In the kitchen - by 'Kong'   added 3 years ago
  By: Hells_Angel  Age: 37  Country: United Kingdom

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Hello Pandora readers ;) This is something different - a story not written by me but a young man named 'Kong' who sent me this today..  Well - it's nice to be someone elses fantasy, wouldn't you agree??  I thought I'd share the words - Enjoy ;)

You are in the kitchen doing some washing up. You look amazing in a sexy low cut dress. I walk in and you look at me and smile. I approach you from behind and you can feel me breathing on your neck. I run my hands down your waist and whisper 'You can do the washing later, we are about to make a lot more mess'. You tilt your head to expose your neck and i brush aside your hair as i kiss your collarbone and neck. You begin moaning in pleasure and turn round and we kiss passionately. You slide your hand down my chest and feel the huge bulge in my trousers. You unbutton my trousers and pull them to reveal my big dark brown cock. You grab hold of my cock with your soapy wet hands and begin to gently stroke my cock. It feels amazing as your slippery hands move back and forth while we kiss. You then kneel down and begin and run your tongue along my shaft while our eyes are locked. In one quick motion, you take my cock in your warm wet mouth and begin to gently suck on it taking it deeper down your throat. Im about to explode with your amazing blowjob and pull out early to stop. I pick you up and we kiss again. I then lift you and prop you up on the worktop. I hike up your dress to reveal your soaking wet lace knickers. I pull them aside to so that your beautiful glistening pussy is unveiled. I then begin kissing your thighs as i approach your pussy and you cant wait. I can feel your legs quivering as i get closer and closer. I gently flick your clit with my tongue as i run it up and down along your pussy lips. I gently suck on your clit and pussylips and listen to you moan in pleasure. I then spread your pussylips and slide my tongue deep inside of you. I begin licking you out furiously until you orgasm. You push my head against your pussy as you climax. I then come up and we kiss and you can taste your delicious pussy off my lips. I then unzip your dress and i strip. You kiss my chest and bite my nipple while i rub your clit. I then turn you around and bend you over the counter. I rub my cock in between your pussy lips brushing against your clit listening to you beg me to fuck you. Eventually you grab hold of it and feed it deep it your wet tight pussy. I begin fucking you from behind as you speed up and your sexy bum begins slamming against my thighs as my balls slap against your pussy. Eventually you orgasm again and i pull out. I then sit down on a nearby chair and grab your hand. You straddle me and slowly lower yourself onto my big thick cock. Your wet tight pussy feels amazing and soon you are riding me. We kiss as we build up speed and eventually we both reach our climax. You feel me explode deep inside of you as your pussy clenches in orgasm around my cock. You continue to straddle me as we kiss. I get off and i give you sexy arse a cheeky slap. You turn back and smile. Im sit down panting and you say 'Dont just sit there, do some washing while i get the bedroom sorted for us'. x Kong

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