Hot showers   added 3 years ago
  By: Hells_Angel  Age: 37  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Masturbation
Location: My House
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Spiritual
I was going out into town to meet some friends for a movie & food, only had an hour & a half to get ready and leave. I got into my lovely hot shower, lathered up my body with my musky shower gel, rubbing It all over my dirty bits giving myself a good thorough clean. I removed the shower head as I didn't really want to get my hair wet, moving it over my body from my tits down to my stomach down to my pussy and thighs.

I forgot how nice it feels having the pressure of water gushing from the shower head on my pussy. I placed my leg on the side of the bath moving my hips over the pressure of the water. I Felt it hitting my clit. Hmmm it felt so good, I leaned back letting the water massage my pussy lips - I touched myself and felt the sticky wetness inside my cunt. I felt so horny, I was craving this feeling so much! I put the shower head back into it's slot and arched my back. I started rubbing my clit, I loved the feel of the water spraying over me while I finger fucked myself.

I leaned further back and placed my other leg up too, my left hand on the wall behind me under the shower head for support. My legs were wide open - I was wanking myself off so hard I thought I was going to squirt. I moved my hips forward so I could open my legs up wider - I knew I was about to cum as my legs started to shake. I was full of sticky pussy juice I wished someone could've been there to suck it all out. I cum so much my hand was covered. No amount of water would get rid of it that easily, I'd have to stick the shower head inside me I thought to myself. I moved my legs down and stood under my shower just shaking head to toe. My orgasm was still making my head spin. It was possibly the best masturbating session in a very very long time.

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