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Categories: Steady Partner, Masturbation, Force/Rape
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Romantic

After me and my boyfriend had our first time, i had been having a lot of wet dreams. Fantasies and desires!
One night after school, we were hanging out in my room, studying. My parents were still at work and i was getting aroused.
I kept thinking about the way he uses his fingers on me. I looked over at him sitting next to me on the bed in lust!
I kissed his cheek softly and he looked at my face and kissed my lips for a moment then went back to looking at his paper.
I couldn't take it. So, i got up off the bed and slid my panties off, pulling up my already short skirt. I lay back in bed.
Shut my eyes and start playing with myself. I can feel him starring at me as i pleasure myself. Rubbing my clit and moaning.

He lays a hand on my thigh, and runs his hand up and down. I grab it and lay his hand down beside me, palm facing up.
I turn and lay my clit directly on it and start using his hand to please myself. I hear him catch his breath as i move my hips
back and forth on his palm, I start moaning a little louder when he curls his fingers up and easily slides them inside me!
I start moving my hips up and down, His fingers fucking me a little faster. I start to cry out as i go into orgasm, He moans,
Making me go insane with desire and i grip my hands around his arm as he starts to rub my ass. I slow down, breathing hard.

My eyes still shut i can hear him unzip his pants. I try to roll over but he holds my arms down. "Stay exactly the way you are for a moment" He whispers into my ear. I nod. I feel the bed move as he gets up and his pants drop to the floor. He climbs on top of my back and slides me up to where my ass is up in the air and pushes my legs apart with his knees. I start to breathe heavily in anticipation! "What is he going to do" I think. He puts his lips up to my ear and breathes. "Is this what you want?" He says as he wraps his hands around mine gripping the head board of my bed, He rubs his hard length around the outside of my tight hole making my clit throb. I moan in response.

"Tell me what you want!" He demands in a harsh tone. "I want you, Baby!" He thrusts his cock inside me. I scream out biting down on my lip. "What do you want? Is this what you really want?!" He thrusts into me harder this time. "Uh God! Yes! That's what i want!! Mmmmm! Fuck me!" This set him off as he starts to forcefully shove his thick cock inside my too tight hole! If felt so incredible! I thought i might cum already! He lets out a grunt as i moan harder with each thrust! "Faster i yell" pushing my hips back toward him. He lets me do all the work, pushing my hips back into him as fast as i can!

He starts to moan and slide his hands down my waist and grips my hips, stopping me. Slowing down his thrusts.
He moans hard and slowly slides his cock in and out of me making me moan a little, "Oh God!" He moans.
"You want me to cum inside you, Don't you, baby?!" He stumbles over his words. "Yes please! Oh yesss! Yeah!"
He starts to thrust deep inside me and harder than before. He didn't last to long, He started to moan with me!
I could feel him tense as he came inside me! Our bodies shaking together! Every muscle tensing and untensing.

His head hits my back as he falls into me, Still inside me. I move back and he leans up, i pull him out of me,
Turning to face him i put my arms around his neck and lay him down, Laying down on top of him i kiss his lips lightly.
"Now, was that so hard?" I whispered taking his hand into mine and kissing him again. He chuckled and smiled, caressing
my cheek. "Next time i'll pay more attention." He laughed. I turned to lay my face down on his chest. The End.

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