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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: domination slave master bdsm
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later

I struggle a little, testing my bonds. An almost silent whimper escapes my lips as the realization that my limbs are not going move sets in. The air surrounding me in the quiet room is cool. From somewhere a soft breeze bathes my naked skin, causing goose bumps to raise along my sweat damp body. I arch my back some, continuing to test my restraints. What was that? I raise my head, straining my ears. Has Sir finally returned? It seems like ages since you left me here saying you'd be right back.


I sense your nearness. I can hear the slight sounds of your breathing, but being blindfolded, I don't realize you are standing only a few feet away, leaning against the door jam, watching me. Your eyes take in every contour of my body, and a smile crosses your face as I test the security of the restraints. You smile bigger as you see the moment I realize that you have returned.


"I'm back, baby." You say as you cross the room to my side. Your large fingers graze over the flesh of my ankle, then move inwards, running up my leg. Stopping at the soft, creamy skin of my inner thigh, which you squeeze gently.


"I'm so glad, Sir." I whisper. My hips rock a little under your caress, and rise upward as your fingers approach the damp mound of my pussy. "It seemed like you were gone for hours."


"You doubted me?"


My body stills at this simple question, hearing the underlying tone of your voice, and feeling the tightening of your fingers along my thigh. I bite my bottom lip softly, and shake my head no emphatically.


"No Sir, no! I.. I never doubt you, Sir, never."


I relax a little hearing your chuckle. I feel the movement of your body as you stretch over me slightly, and hear something settle on the table.


"That's good, baby," you remark as you stand back up. "Especially given your current situation."


Your fingers release my thigh, sliding the inch up to run lightly over my pussy lips before moving on up my belly, stopping to tug gently at my belly piercing. You laugh softly at my moan of pleasure, pulling the jewelry once more before resuming the slow path of your hand along my body. Reaching my breasts, you knead each one, then alternate between them, squeezing and twisting each nipple into hardness. Leaning over, you tenderly kiss my neck, and trail your tongue upward, over my throat, along my jaw line, to my ear.


"My little bitch," you whisper as you trace my ear with the tip of your tongue, "do you have any idea how much I love seeing you this way? Just what it does to me to have you helpless before me, your body mine, to do with as I please?"


You suck the lobe of my ear between your lips, then bite tenderly, tugging and stretching it as your arm stretches over my body once more. I arch my back as the tender skin of your inner arm brush over my rigid nipples. Hearing the clink of the ice in the bowl, I moan softly.


You raise your arm, drawing an ice cube over my lush lips teasingly. They part for you and my tongue slips out to chase the frigid cube. I whimper softly as you run it down my chin, drawing it ever so slowly down the center of my throat. You hold it there, in the hollow of my throat, allowing it to melt slightly, the cold water pooling there, as you lower your head, licking each nipple in turn.


I attempt to lay absolutely still, to keep the cold water from running down my neck. You moan lowly as your tongue teases and flicks at my nipples. Raising your head, you watch me biting my lip, trying to breathe slowly. With a wicked grin, you draw the ice cube in your fingers down my chest, running it quickly over each nipple. Holding it against the left one, you bite and suck the right one. You gnaw and then stretch my right nipple between your teeth, as your large hand holds the ice cube in place against my renewed struggles.


Raising your head, you draw your tongue up between my breasts, and noisily suck the water from my skin. You run your tongue over my lips before parting them with the tip, and plunging deeply inside, kissing my hungrily. Shivers wrack my body from the water trailing and pooling under my back, my frozen nipple aching and throbbing madly under your hand as you knead my breast roughly.


Reaching over me once more, you retrieve another ice cube, holding it over my right nipple as your warm lips encompass the cold left one, sucking it deeply. The tip of your tongue flicking and caressing over the hard nub. The heat of your mouth, so soon after the extreme cold of the ice, sends shock waves through my body, causing me to quiver and involuntarily pull hard against the tight restraints.


You draw the now softly rounded, slightly melted edge of the ice to the center of my chest, then achingly slowly down the middle of my body. As you circle my belly button with it, my hips gyrate in tandem, and I raise my ass as much as possible from the table. You respond by sliding the cube down my belly, slipping it between my lips, and pressing it firmly against my already throbbing clit. You growl as I gasp, then moan and attempt to thrust my hips higher. Releasing my nipple, you lick your tongue up and over my shoulder, your teeth biting into the tender flesh of my throat before continuing up to my ear.


