My girlfriend fucking another man   added 3 years ago
  By: Clarkee  Age: 38  Country: United Kingdom

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I love to fantasise about my girlfriend having sex with another man. Sometimes, while we're fucking, I ask her to tell me about being with her previous boyfriends; I love to hear about how she's sucked their cocks, how they've fingered her, fucked her, come in her mouth, or all over her tits, or inside her pussy. I especially like it when she tells me about guys coming all over her cunt, while she rubs it in. I'd love to fuck her with another man, then both of us come on her pussy, so I can see all that spunk all over it.

Her job involves the odd late night, but every time she texts me to say she'll be late home from work, I imagine that she's not sending a few emails like she tells me she is, she's actually on her back, with a cock sliding into her pussy. I know she gets on well with her male colleagues, and some of them probably live in the city centre; so I picture the two of them, making their way urgently to his place. No sooner are they through the door than they're kissing, hands all over each other's bodies. They haven't got much time, so she quickly pulls off her trousers and tiny knickers, exposing her lovely trimmed pussy, and his cock is already out, hard and swollen. I know she'd be wet by now, so he'd push her back against a wall, her legs parted, his fingers already sliding over her clit and into her cunt while she unbuttons her shirt to get her tits out for him. I can hear her breathing hard as he pushes two fingers knuckle-deep into her, while he bends over and sucks one of her nipples. They moan together as her hand finds his cock, grasping his shaft and gently wanking it. She feels his pre-cum dripping from the end, and rubs it all over his dick, then runs her hand quickly up and down it. They kiss while wanking each other, tongue sliding over tongue, lips tenderly touching.
He then drops to his knees, positioning his face in front of her cunt. He'd breathe in the wonderful scent of her pussy, then flick his tongue over her clit. He'd run his hand up the inside of her thigh, and then work two of his fingers into her vagina. She'd be leaning back against the wall, opening her legs as wide as she could, letting him finger-fuck her pussy while he licks her clit. Encouraged by the noises she's making, and the fact that her pussy is getting wetter and wetter, he slides a third finger into her, stretching her pussy wider,and starts massaging her clit with his thumb. She's now moaning loudly, and pulls her pussy lips open to give him better access to her clit. He looks up at her, and their eyes lock while he works away at her cunt.
He'd carry on like that for a while, before pushing his face right into her pussy so he can slide his tongue into her hole. I can see her, wriggling and squirming and grinding against his face, panting and moaning with her hands on the back of his head, him with both hands clasped around her buttocks and working his tongue in and out of her vagina. Then he'd come back up and kiss her deeply, so she can taste her own pussy - she likes that. She'd hungrily lick his tongue and lips, getting as much of the taste off as she could. I imagine that turning her on even more, her hand moving to her pussy so she can massage her clit, rubbing his spit over her already sodden lips. She then returns the favour, pushing him up against the wall and kneeling down to suck his cock; she pauses to gaze at it lustily - I imagine it's nice and big, and really appeals to her. She opens her mouth and slides her lips over his shaft, making him groan. She moves her mouth up and down his dick, while he moans and makes slight back-and-forth motions with his hips, semi-fucking her mouth. She loves having a cock in her mouth, so I think she'd be rubbing her clit while she sucked his cock. Occasionally she'd take his cock out and lick up and down the shaft, or rub the end across her lips. She gives an excellent blowjob - he'd let it go on for some time before finally taking his cock from her mouth, then pulling her up and kissing her, tasting his juices on her face.

"I want to fuck that pussy now", he'd say.

"Oh yeah!", she replies eagerly, and with that they retreat to the bedroom. She throws herself on to his bed and turns over on to her back, waiting there for him, her legs spread and pussy exposed and accessible to him. She's completely naked, and so he pauses momentarily to take in her slim, sexy body, and gaze at her gorgeous and wet cunt. He's seen it before, quite a few times, in the flesh and also in the pictures I imagine she texts to him. It turns me on to think that, on occasions when maybe I'm out or just busy, she's taking photos of her pussy, moist and spread open, and sending them to this man.

