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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, Masturbation, Identified partner
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Location: An office
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
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I look down at my To Do list for the day and only one thing keeps standing out that. Every time I stare at it, my stomache lurches. 5. Call Jason, it says. 

Some of you remember Jason (see. Breaking her in). It's been over a year now and we have engaged in a D/s relationship all that time. I look out my office and see the usuall buzzing actions. I get up and close the door and walk back to my desk. Contract item number 9 - Ask your Dom for permission for all activities having to do with sub's body. I have to call him. I pick up the phone and dial his cell. I know he's at work, but my appointment is this afternoon.

"Hi, marie. What does my doll face need from me?"

"Jason, i need Your permission."

"I'm listening."

"i want to cut my hair." i say.

He asks me a string a questions. How short? What style? What salon? Etc.

"Shoulder length, layered, at New Image." There's a long drawn out silence and he finally says, "Okay."

"May i also get highlights?"

"NO! I want your hair to stay dark brown."

"Yes, Sir" i concede.

"Marie, did you follow your assignment?"

I cringe knowing what he's talking about. "Yes, Sir i did."

"How does it feel?"

I feel a flush go from my toes to head. "i've imagining Your cock in my ass all day, Sir. it's making me hot for You."

Last weekend Jason called me at my home and gave me an assignment to buy a butt plug and wear it Monday morning to work. I had to hold it in all day. To be lenient, he said it can be the smallest one. If I do well, I'll get promoted to the next size.

"That's My good girl. Can you talk longer?"

I get up and lock my office door and say, "Yes."

"I want you to roll up your sexy pinstripe. Skirt and tell Me what panties you are wearing." I do what he says and his commands are already making my pulse race.

"Sir instructs me to wear only silk, so i'm wearing the black ones You bought me."

"Very good, My pet. Now spread your legs open and massage your panties. Press agaisnt them as I would with My cock."

I do as he says and I close my eyes imaging Jason's massive body pressed to mine. He completely covers my 5'2 frame with his 6'5 one. I begin breathing heavy and I feel my panties getting moist. 

"Mmmm...I can tell your enjoying this. Now slip your finger in your pussy and tell me how wet you are for me."

I draw a deep breath in as I plunge my finger into the warm, wetness of my slit. "Oh, Jason, i'm dripping and my panties are completely soaked. It's deliciously warm and aching for Your thick cock."

"I'm sure it's very delicious, marie. Now cum for me."

I move my finger over my clit and start rubbing in a circular motion. I could never make myself cum on my own. I didn't know how until I met Jason. He showed me what I liked. My breathing became ragged as I rubbed my clit in small circles and then big ones. I felt my cunt getting wetter and it started to sop around.

"I want to push you down, marie, and tie you spread eagle. I want to clamp your tits..."

I reached up my shirt and pitched my nimple hard through my bra and gave a whimper.

"...yes, that's what I want!" he said, " I want to make you whimper like that and beg me to fuck you."

My hand was getting soaked as I vigorously rubbed my clit.

"Then when I ram my dick into your tight pussy, I'm going to hold it in there and make you beg for Me to do it again."

I imagined Jason's cock stretching me open and torturing me with it. I instinctively clenched my muscles together; mimicking the motion I do when I squeeze his cock. I started pumping my hips forward as if being rammed over and over again. Then I felt the tingling sensation start to build.

"Cum for me, marie." he commanded. "Cum for me and then cum all over my cock tonight."

The orgasm was powerful and I had to clamp my mouth shut so that I didn't alert anyone in the office of my activities. I spasmed and breathed 3 short breathes into the phone with each pulse that made my body convulse.

"That's My girl. I want to see you after work. Come wet and ready for Me."

With that he hung up the phone.  

I pulled up my panties and grabbed a Kleenex to wipe my hand.  I straightened myself up and I grabbed my To Do list and crossed out number 5 and wrote -  #9 Cancel hair appt and reschedule for tomorrow. #10 Call Husband and say it will be another late night at the office.


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