"Mmmm yes, bitch, that's it. Push my pussy up to me, take it..." You whisper, before kissing and biting into my neck again. You decrees the pressure against my clit slightly, and begin to circle the swollen nub in tight, concentric circles. I match the pumping of my hips to your motions, and cry out loudly as you quickly run the cube down my inner lips, and thrust it completely inside me. Then you stand, withdrawing totally from me. My body continues to buck and writhe, my arms and legs stretching and tugging at my cuffs again. I try to control my harsh gasping, to hear where you are. The walls of my pussy clamping and releasing the ice as it melts and the cold water runs from me and down between the cheeks of my ass.


I can sense your movements around the table, and I turn my head in the direction I think you are. I inhale sharply, holding my breath as I hear you strike your lighter. "Sir?" Your answer is swift and sure as you drive two of your fingers deep inside my dripping pussy. I feel the fingers of your other hand running along my swollen lips, opening them.


"Hush bitch. No talking unless you are asked a direct question. Do you understand?" You growl as you lean forward, pushing against my clit with your tongue.


"Yes, Sir," I whisper.


"Good girl," you say, before baring your teeth and dragging them across my throbbing clit, making me jerk against my bonds.


I thrust my hips upward, and I squeal loudly as you pass your teeth repeatedly over my madly pulsing clit. Your fingers continuing to thrust deeply inside of me, parting while buried, then slowly withdrawing. Clenching my hands into fists, I pull even harder against the warm leather cuffs securing me.


I open my mouth, ready to beg you to stop, only to slam it closed again. Small whines of need and desire escape and you laugh gently as you release my clit from your teeth, your eyes traveling up my body to watch the changes on my face. Barely giving me a second to breath, you drop your head back down, licking broadly across my spread open lips, before sucking my clit between your own lips.


Once again the stimulation stops suddenly. I am left blind, struggling to breathe, struggling to move, and wondering where my Sir is. Then I feel you, behind me, at my head. Your fingers run over my chest, pinching gently along my shoulders and softly through my hair. Then tenderly grasping my head, you slowly grind your thick, swollen cock against the top of my head. My head being the only thing I can freely move, I rotate my neck, loving the feel of you pressing yourself against me.


"Hungry, bitch?" You speak quietly, never stopping your motions against me.


"Oh, yes, Sir," I whisper, licking my lips.


Your hands leave my head, and I groan softly hearing the zipper of your pants. I arch my neck, attempting to tilt my head back further, to feel you as you release your cock. You take another step back, foiling me again, and chuckling. Then your hands are back on my head, holding it in place. Soft sounds of hunger come from me as you finally run your rigid cock along one cheek. My tongue slips out, moving to that side, trying to taste you. You withdraw, only to slowly thrust against my other cheek. My tongue moves quickly to that side, whimpering as I can feel the heat of your oozing precum. One hand leaves my hair, and I feel the thick, head of your cock running over my lips. I kiss your cock head with quick, butterfly soft kisses, before licking eagerly.


"That's what you want, isn't it, sweetheart? You want your Master's cock deep in your mouth, the head right here?" You ask as your fingers run over my throat.


I whine lowly, nodding my head, and feel the head of the table lowering slightly. You then press firmly against my mouth, pushing the head of your cock between my lips. Your hands run back down my chest to my nipples, pinching them hard, then twisting, as you thrust more of your thick cock into my mouth. I respond by sucking deeply, my tongue flicking over the head, then circling around your width. Raising my head, I strive to take more, loving the feel of my lips stretching to take all of you.


You set up a slow rhythm, each downward thrust going a little deeper, until you are bumping the entrance to my throat. I gag softly, breathing through my nose, and writhing under your continued attention to my sore nipples. I am so engrossed with your taste, with taking all of you, my mind does not register that one hand has left off it's torture of my nipple.


The thickness of your cock sliding fully into my throat muffles my screams as the hot wax from the candle drips onto my nipple, running over it and coating it thoroughly. You increase the rhythm of taking my mouth, and coat my second nipple in dropping wax. As you drive fully into my mouth and throat, you run one hand down my heaving belly, and spank my clit soundly. My body bucks and writhes under you, and I struggle to breathe. Popping my clit once more, you withdraw from my mouth, allowing me a quick breath before driving all the way back in as your fingers grasp my clit, squeezing it roughly.


