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Chris had been a low level operative for a while. A rogue with his own agenda. Well his ambition was about to outpace his ability. Or was it greed? He'd been tracking Lara Croft through the jungle for a while. She was on vacation. He figured she'd be vulnerable.

He figured wrong.

Dead wrong.

She had been hiking all day. He was surprised how long she'd been going without a break. "She's got a real motor up her ass." he thought to himself as he stared at said ass as she skillfully made her way through the brush, seemingly anticipating obstacles before they manifested themselves. He'd been quier, gave her plenty of distance, followed in her footsteps so as not to trip over anything or set off any bobby traps that were surely present. He figured he'd lay low then pounce when she was vulnerable, perhaps sleeping, perhaps bathing in a spring someplace.

He was screwed and had no idea.

He found himself with a huge erection as he watched her walk through the woods, her boots accentuating her shapely legs, her shorts and tank top complementing one another. He hadn't slept much the night before and was feeling a little fatigued. In the back of his mind, he didn't quite know if he wanted the bounty on her, or if he just wanted her. It caused a lot of strain between him and his now ex-girlfriend. She often told him, "You're gonna get in over your head one day."

That day was today.

Lara found a nice spot near a creek, she decided this would be a good spot for a suntan. He was amazed she was unarmed, perhaps she had a few tricks up her sleeve or in that knapsack of hers. He was lightly armed, a Desert Eagle in his knapsack, a pair of handcuffs. Not much else, he figured it'd be in and out and he'd be back on the fanboat by day's end. She really put him through his paces, he wasn't quite sure if he'd be able to find his way back. But his soon to be quarry (or so he thought) would be just as interested in her own survival so she'd be all too willing to cooperate in navigating their way out of there.

She put her knapsack down, took off her tank top and shorts, revealing a black bikini that seemed as though it were made for her and her only, he found himself jizzing looking at her. She smiled, looked around, then bent down to take off her boots. (Did she know he was there? No she couldn't he reasoned.) She laid out a towel and laid down on her stomach.

Now he would make his move.

He walked quietly over stood over her, then straddled her, not forcefully, almost like a lover she was expecting. However she was expecting-an interloper and a nuisance-she knew he was tailng her all along.

He rolled her over slowly, he was in awe of her beauty, she was the one in control of the situation. Subconciously they both kind of knew it, but she has a sense of humour and confidence from here till Thanksgiving so she figured she'd let this play out. She knew she could easily dispatch a horny manchild.

"Well hello love." she said smiling playfully. He was disarmed momentarily, then caught himself and said "The cuffs. Put'em on." and dropped them on her midsection between her breasts and her mid section. She obliged and said "Hmmm kinky. I like that." He did too, but now he was more unsure than ever if he still wanted the bounty. Or just her. He stood up hoping she wouldn't notice the jizz stain in his trousers. "Get up, we're going for a walk."

She rose, she was easily 6 and a half inches taller than him. Even without her boots. She playfully poked him and asked "Might a lady at least put her foot gear on? You wouldn't want me to get bit by a snake or get a nasty scrape, wouldn't want to slow you down." He agreed and waited for her to put the boots on. He made her leave her gear. He absent mindedly left his own as well. Not that either of them would need it shortly.

As they walked along, Chris soon began to realize he wasn't quite sure where they were going, Lara made playful banter along the way. By this point he was following her. And she knew it.

Finally she said. "You know, we've been walking for quite some time. And honestly you seem lost. Why don't you uncuff me, I'm a good girl, I won't try to hoodwink you or pull a  fast one." She leaned into him and gave him a look that could sell water to a well when she said this. He found the last of his defenses gone and produced the key and uncuffed her. "There isn't this more pleasant?" before he could answer she said coyly, "Now why don't you go stand over there." she said pointing to the clearing. More specifically the spot in the center of the clearing devoid of vegetation.
"Over here?" he said pointing to the stump at the edge of the clearing, "No, right there." she said again pointing to the center. He found himself obliging, she could have asked him to burn down a building and wait for the arson squad and he would have at this point.

So he walked over to the center of the clearing. And his destiny.

She walked to the edge of the clearing and snarkily asked "My, did you just get shorter Chris? Look at your feet, you're up to your knees actually" and snickered. He looked down and realized he'd been tricked. He looked up at her and said "Oh you're good." "You're sinking pretty fast Chris." She replied,  he tried to step out of the quicksand but everytime he pulled one leg up, the other just went deeper.

"Once you get into that sand, you can't get out." she said, she found she enjoyed teasing him. He looked up at her and she stood with her hands on her hips, pleased with her successful escape plan. She decided to rub it in. "Well you had me captured, maybe you shouldn't have let me go, you guys all think you're so slick." she said as she watched him sink up to his waist, the sand almost greedily accepting him. He couldn't help but appreciate the delicious irony, he said "Time was in those old movies, it was the woman who ended up in the quicksand." to which she replied, "Well times have changed, we girls are to smart to walk into any sand pits." to which he replied, "Kind of a role reversal." "But of course". she laughed.

Now he was a little worried, he said "If you don't pull me out, I won't speak to you, this is the las you'll see of me." to which she sniped, "I know, all part of the plan." He was into it up to his chest now, he lowered his arms in, knowing she wasn't about to lend a hand. She said "Very good Chris, allow yourself to be swallowed up by the quicksand, feel it carressing you, soothing you, relaxing you, like a warm bath."

Now he was up to his shoulders, "I can't move." She smiled and said, "I know, I see you trying to wriggle around, how's it feel? All warm and squishy?" "Oh yeah." he replied weakly having had an orgasm. She just glared at him and stated "Well my dear Chris, if you were naive enough to fall for the trap, then you deserve it."

"Any last words?" she asked him as she watched him up to his chin, and sinking fast.  "You always win." To which she replied, "That's right, and you lose Christopher."

Lara appeared mildly satisfied with the development as she watched him get swallowed up by the quicksand. It caved in and over his head like he was never there.

She looked down at the spot where he was and said "Lara 1. Chris 0." then sauntered away triumphantly. 

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