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Location: A hotel room
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Girl 1


Name: Lindsey

Age: 21

Hair: Long/ Bown

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'6"

Build: Strong

Breasts: Mid sized (B)

Vagina: shaved

Nipples: small


Girl 2


Name: Tiffany

Hair: Short/Blonde

Age: 19

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'11"

Build: Strong

Breasts: large (F)

Vagina: shaved

Nipples: large



I was walking to the elevator when i saw a very attractive girl. She had long brown hair and blue eyes, she was about 20. She was wearing a black skirt and a white tank top. I took a quick peak at her boobs, and i wondered what it would be like to hold them. I walked into the elevator with her and 3 other people. The 2 of them got off on the 18th floor, the 3rd got off on the 24th. So it was just me and her in the elevator. She looked at me and said

"my boyfriend broke just up with me, you wanna fuck?"

I didn't know what to say. she waited a second and said

"yeah, ya do"

The elevator opened and she grabbed my hand and walked out. we got to her room and she unlocked the door. We walked in and she immediately pressed me up against the door and kissed me. She said

"have you ever had sex before?"

I shook my head. 

"You can talk you know. I won't bite." She said smiling seductively. "well, maybe I will" 

We walked over to the bed. she said

"lie down"

I lied down on the bed. She pulled my shorts down, and put a hand on my cock. She noticed the small pre-cum stain on my underwear. Then she took off my underwear. She licked from my balls to the head of my cock. She then put the head of my cock in her mouth. She started sliding her head up and down the length of my cock. It was so soft and warm in her mouth, I wanted to cum instantly. She continued to suck my cock, everyone in a while she would lick my balls. I kept thinking 'oh my god, a girl is actually giving me a blow job. Right before I was about to cum, she pulled off. I was breathing heavily and my heart was beating faster. She said

"Eat me out. Then i'll let you cum on me"

She lied back on the bed and I moved in front of her. I expected her to take her clothes off, but she didn't. I realized that she wanted me to do it, so I reached up her skirt and slowly pulled off her panties. She adjusted herself and closed her eyes. Then I flipped up her skirt and I could see her vagina. I had never seen a vagina before, it was wet and I wanted to get closer to it. She speed her pussy with two fingers, and i could see inside. I move in close, I could smell it. I softly licked the outer fold of the vagina, she let go of her vagina and started fondling her boobs. I licked and sucked, it tasted so good. She was groaning and every once in a while she would make a soft scream. She was jolting around violently, and she said in-between the jolts

"I'm coming"

She screamed and fluid started pouring out of her pussy. She said

"That felt good. You wanna cum on me?"

I didn't say anything. She got up, pulled her skirt off, and sat down on my face. Then she bent over and kissed my dick. She started sucking again, and I stuck my finger inside her. I was feeling around, then i stuck second finger in. She tried to groan but was too busy sucking my cock. I kept fingering her, and she kept sucking. I said to her

"I'm going to cum"

She pressed herself down on my hard cock. Then I released my semen into her mouth. I could feel her swallowing with my cock. After about 20 seconds she came up, she had too get a big breath of air. There were strings of cum hanging from her mouth. 

"Your cum tastes so good" She said.

She walked over to the counter and got a glass. She scraped the remaining cum off my penis. Then she said.

"I want all your cum in here"

She put the glass on the floor, then pushed me back onto the bed. She started kissing me passionately. Then she said "have you ever felt a girls tits before?'

"No" i said.

"Go ahead. Feel me up!"

I put on hand over her breast. Then the other. I started feeling around, I wanted to bury myself in her tits. She pulled her shirt off, leaving only her black lace bra. I cupped her boobs in my hands. She leaned forward and started making out with me. I could feel her pussy getting wetter. I reached behind her and unhooked her bra. She grabbed it and slowly took it off. Her breasts were average sized and perky. I started touching them again. Next I started kissing her hard nipples. She enjoyed the licking. She pushed me back and sat on top of my penis. She guided it with her hand, and slid it into her vagina. She let out a heavy sigh of pleasure. She started slowing moving up and down.

"Holy shit. So deep."

She started groaning in pleasure. Then she started humping faster.

"ohhh, yeah. oh, yeah, yeah, fuck, oh, my god, oh my god, fuck"

She paused, then kept going.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, fuck, fuck my pussy"

She screamed and lurched forward. Sh leaned back and started rubbing her pussy.

"Yeah, oh, fuck, so good, yeaaaah, fuck!"

She had another orgasm.

"Get on top of me"

She flipped over, and I got on top of her. I slid my cock into her pussy, and started humping. I was thrusting hard and she started screaming. She was lurching forward with every thrust. 