Finally easing up on my throat as my struggles increase, but continuing to pump my mouth, you increase the pressure to my clit. Rubbing it, then slapping playfully, before squeezing, then rubbing in circles over it quickly. My hips rise up, thrusting and grinding as my blood pounds through my veins. Bending further over my body, you thrust your cock fully back into my throat, drive two fingers inside of me, and rub quickly back and forth over my clit.


"Ok, bitch, now. You may cum... now."


Your words cut through the fog in my brain, and I thrust and pump your fingers harder. Small shivers begin to radiate out from my clit, encompassing my entire body. I scream again around your cock as my body freezes, then explodes. Tears slide from my eyes in relief and joy, wetting the blindfold.


You withdraw from my mouth, but don't remove your fingers, or stop the manipulation of my clit as you move around the table. My throat feels raw and swollen, my breaths deep as I lick my lips. My hot, thick juices coat your fingers and run down my body, to pool under my ass cheeks.


Between my legs now, you lean closer, sucking my pussy lips into your mouth making me moan loudly. The suction sets off another orgasm, and I rock and buck my hips higher, grinding into your mouth. You growl and drive your tongue deep, flicking over each side. Then you stand up quickly, your hands moving to release both of my ankles, grasping them in your strong hands, and pushing my legs up as you climb onto the table, kneeling between my wide open thighs.


"Oh fuck yes," you breath, and begin to rub your cock between my pussy lips. You press the thick throbbing head against my far too sensitive clit, teasing it gently. You laugh softly as I try to squirm up and away from you, tightening the hold on my legs. Pressing down against the back of my thighs to effectively hold my in place with your weight, you release one of my ankles, your fingers wrapping around your cock and guiding it to my soaking pussy. Slowly pushing your hips forward, you force your thick head into me. Releasing your cock, you reach up and remove the blindfold from my eyes.


"Look at me while I take what is mine," you growl.


I blink rapidly a few times. As our eyes meet and lock, you thrust forward, filling me with one deep stroke. A loud groan escapes me as I feel my silky walls protest at being stretched, and then I grip you tightly. You moan and roll your hips, your cock completely filling me. Pulling back, until only your head is inside me, you slide your hands back down my legs, guiding me to drape them over your shoulders. I do so happily, gyrating my hips against you.


Your large hands settle on my hips, holding me, as you drive forward again, taking me hard and forcefully. Both of our breathing now harsh and raspy. Nearly inaudible whines escaping from me as I continue to fight against my hands being restrained, wanting badly to touch you. I close my eyes as I feel the fullness of your balls pressing, then grinding against me, knowing you are close to exploding.


"Look at me!" you growl harshly.


My eyes fly open, running over your face and wandering down your chest, down further still, over the rapid heaving of your belly muscles. Looking up, and locking my eyes with yours once more, I whisper, "Cum for me, please, Sir. Fill me please... I want to feel you, feel your gift flowing into me, please..."


An incredibly primal growl fills the air as you arch your back and fill me, your release exploding deep inside me. Both of us moaning and gasping for breath as jet after jet of your hot, thick cum flows, filling me, coating you, seeping back out and wetting our thighs.


You release my hips, allowing my body to relax against yours. Moving down a little, you slowly remove each leg from your shoulders, laying them down gently, never letting your cock slip. You cover me with your body, your weight welcome and comforting. Reaching up, you release my right wrist, holding it lightly in your fingers, massaging the tender, red skin softly, then kissing it. As you repeat this with my left wrist, I lower my arms, encircling you. You lick my lips teasingly, then kiss me passionately. We lay entwined in each other's arms, the night beginning to wane around us.


A little later, you take a deep breath, and rise. I draw my hands down your body, looking up at you, and smiling as I see your intentions. Sliding one arm behind my neck, and the other behind my knees, you carefully lift me, carrying me into the bedroom. Placing me gently on the bed, you crawl in beside me, wrapping me in the strength and warmth of your embrace. As I rest my head on your shoulder, snuggling my face into your neck, I kiss your sweet skin softly and whisper, "Good night, Sir, I love you."


"Good night, baby," you reply softly.

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