"Come on", she urges, so he climbs on the bed. He pulls his shirt off so that he is now naked too, and now it's my girlfriend's turn to gaze at him, looking at his body and his huge swollen cock jutting forward. He climbs on top of her and she moves her legs back, and his cock touches the entrance to her cunt. He kisses her deeply, and pushes his hips forward. His cock slides into her - although his shift is thick, and her pussy is nice and tight, there is enough lubrication to prevent any resistance, and her vagina stretches easily around his girth. A loud groan escapes her lips as he fills her up, pushing his cock as far in as he can get it. "Oh fuck yeah", she sighs. Their bodies are pressed together, her arms around his back and his hands caressing her arse, and they're kissing passionately as he begins to piston his cock in and out of her. He grunts and groans as her pussy massages his cock, and she pants and yelps as he fucks her. Her noises drive him wild, and he fucks her faster, his cock slamming all the way into her cunt, his balls meeting her arse with every vigorous thrust. He now props himself up with his arms outstretched so he can look down on her, and she rests herself on her elbows so they can still kiss. He's now pounding her wet throbbing pussy, and she has an ecstatic smile on her face as he enters her so forcefully. They both look down at his cock as it penetrates her, loving how wet her pussy is making his shaft. He withdraws and repositions her, kneeling her up and pushing her up against the headboard, so her hands are resting on the top of it. She waits expectantly for him to resume fucking her, but he pauses, looking at her arse and pussy, then runs his fingers down between her wet lips, across her clit, which causes her to arch her back and gasp. Then he plunges his cock back inside her. She lets out a loud moan. He grabs hold of her shoulders, and starts thrusting in and out of her, really giving it to her pussy, while she moans and gasps, and begs him to keep fucking her. She looks back at him, so he pulls her up towards him and starts kissing her as he pounds her cunt. He runs her hand down her front, caressing her tits, feeling her flat stomach, then finding her pussy. He massages her clit with two fingers, making circular motions that drive her wild. She starts groaning louder, and grind her pussy against his advancing cock. The feel of her wet pussy under his fingers nearly pushes him over the edge.
"Oh god, I'm going to come soon", he pants. "Oh yeah", my girlfriend groans back, "come in me, come in my pussy". He grabs her hips and slams her cunt, panting and groaning as he feels his orgasm approach. She starts frantically rubbing her clitoris, moaning loudly and urgently, and bucking up and down as she works towards her own climax. I can see her, on her knees, joyfully and enthusiastically accepting another man's cock, absolutely loving the feeling of wanking herself at the same time as being fucked from behind. She comes a fraction before him, yelling aloud with pleasure, and he slows his thrusts as the first squirt of cum leaves his cock, filling my girlfriend's pussy with spunk. He grinds into her, using her contracting pussy to milk every last drop from his penis, and she wriggles on his cock, shuddering as she feels the waves of her orgasm ripple through her cunt, and his hot creamy load entering her. After he's squirted his entire load, he tenderly withdraws his softening cock, his cream spilling out of her entrance and running down her pussy. She rubs her hand across her pussy, rubbing his cum across her lips, and he gets a gorgeous view of her vagina, covered in his cream.

Finally, she'd get home, and I wonder what would happen if, as soon as she walked in, I slid my hand into her knickers and eased two fingers into her cunt, feeling all of his cream in there. She'd stammer and try to deny it, but I'd tell her I know what she's been doing, and that I think it's really sexy. I'd start kissing her, and then undress her, and she's now getting turned on by how turned on I am. Before long I'm easing my own hard cock into her pussy, still wet from his cum, loving the feeling of fucking such a creamy cunt, while she tells me everything they've been doing. I don't think it would be too longer before she was taking her second load of cum of the evening.

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