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Adventures in masturbation 1

Ever since I got my first erection at the age of around eight I have always enjoyed masturbating , so much so that even now  I would prefer a woman giving me a hand job than having a shag,

From the age of about twelve I seemed to be walking around with constant hard on, causing me to have to masturbate several times a day, in my teens, even when I had a girlfriend ,I would have sex with her one night and the next day would just be more randy and have to have several wanks just so I could concentrate on my work.

Now married and at thirty five I’m not quite so bad as in my teens, but having to wank so often over the years , lead to quite a few adventures and getting caught quite a few times. I thought I would share some of the adventures with you

One of the most recent times that I have been caught masturbating, was just a few weeks ago when my wife and I went to the big local supermarket, the wife goes in to do the weekly shop and I usually sit in the car and read the Sunday papers ,she takes about three quarters of an hour so is gone for a while ,it was a hot day and the car park was pretty full, I  wound down the windows put the radio on and started to read my paper .
After a few minutes noticed a attractive woman of about 28 stop at the row of cars a short way in front of me ,she was just opening her hatchback and starting to unload her full trolley of shopping ,she had shoulder length back hair, pink blouse and full black skirt, as she reached into her boot to put her shopping in, her skirt went up to reveal a pair of long  tanned slim legs and a pert little bum ,straight away I had that familiar tingle in my cock and soon had a full on erection ,

I checked in the mirrors all around me to make sure no one could see me and undid the top of my jeans and pulled down my zip, at this point my swollen cock just leapt out of my boxers,I placed my news paper on the steering wheel and started to masturbate,

The woman was now halfway through unloading her shopping and in reaching into her trolly to get her shopping out was giving me a gorgeous view of her arse with my wanking getting faster ,, at first I thought she had no knickers on at all ,but as she reached into her hatchback I could see right between her legs and see the bulge of her pussy under a  pink thong, in no time I was about ready to cum watching her as she bent over reaching in to arrange her shopping I moved my newspaper away and got a tissue ready to catch the cum, just then I heard the car next to me start up it had been parked just a little back from me on the passenger side,I quickly covered my throbbing cock with my hands as the car next to me pulled forward level with mine and stopped again, I looked across to see a woman of about forty five looking straight down at my hands ,”It’s alright I’ve been watching you ” she said “you can carry on, I don’t mind watching you a bit longer  till you cum”, I had the radio on so she must have got into her car without me hearing her and been watching me, at first I just sat there with my hands clamped over my now semi hard cock, Till she said  ”well go on then, finish it off” staring hard at my hands ,I looked around to see there was nobody else around then slowly began to roll my foreskin up and down until I was fully erect again Her eyes were fixed on my now engorged cock, I took my hands away to give her a good look at it ,thrusting my hips up and making it twitch for her  and then slowly  began to roll  my foreskin up and down with just two fingers , I knew I wouldn’t take long to cum.

I looked across again at the woman who had been unloading her shopping who was now just getting in her car then back at the woman in the car next to me her eyes staring almost madly at my throbbing cock,her face was now flushed and her light ginger hair sticking to her forehead,

I could hold back no longer watching her eyes as they stared at my cock, I thrust my hips up with the intensity of my climax, shooting my hot cum high in the air and hitting the roof of the car ,I rolled my foreskin back hard as the cum kept pumping out covering my hands with it. the woman’s face was now very red and hot and still staring at my cock,I think she must have been masturbating herself as I could see shoulder moving rapidly up and down, still slowly masturbating I waved my cock at her as the last of my cum rolled down onto my hand, she looked up at me in a sort of  startled then just started up her car and drove off

I cleaned myself and the car up quickly and got back to reading the paper just as my wife came back. “you look hot “she said “ yes it is hot in here” I got out to help her pack the shopping as she bent over the boot her skirt was riding up but not as much as the woman I had been watching I looked around and saw a man in a car behind us having a good look. we got in the car and I smiled to myself  as we went home, thinking that I would have to give the wife one as soon as we got  there, now felling very randy again.

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