kitchen fantasy   added 3 years ago
  By: dave53  Age: 55  Country: New Zealand

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  Three years ago i met my Chinese Girl friend at the local community Coledge. and  3 months later we began dating, things have been very good for us over this time, i have met her Family who live in China and we had spoken often.

Six months ago she began throwing hints at me about certain things around meal time,,like one day she was preparing a chicken in her kitchen and she turned to me and asked me, what would it feel like to be like this chicken, then other times she would tell me i would look good in her kitchen.

i was quite taken back really as when i was in my teens growing up i used to have this ongoing dream about being in some kitchen and a woman would take me by the hand and undress me and place me up onto her kitchen counter top,

then one night i decided to ask my girlfriend why she was saying those things,,

she turned and asked me if i had ever thought of mydelf as food before,,

i nearly pee'd myself as with the dream i had years before i had never forgotten and was a very erotic fantasy of mine.

then she asked me if i would do that or be willing to give myself to her to go back to China with her for that,,

i never answered her nor told her about my real fantasy was just that.

 A week went by and i did not go to her place, then decided to talk to her and front up,,so that weekend i went to her and we talked about it,,

I was so arroused by the thought and she just looked at me in surprise,,

i asked her to give me time to think and just 3 months ago i was really in a bind over it and accepted her offer so i travel to a place in China for it.

i remember once years ago i was working with a woman who was good with talking about dreams and we were talking about unusual dreams so i plucked up the courage to tell her about mine,,she came to me next day and said i was having it on repeated occations and maybe i need to consider the idea.

one month ago i moved into my girl friends apartment and we have been getting myself ready for her fantasy desire and mine also. 


Three days ago she got me out of bed and made me strip off all my clothes then she bound my hands behind my back, i had never had that done to me before but i know i will be seeing more of it.


the more she gets me ready the more aroused i get at the thought of being at her mercy and once i am beyond that moment when she tells me there is no saying no or turning back,i am totally hers.



Over the past 3 days i have been givem a variety of foods to eat, mainly apples and certain herb drinks.

I spoke to her sister late last night and we are kind of counting down to the moment when she will pick me up from the air port and take me back to her home. 

i sit here in a cotton gown type garment in a diaper as i have been freshly shaven and oiled and it just makes me so aroused. 

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