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  By: nunos  Age: 39  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Cuckolded, Oral Sex, Identified partner
Tags: Co-worker
Location: My House
Roleplay: Boss/Secretary
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

Trudi was a colleague of mine, we'd worked together for a while, she was petite, very slim with short hair.  She was frankly stunning.  She was married to a real awful bloke much older than her - I never really knew why.  Over the years working together we got friendly.  One day we had to work on a new plan for a project we went to the pub for a lunch.  She sat opposite me and we worked over the plans on the table.  She caught me trying to look down her top.  I made a comment that I couldn't see anything because of her bra.  A few mins later she excused herself and went to the Ladies.  When she returned she leaned forward and I could see her erect nipples of her pert little tits.

A couple of days later as I left for work she text me to ask if I could give her a lift as her husband was working away and it was difficult for her to get to the office on the bus.  I couldn't get there quick enough.

She opened the door looking stunning.  She had a red suit on with a tight pencil skirt and a black blouse and black stockings with black high heels.  She turned from the door saying - "Let me just get my jacket".  I stepped in the door and shut it.  She had walked into her lounge and I followed her in.  She was picking up her jacket off a chair with her back to me.  I walked up behind her and reached up with my hands cupping her breasts.  She had no bra on under the silky blouse.  She pushed her bum back against my already rising erection as I tweaked her nipples through her blouse.  She spun round and we were passionately kissing straight away her tongue twisting around mine. 

I started to unbutton her blouse and she pulled at my shirt.  In seconds her beautiful breasts were pushed hard up against my chest as we continued to kiss.  She broke up as she pushed her blouse off her shoulders to join my shirt on the floor.  She leant close to my ear and whispered.  "I was hoping you'd take the bait.  I'm not wearing any knickers either".  Instinctively I reached behind and pulled the zipper down on her skirt and she wiggled her hips oh so sexily and the skirt fell to her ankles.  She was wearing a black suspender belt and stockings.  Her hands were quickly on my belt undoing it and pulling my fly down.  As she pulled my trousers down I pushed her to sit on the sofa.  Kneeling in front of that I quickly pulled my shoes, socks, trousers and boxers off.   She lay back with her legs apart and I knew instantly what she wanted. 

I ran my tongue up her thigh and reaching her shaved lips ran my tongue up one side and down the other.  She reached down with both her hands and pulled her lips apart for me.  I could see how wet her pussy was and stuck my tongue right into her hole.  She tasted lovely.  I can't deny that I have a long flexible tongue and can touch the end of my nose with it...  Using that shape I can rub my tongue tip on a ladies G-spot and I start that - she responded instantly moaning gently and biting her lower lip whilst her eyes maintained locked on me.  "Tongue fuck me you bastard" she said.  I rubbed again against her and she gushed into my mouth - it almost seemed to take her by surprise.  "Fuck!" she said "I don't normally cum that quick.   Suck my clit".  I ran my tongue out of her and up her slit to her clit which was quiet a large one.  I gently cupped it between my lips and sucked at it".   Again she moaned and threw her head back as she came again.  "FUCK!" she shouted.  "I've been wanting you to fuck me for ages".

With her saying that I couldn't hold on and my enormous throbbing erection need to be quickly dealt with.  I pull her legs up so her thighs were against my shoulders and pushed my dick into her.  "How's that feel with my cock in your cunt?" I asked.  "Better than that tosser of my old man" she laughed.  "Fuck me!"  I couldn't help by obey and pumped into her in a quick rhythm her pussy muscles clamping my cock tight.  In only a few strokes I couldn't help it and I exploded into her.

As my breathing started to return to normal she laughed and pointed I looked round half expecting to see her bastard old man standing there with a gun but it was her dog looking at us through the patio door.  We quickly dressed - she stuck with the no underwear policy and I gave her a lift into work - another female colleague meeting us in the car park and I'm sure she could tell what we'd been up to...   I worked there for another 6 years and we continued to have great fun both in the office and out...

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