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Today is going to be a lazy day, not much to do and I have no plans whatsoever. Love having random days off work to do as I please. I'm waiting for the house to be empty so I can really make the most of my time off work.

Half 11 and everyone's out. I'm strollling downstairs in my T-Shirt and knickers  into the kitchen to get some water. The kitchen is huge overlooking the back garden. It has a big island in the middle which I've always fantasised about fucking someone on, but today isn't about fucking anyone - it's about me. It's been a very very long time since I had spent a good few hours masturbating and doing naughty things. I'm going up back to my bedroom and am opening up my wardrobe to my 'naughty' section. I've put on my smallest bra which only covers half my nipples they're hard instantly as I'm brushing my fingers over them and pull them quite aggressively. I'm running my fingers over my pussy lips.. They're a little moist, I knew they would be, I've now got a hold on my ben-wa balls and have inserted them inside my ass. I'm now putting on my little crothchless knickers which are a pathetic excuse to cover my pussy and ass. I've got in my hand now my favourite vibrator from the back of the wardrobe & my anal beads. I walk downstairs back into the kitchen wearing nothing more than my peeping tit bra & peeping pussy panties.

I've moved the large fruit bowl which
sits in the middle of the island to one side. The whole of the area is clear so I jump on. The granite feels so nice against my skin. I sit back and enjoy the view of the back garden, leaning back I'm running my hands over my barely covered nipples, they're so hard & erect you could hang your coat on them. I spit on my left breast and let it dribble down my nipple onto my bra, the slow sensation of my saliva running down my nipple makes me feel so hot. I'm now starting to rub and pull my nipple a hard as I can, I feel myself getting really wet between my pussy lips but I'm to resisting to touching it.. Not yet. I still have my ben wa balls wedged up my ass, I'm really working my pussy and ass muscles to really feel the balls inside me. I'm rubbing my clit now, pressing on it hard, with my other still gripping onto my nipples.

I'm now dripping onto the breakfast bar, I can feel it oozing out of my pussy like squirty cream, I'm sitting at the corner with one leg over the other in my left hand side in front of the huge kitchen window, I don't even care if any of my neighbours see me. I gently push out my ben wa balls, I'm ready for my anal beads now. They feel so good in my ass I've forgotten to bring my oil down with me.. Oops! I need a little lube to help me put these in.. I know.. I'll stick the beads in my mouth to get them wet to help. I'm spitting on them and sucking on them desperate for them to be lubed up and ready... Mmmmm... A little more now.. That's it. Ok lets try this now.. One bead... Two bead... Three bead... Four... The Ben-wa balls certainly have helped. I've got them wedged up inside my ass nice & snug. Just a little pull of the end.. Now that feels so good. Now for my toy to move in next door.. It's beautiful. I move my arms under my legs so my ass is almost in the air and arch my back forward. My pussy is throbbing to be fucked.. My anal beads always make me extra wet. I stick my vibrator in half way and turn it on low speed, now I'm moving it in and out of my soaking pussy, I love the way it feels against my beads. 

I now switch the clit stimulator on too, its flicking away everytime I thrust my vibrator deep inside. I need this to be on high speed now. I'm fucking myself so hard almost smashing myself. My crotchless knickers are drenched in my creamy cum, I'm pulling my beads out slowly one by one, they're soaked in sticky ass juice. I need to cum now.. I'm moving my hips faster & faster in sync of me digging into my cunt with my toy. I'm gonna cum.. Oh my days... I'm gonna fucking cum! I'm going crazy fucking myself.. Fuck! Oh fuck! I cum so hard all over my special toy.. I feel the muscles in my pussy pulsate all over it. I'm still going.. But now my whole body just stopped for a few seconds. I'm laying there on the kitchen breakfast bar with my legs up in the air almost in a cocoon and I can't move, Trails of pussy & ass juice all over it. I need a glass of water & a cigarette. Then maybe we can go again..

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