My Lesbian Fantasy!   added 3 years ago
  By: DJWhips  Age: 21  Country: United States

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Categories: Identified partner, Anonymity, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Other women
Tags: Girl ON
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Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Agressive

I have a lot of fantasies about women. I usually don't tell anyone about them, They're so sensual and sometimes kinky.
I've been having this recurring fantasy of a women i have never seen before, (She looks a bit like Lucy Liu)
She was incredibly beautiful! High cheek bones, Curves in all the right places, and long silky black hair.
As soon as i saw her my mind became a land of lust. Thoughts were blurred with the image of my tongue licking her long smooth thighs. She was dressed in a tight corset, tits begging to be sucked! Spilling over the top,
Her ass looked incredible in that purple lace thong, long legs held up by black heels which made her my exact height.
Perfect! I thought as i gazed at her lips. (I've never had such an appetite for a woman before, it confused the hell out of me)

I started walking towards her as if something were pulling me. She looked deep into my eyes as she started to undress me.
We didn't say a word as i pressed my lips against hers, Breathing heavily, Exploring her mouth with my tongue!
Her mocha skin touched mine as she unhooked my bra from in front. They fell out of their cups and she caressed them,
Sucking on my bottom lip... I needed her! Wanting her right there in the foreign room was all i could think about!
I moved my lips down her neck to her breasts that i lightly kissed the tops of, and fell to my knees pulling her thong down.
I start to lick her pussy lips, kissing them, burrying my face between her legs, she moans and grips a handful of my hair.
I can tell she's starting to get deeply into this as she fell to her knees and kissed my lips again.

My tongue enters her mouth.
I push her lightly to the ground and pulled the tiny small off from around her ankles. I pull her leg up and onto my shoulder,
And pressed my pussy against hers, We moaned together as i start to grind my clit against hers. I could feel her get wetter,
Every single thrust of my hips caught her breath, She thrusted aswell, I started moving my hips faster, we moaned together.
I turned my head to lick the sweat running down her upper thigh. My cool tongue sent a fresh wave of chills through her body,
Making me moan in response, she stared shoving her hips forward into mine as we moved together, our bodies contracting,
As we both went into orgasms, i leaned forward, pressing my clit harder into her, we both let out deep moans of pleasure!
She started repeating my name and i held her arms down, trying to keep up stamina as she moaned harder gripping my hips.
One last thrust and i was done. I collapsed on top of her chest, us both breathing roughly, i pulled my head up slightly,
Finding my way to her nipple, rapping my lips around it and sucking lightly, she moaned faintly running her hand down my back causing me to shiver, Her touch so cool on my back.

She starts to sit up pulling my weak body up with hers. Pushing me down to the floor, With a smile she heads down.
She starts to kiss down my stomach, taking her time kissing and licking my thighs and everywhere around my pussy,
I pull my knees up in response to the incredible pleasure i feel from her lips, She unexpectedly forces her tongue inside my tight hole and i scream out. She lifts her head up looking with a grin. I whisper, "Keep going, Just like that" and she goes back down.
I let my head hit the floor and close my eyes tightly as she begins tongue fucking my pussy, A trail of moans roll off my tongue
An orgasm hit me and i start to moan harder as i cum into her mouth! She switches from my pussy to my clit, Running her tongue up and down lightly. I pull her head deeper, She takes the hint and starts to rub her tongue harder against my clit and she slides a finger deeply inside my pussy and starts to finger me with the thrusts of her tongue against my clit, I go into another orgasm as she slides another finger in, I moan harder and louder! She quickly wraps her lips around my swollen clit
and sucks it. I scream out "YES" a tear rolling down my cheek! (I can feel myself going in and out of conciousness.) She pulls
her fingers out of me and lightly kisses my clit as my orgasm finishes rocking me. I moan silently and let my hands fall by my sides. The last thing i see before i wake up are her eyes.

That beautiful face, I want to see it again!" I think as i start to awaken.
I woke up starring at the ceiling, My left hand was unclenched on my upper thigh. My nightie pulled up over my tits that were a little damp on the nipples. My right hand was lying on top of my pussy, My hand was soaked. Cum running down my ass. My first intense wet dream. And it's been the most intense since then!

The End.

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