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Note:  Someone read my last story and wrote asking about why I would let Heather (my ex) win games on purpose.  Well, I’d say we were usually pretty evenly matched, and usually it wasn’t a bit deal, but sometimes if I would get on a winning streak she would be very unpleasant for the rest of the night, sometimes refusing to talk, and would be especially mean. 

 Here’s a true story (this was a few years ago so some details are hazy) about the night I finally just started to throw games and let her win because I was getting tired of her being such a bitch when she lost.  As you’ll see, the only lesson it ended up teaching me is that I should let her win more, which I did…




“Yessss,” Heather giggles as she takes her last piece off the backgammon board. 

I shrug and sigh, “well, I almost got ya this time…kind of.”

“I suppose you want another rematch?”  she’s almost bouncing up and down with giddiness, sitting indian-style across from me.  I shake my head.

“Oh, or would you rather I cream you again at Trivial Pursuit?” she grins wide, showing me her teeth.

“No, no, no, I think I’m done,” I keep my eyes averted, cleaning up the backgammon board, I can feel myself blushing.

“Awe, you look embarrassed…”

“No, no, no…” I mutter.

She leans forward and runs her fingers through my hair, patronizingly petting me.  “Are you embarrassed that your girlfriend is smarter than you?”

I feel a twinge of embarrassment, butterflies in my chest, but stay silent.  She scoots forward, slips her fingers under my chin and tilts my head up so I have to look at her.  Her eyes are beaming.

“I can see you blushing sugar” she says in a sing-song voice.  “C’mon…who’s smarter?”

I sigh, finding it very difficult to say anything.  Trying to swallow my pride but feeling annoyed at her gloating.

“Which one of us has two Master’s degrees?”

“And who earns more money?”

“You do, Heather…”

“And who won evvvery game tonight?”

“Okay, so you’re smarter,” I look away as I say it quietly, shrugging.

“Ohh, I don’t think I heard you,” She condescends, smiling, “maybe you should look at me.”

I bite my lip and look in her eyes, feeling a jab of intimidation.  “You’re smarter than me.”

“Hehe,” she giggles, “so don’t be embarrassed, silly.  Go get me another beer.”


I get up and walk to the kitchen feeling a little lightheaded, maybe even shaking a little.  We’d been dating about a month, and she’d never tried to humiliate me like that before- and the look in her eyes.  She was really enjoying it.  I pulled a beer from the fridge and paused for a moment.  I had always been attracted to strong women, but Heather was way different than any girl I’d ever met.  I wasn’t sure what was happening, because half of me was feeling emasculated and intimidated by her, but another part of me was falling for her.  I was so confused walking back down the hall to the living room that I didn’t notice at first that she had taken off her pants…she was lounging on the sofa with her legs spread, baring her lightly trimmed pussy at me.


“Come here,” she purrs. 

As I walk closer the smell of her pussy hits my nose, and I see it is already glistening and aroused. 

“Put that down,” she points at the beer. “I don’t want it.”

I put it down.

“Since I won evvvery game tonight,  I think I’m entitled to a prize, don’t you?”

“What do you want?” I’m already growing hard in my pants.

She sits upright in the sofa, feet on the floor, and spreads her legs.

“Give me my prize.”


Without thinking I drop down to my knees, my eyes locked on her pussy.  Her soft, curly tufts of hair surround think ruby lips.  I lean in and kiss them, and as I do both her hands reach down to hold my head.  I start to lick her gingerly, the scent of her strong cunt making me dizzy, licking her lips and up to her large clit.

            “Mmmm, that’s my sweet boy,” she moans and I lick her.  I’m getting hungrier, and my tongue starts to lap deeper inside of her….I can taste her getting wetter, each lap of my tongue brings more of her cream into my mouth.


I glance up and see her gazing down on my with a big smile…my face buried in her bush, my nose rubbing her clit as I eat her out.  She continues to pet my head as I feed on her, licking sensuously, feeling so nice to be on my knees and servicing her.  Licking, licking, sucking her clit…going at whatever pace she directs me.  Slowly at first, but then building quicker. 


After several minutes her little moans and coos have ground louder, and now she’s holding my head in place, grinding her hips forward.  I hear her start to growl and I open my eyes to look up at her again.  She’s staring at me with an animal intensity and gritting her teeth; her gaze is so tough I almost cower. 

“Fuck!” she barks at me suddenly.  “Up!  Over!”


I don’t know what she means but before I have time to think she has pulled me away and gets up off the sofa.  She pushes me so I’m sitting on the ground, my back against the sofa, and she steps in front.  Then, holding my head and shoulders in position, she straddles my face and starts to thrust.  I can’t believe it, almost too stunned to react, I realize she is humping my face.  Grinding her pussy aggressively, up and down my chin, my lips, my nose- smearing her juices across my face.


I lick as best I can, lapping desperately at her pussy, but this is no longer about me eating her out… now she is just straight-up fucking me.


I push my pants off, my cock hard as a rock, I start to rub it as she continues to fuck my face.  At times she’s humping so firmly, her thighs squeezing my head, that I can barely breathe…each breath comes thick with her scent and juice.  I’m moaning into the heat of her cunt.

            “Fuck fuck fuck yessssss,” She’s groaning and growling and suddenly reaches down and holds my head very tight, her hips start to pump less rhythmically, and she grinds long and hard, her lips wrapping around my nose, I can feel her pussy start to pulse and I knows she’s coming on me.  I feel beads of fluid running down my chin and chest.  She gives several small final thrusts and hold still for a moment…I’m blinded, deep in her thighs, my whole world is Heather’s cunt, clutching my face.


“Mmmmmmmmm,” she purrs with satisfaction as she dismounts my head and nuzzles down next to me.  She kisses my cheek and several times then leans in to kiss my lips.  I can hear her sniffing, and know she’s pleased to smell her scent covering all over my face.  She looks down and sees me holding my stiff cock, throbbing in my hands.

            “Awe, do you need to cum sugar?”

            “Y-yes,” I pant.

            She giggles, “Okay, but I want to cuddle first.  Come on.”


            She stands me up and leads me into her bedroom.  I climb into bed onto my back and she cuddles up with her head on my chest, smacking her lips and making little sounds of contentment.  She hands me the pair of panties she had just taken off. 

            :”Use these…don’t you cum in my sheet”

            “I won’t,” I say breathlessly.

            She smiles, “Now jerk off for me.”


            She cuddles up tight as I reach down and start to stroke my hard cock.  Up and down, stroking it for her.  I lick my lips and taste her.  My face is cool and wet as her juices start to dry, and I’m so turned on.

            “Ohh, ohh Heather,” I moan as I pump my cock, masturbating for my girlfriend.

            “Whose smarter?” I hear her coo.

            “You are, ohhh you are”


            I cum hard into her panties. 

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