My revenge on a pervert   added 3 years ago
  By: fawna  Age: 35  Country: United States

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Categories: The Audience / Voyeur
Tags: revenge humiliation
Location: A store dressing room
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: Share it only
Nature: Agressive

I work with a bunch of nerdy guys.  Some are okay but others are awful.  They hit on me all the time.  Some are even married!  I just ignore them but one guy just doesn't stop. One day he started asking me about my underwear. He even asked my bra size!! Oh my God!  Can you believe the nerve of that pervert?


So my fantasy is to get my revenge on him. I even know how. For one thing, his clothes are the Worst.  He must have stolen them from a dead person. So in my fantasy I invite him to go shopping with me. Of course he would say yes and not even ask why. He is so desparate.  At the store I would show him all kinds of sexy underwear and ask him which one he thinks I should buy.  Man.  He would be burning up by the time we left.  Of course the whole time I would be touching him acting like he is my boyfriend and he would Totally go along with That. I know that!



But before he could ask me to model them for me (I Know he would), I would say that while I am there he should replace those hobo pants for something from this century.  And again he would Go along. I would take him to a nice expensive place and be holding his arm the whole time.  So it would be Totally clear that he was my man to everyone there.  And he would be liking That you can be sure and would go right along.



But that is when I get my revenge.  When he goes to try them on.  Of course, I would go with him like a good girlfriend.  And he could Not even say no because he had been acting like my boyfriend right in front of everyone.  So I would go right into the change room with him!



I would make him drop his pants in front of me.  And you know one thing.  He probably wears the cheapest poly monster blend underwear of All time.  So as soon as his pants hit the floor I would be laughing so hard at his cheap ass brand underwear that he would be COMPLETELY humiliated!  To finish him off, I would say Now I know why you were asking about my underwear - you were looking for ideas!!



Well, that was Fun to write out loud. I am not a Total bitch so I probably won't ever do it.  But I would like to think about it and I hope that is okay!

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