a night with clarkee   added 3 years ago
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Categories: Cuckolded, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Group Sex / Threesome
Tags: threesome cocked fucked
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Agressive
this is for my new friend....

one day me and my husband riley were out on the town trying to capture the romance back as we were in the club having a few drinks we ran into my new friend clarkee taken back and I was thinking we could all have a little fun tonight so we left the club and all headed to my house were we then started getting a little more acquainted we decided to play truth or dare as I go first I got dare and  my dare was to make out with clarkee as we are making out hot and heavy I look and see riley with a bulge in his pants I could tell he was getting turned on so I start making out with clarkee some more this time groping his massive boner and rubbing on it through his pants next thing you know riley is making out with me as clarkee is rubbing riley 9 inch cock we all undress as we are now ready for the night to begin clarkee starts to suck rileys cock as it has been aching and throbbing for some attention I am sucking clarkees juicy cock giving it my full attention clarkee is then takes his finger and slides it into my throbbing wt pussy and starts fingering me as I'm moaning the vibrations of it is making clarkees cock pulse I start playing with rileys balls as clarkee continues to fuck rileys cock with his mouth taken it deeper till his cock is so ready to explode his hot sticky spunk all in clarkees mouth  as rileys cums it makes clarkee cum all in my mouth I swallow every last bit of spunk he offers me I'm near a climax as well wen clarkee moves his fingers out of my drenched pussy as he makes his way down there sticking his tongue in my cunt and giving it some love he said I always wondered what ur cunt tasted like yummy by the way as he starts flicking his tongue on my clit it's to much I start cumming all in his mouth as he licks it all up we all start kissing each other as I beging jacking both them off and they start fingering me both clarkee and rileys fingers enter into my pussy it's so wet and yearning to be fucked hard clarkee then says are you ready for me and I squeal and moan oh god yes fuck me hard  he slides his erected cock into my pussy and the feeling is extasy as he starts pumping me I start yelling oh god yes harder harder don't stop riley then gets some lube and smears it all on his dick as riley is now ready to fuck as well I turn over and get into the doggie style position clarkee enters in my pussy again and says to riley go gently in at first as clarkee is fucking me hard riley slides his dick into clarkees anus making clarkee cry out in both pain and pleasure a few light pumps and his anus is ready to be abused by rileys erected cock as I am almost on my third orgasm clarkee can feel my pussy contracting so he stars going harder and faster as each time he goes in and out he pushes himself onto rileys cock in and out harder and faster into me and onto riley making every one one the verge as I let out a moan of exotic pleasures clarkee can hold it in any longer he lets all his spunk fill my contracting pussy and rileys no pumping harder and harder till he lets out and load into clarkees anus filling his tighting hole up as we all now laying on the bed trying to catch our breates fondling each other we then eventually fall asleep next morning we all wake up and say that was a wild night  might have to do it again we now schedule at least one night a week for pure adult fun ....   : )

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