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Categories: The Fetishists, The Audience / Voyeur, Group Sex / Threesome
Tags: newspaper
Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

Emma and Jamie were staying in a spa with some of Emma’s friends, Jane and Mia, for another friends Clare’s birthday. Emma was the only one of the friends to be married, and so she was able to bring her other half. The other girls were sharing a room. They had been for a swim that morning, and Emma had stayed with her friends for a drink. When she came up Jamie had been busy. He had prepared their room for a night of pleasure which was his fetish, which he hadn’t told his wife….yet.



Emma came back into the room a couple of hours later, she had drunk a few wines and was now feeling good, she walked back into the room, and found Jamie in his robe.



He had a pile of newspaper on the small table and beside it several rolls of tape. Emma was curious. “What have you in mind” she smiled, “You’ll see”, said Jamie. He came up to her and started unbuttoning her top. He kissed her gently, and took her top off. He kissed her skin and undid her bra. He ran his fingers across her breasts. Then he slid her skirt to the floor, his lips touched her naval, and then he slowly pulled her knickers to the floor. His tongue licked her cliterous and she looked to the ceiling, closed her eyes and moaned.



“I’m going to do something we haven’t done before” and he grabbed the newspaper from the table. He put a couple of sheets over her shoulders and wrapped some around her body, he taped it into place. He made sure it was tight. Then he started on her feet. He laid a couple of sheets on the floor, made her stand on them, and wrapped them around her feet. Then he pulled another around her leg taping it securely. He finished her legs. He stopped, stood up and kissed her, they held a long embrace, he pulled anther few sheets off the table, and pushed them between her legs, pulling them up and taping it around her waist. He added the last few layers; Emma was now wrapped tightly in a layer of fresh crisp broadsheet newspapers. She slid her hands over the sheets. Jamie undid his Robe, he had paper around his upper body and paper pants.



“You’re not finished” she said, and she proceeded to wrap Jamie’s feet and legs. They were both now wrapped. Emma grabbed Jamie and pulled him close, he grabbed her paper covered arse, and pinched, he thrust into her grinding up and down, it crinkled and crunched.



Just then unexpectedly Jane walked in, Emma, forgot and had left her with a room card. Jane was shocked. She came over to them, “what are you doing”



The pair of them grabbed Jane, and put her on the table. They stuffed a sheet in her mouth, and gagged her with another.  We’ll have to show you said Emma as she grabbed some sheets. They striped Jane and straight away wrapped her between the legs. They let her go and she lay there for a minute. She stood up, and removed the gag.” I need you to finish what you’ve started”, she said with a huge smile,” make it tight”. Emma and Jamie, started with her shoulders, completed tightly wrapping her all over, with several layers. Jamie led the two girls to the bedroom.



Their eyes lit up, the bed, the pillows and covers were covered with several layers of pink FT newspaper, and there were loose papers on the bed too. Jane  jumped onto the bed, immediately got a handful of newspaper and masturbated with it. Emma hugged Jamie closely and the two of them dropped onto the bed, it crunched beneath them. Emma grabbed Jamie’s large erect cock, and he started to rub her clit with his hand. He pushed her down into the paper and straddled her. His cock found its way into her with precision.



Before he could get going fully, Jane knelt behind him and wrapped a sheet around his head, and taped it tightly. She moved around him, ripped eye holes. He bent down to his wife and she kissed him, they pushed their tongues through the layers of paper. “Do me, Do me…” she said. Jane grabbed some sheets and wrapped Emma’s head. They kissed again, the feeling was immense, the smell the crunching crinkling. Jamie thrust into Emma slowly at first, building up rhythm. She felt every movement intensely, her hand grabbed at the paper and at Jamie’s body. The felling was awesome, she orgasmed  multiple  times. When Jamie had cum he lay on top of Emma, they kissed, and cuddled and crinkled and crunched



Jane  said “is it my turn yet”, Jamie replied “only once Clare and Mia  have joined us”……        

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