched into his mouth! He pulled back and forced it inside me once more and i pulled my head back moving his collar away so i could bite his shouler ad he pulled back and moved his hips back and forward. I started moaning hard into his neck my hands moving up the back of his shirt, scratching harshly into his back, he threw his head back as i dug my nails deep inside him.

"Don't be so loud" He pleaded. I nodded and pulled him inside me deeper moaning into his neck again kissing it. I hear an "Mmmmm" slips off his tongue as he slows his hips pushing deeply inside me. "Ohhhhh" i try to be quiet. "Uhhhhhhhhhh!!" I almost scream into his shoulder as he drives his full length inside me. "Shhs shhh shshh" He stumbles over his words as he still hold me down against the sink. He quickens his thrusts and moans into my shoulder as i wrap my arms around his shoulders letting my orgasm take me over completely! My toes curling and he manages to sync his teeth into my neck making my legs shake around him. "Oh God" He whispers as he cums with me. My mouth against his as we breath hard, he stops his thrusts and looks deeply into my eyes.

He pulls me down off of the sink and sets my feet on the ground. I wallk over to my clothes and bend down to pick them up. "Damn girl! I should have fucked you from behind" He exclaims. I pick them up and turn smiling at him. I take my thongs out and slide my pants back on buttoning them back up and putting my heels back on. I walk over to him and stuff the red thong into his pocket with a wink i say, "Next time!" He looks at me, mouth hanging open with one raised eye brow. I kiss his mouth again and walk back to the door. I open it and there standing in front of us is one of his friend's. He stands there in shock, mouth hanging open. "WOAH DUDE!" He laughs, seeing Joel behind me zipping up his pants. "Why are you all sweaty?" He says to me, touching my cheek. I look him up and down with a grin and lean up to his ear. "Would you like to find out?" I say in the most sensual voice i can. "Umm...Uh..." He stammers. I giggle and push past him walking out the door.

Joel comes out a few seconds after me, His friend goes into the bathroom, I guess he really had to go... I thought. Sliding a hand into my back pocket. We walk together. "Oh, and, these." I take my thumb and slide it acrost his pierced lip. "SO Hot!" I smile. "Oh really?" He chuckles. "Well this." He squeezes my ass. "Mine!" He looks at me seriously. "Sure" I wink at him and He goes into the theater first. I wait a few moments and his friend comes up behind me. "I do!" His (stilll nameless) friend come up behind me. "What?? You scared the shit out of me!" "Haha Sorry, I do! I do want to know!" He said in almost a whisper. "Oh, Well, maybe one day i'll let you have a little taste. I say grabbing his bulge. He moans a bit and i walk back into the theater. Later that night after we got past all of the questions and jokes from our friends.

I took Joel home with me.

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