"Oh my god, fuck, holy shit, cum, cum in my pussy" She said.

She wrapped her arms and legs around me, and after a few minuets of fucking, I filled her pussy with cum. I lay down on top of her with my dick still in her pussy. She reached down and grabbed the glass. She put it underneath her vagina, then pushed me back. I pulled by penis out, and my cum dripped out and poured into the glass. She scooped it all out with her finger. Then we just sat there. Shortly someone knocked on the door, then they opened it and walked in. It was another attractive girl. She was about the same age, but with short blonde hair, and very large breasts. She said

"wow Lindsey, how old is he"

"I don't know, like 14?"

Which was true. I was 14.

"Who is this?" i asked"

"this is Tiffany my room mate, and i'm Lindsey"

"You didn't even tell him your name." Tiffany said.


"Should I leave now?" I asked.

"no!" Tiffany said "I want to fuck you now."

She tore off her clothes and lied on top of me. She grabbed my cock and jerked it a few times before putting it in her vagina. She started humping. She was much more aggressive than Lindsey. 

"Oh yeah, fuck that tight teenage pussy, fuck, fuck! FUCK!"

"I'm gonna cum" I said.

She pulled my dick out and held her tits close to my penis. I covered them with cum. Lindsey grabbed the glass and scrapped the cum into it. She said.

"You wanna stick that big, fat, fucking cock in my tight, little ass hole?"

I didn't say anything. Lindsey said

"He doesn't talk much. Just do it"

Tiffany turned around and got on her hands and knees. She said

"Stab your love muscle into my ass."

I put the head of my penis on her ass hole. Lindsey said

"lick it first"

I started licking Tiffany's asshole. I stuck my tongue in her hole, it was so much tighter than the vagina. She let out a groan. I kept licking for a while. then i started rubbing my penis around her butt again. Lindsey started rubbing her vagina. I slid my dick into Tiffany's tight little hole. She screamed. I started moving my hips back and forth. She was groaning and her boobs were sawing with every thrust. 

"Oh my god! Fuck that ass! Fuck, fuck, FUCK! You wanna fuck my ass, yeah, harder, HARDER! Slap it baby! SLAP IT!"

I hit her ass cheek.


I hit her hard. Then i hit her again.


She fell forward, and I kept nailing her hard. She Screamed and screamed. I bent forward and came in her ass. I pulled my dick out and Lindsey collected the cum in the glass. She swirled it around.

"I want more cum. Any ideas Tiffany?" Lindsey said.

"My deep throat is the greatest. Let me try it on you." Tiffany said to me.

Tiffany grabbed my penis and roughly shoved it down her mouth. She sucked and bit it, then her took it down as far as it could go, she swallowed for almost a minute. She let go and I came into the glass. 

"I have something else" Tiffany said.

She went over to a bag and pulled out a small black plastic thing. She said.

"Flip over"

I flipped over and she put the toy in my ass.

"Put the glass over his cock" she said to Lindsey.

Lindsey put the glass over my penis, and Tiffany turned the toy on. It started vibrating and I pumped loads of cum into the glass instantly. She took it out and Tiffany put her boobs over my dick. She rubbed them around then told me to lick them. I licked them and spat on them, then she put she chest over my dick, squeezed her boobs together and titty fucked me. After a few minutes I jizzed all over my chest. Lindsey scrapped the cum into the glass. Then she said.

"Sit up against the wall"

I did as i was told. She sat down facing away from me and put my cock in her pussy. She started bouncing, shortly I started moving my hips up and down. I filled her up and we poured the cum into the glass. Lindsey took the glass, which was about 3/4 full, and poured it into her mouth. Tiffany put her mouth under Lindsey's. Lindsey opened her mouth letting the cum fall into Tiffany. She choked on it a bit. Then spit the cum into my mouth. I quickly spit it back into Lindsey's mouth. She dropped it into a glass. And Tiffany split it between three glasses. She said 

"We drink at the same time"

Lindsey and Tiffany drank the cum. Then Tiffany poured the cum in to my mouth. She kissed me and forced me to swallow the cum. Lindsey said

"that was fun. Get back on the bed."

I lied down on the bed. Lindsey got on top of me she started slowly humping. We rolled to the right, and Tiffany came in behind me, and started rubbing her pussy with my leg and her fingers. After a while I fell asleep. The next morning I woke up Lindsey got up shortly after me. She said 

"Here's my phone number. Let's do this again sometime."

I left after that. But i couldn't stop thinking about how I woke up that morning with my dick in one girls vagina, and another girl wrapped around  my leg.

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