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My girlfriend and I are in a committed relationship and have tried quite a few of my fantasies - i'll be writing more on those later - but was reluctant to tell me a fantasy of her own that she wanted to try.  I didn't want to push her.  Over time, we became more comfortable with each other and she revealed to me that she wanted me to have sex with her while she was asleep.


The idea of it got me very excited.  She wanted to be used by me while she was sleeping.  I would have my way with her cute slumbering body.  That's what she wanted and I loved the idea! 


It took a little time for me to work up the nerve to actually do this.  It's one thing to say something gets you hot but another thing to make that a reality.  My girlfriend started giving me little hints.  For example, she would make sure to tell me that she was really tired and go into the bedroom before me.  There was one time that we were fooling around and I got really worked up.  She could tell that I was very hard and aroused.  She announced that she had to get up early and was going to bed now.  I gave her a puzzled look.  Why couldn't she wait a little longer before hitting the sack?  Then she said "but feel free to rape me if you need to get your cum out".  If we hadn't discussed this previously, I would have thought she was joking or teasing me.  I decided I was going to do it that night.


I told her that I was going to finish watching something on TV but she should go to bed now if she was tired.  She said "OK, I'm such a sleepy girl tonight".  I waited about a half hour.  The waiting was difficult.  I wanted to give her an authentic experience.


When I went into the bedroom, she was all snuggled up with her stuffed animals, looking delightfully cute and girly.  I got in to bed next to her and started snuggling with her.  She wasn't responding to my touches.  I couldn't tell if she was pretending to be asleep or if this was for real but I had permission and decided that she was going to have my cock inside of her, awake or not.


The thought of what I was about to do make me incredibly excited.  I let my hard cock poke against her as I started to fondle her sleeping body.  I cupped her breasts and moved my hands slowly downward, being very quiet and deliberate in the process.  When I get to her pussy, I was surprised to find that it was wet.  She was responding to my fondling of her, whether she was asleep or just pretending.


I got on top of her and yanked her pajama bottoms and panties down.  I then spread her legs apart and took down my shorts to release my swollen cock.  I looked down at her face and she looked fast asleep.  OK, this is it, I thought.  I'm going for it.


I licked her pussy a little to make sure there was enough wetness for my cock to enter.  She still make no response.  I put the tip of my cock up against her opening and thrust slightly.  Still no response so I pushed my cock all the way inside of her.  It felt fantastic.  She wasn't moving at all.  I started moving my cock in and out of her.  I started to get really into it and was fucking her good and hard.  The only motions on her end were the reactions to my thrusting.  Her eyes remained closed the entire time.


It wasn't long before I felt like I was going to cum.  I pushed in as deep and hard as I could before pulling out and shooting my thick cream all over her tummy.  She still didn't wake up.  I used my t-shirt to wipe the cum off of her tummy and rolled over in an exhausted post-orgasmic state of bliss.


The next day my girlfriend got up for work before me and didn't say anything at all.  It was only later that I got a text message asking if I had "used her" the night before.  It said that she was a little sticky on her tummy and wondered if I had cum on her.  When I told her what had happened the night before, she said the fact that I did was making her extremely wet at work.  She couldn't stop thinking about me violating her in her sleep.


 I have taken advantage of my sleeping girlfriend a few more times since this incident.  It is always fantastic and we both enjoy it a lot.  Sometimes she will pretend to be asleep and sometimes what I'm doing willl wake her up but she says she likes it best when she finds out about it the next day!  I'm a lucky guy :)  





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