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Categories: Being Taped, Anal Sex, The Audience / Voyeur
Tags: stranger sniffing park orgasm thrusting
Location: A park
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

I followed you down the dark streets, turning where you turned, hoping I was going to be able to find my way back later.  It is late and the bar had done last call 20 minutes ago.

You finally pulled over and I parked behind you and turned off the car.  I got out and walked toward you and you took my hand, leading me into the park and over to the bench.  We were both so hot but nowhere near either of our houses, and you said you knew someplace we could go.

The park was right across the street from a bunch of houses, but there was no lights on and it was late.  You pulled me close for a kiss, reaching down under my skirt and grabbing my ass with your hands, squeezing my ass cheeks with your hands as you rubbed against me, your dick letting me know in no uncertain terms you wanted me. 

You slowly walked me backwards until the back of my knees were against the bench, before pulling away.  You hiked my skirt up around my hips, turned my back to you and pushed me onto the bench, spreading my knees wide and pushing me up against the back of the bench. 

I felt your finger push my thong to the side and then slide up and down my wet pussy, making sure I was ready for you.

You grab my arms, pulling them behind my back, making me lean up against the bench.  You reach down, pulling my shirt up and un-do my bra, letting my breasts loose and scoot me forward so my breasts are hanging free over the back of the bench.  Bending forward like this, with my arms behind my back pushes my ass back toward you and you spend a few minutes rubbing your hands up and down my ass cheeks, massaging them and sliding a finger into my pussy. 

I moan and beg you to fuck me.  You laugh and tell me to slow down.  I am shaking I want you so badly. Holding my wrists with your hand, you kiss my lower back and slid your tongue up and down the crack of my ass, slowly ringing my asshole before you bend down and lick my pussy.  I am moaning and begging you to stick your dick in me but you just laugh again.

After several minutes of your attentions to my ass, you finally pull my knees back to the edge of the bench, spreading them wide, and asking how much I really wanted you. 

You tell me to tell you how much I want you.  I moan and say I want you so badly. You ask me how badly. I tell you I want you so much I would do anything you wanted.  You tell me to open my eyes and look at the man who is watching us.  I am startled and open my eyes to see a man who was out walking his dog standing in the shadow of the tree watching us.

“If I tell you to suck his dick, would you do it for me” you ask.  I don’t answer and you say, “I guess you don’t really want me that badly then,” as you play with one of my nipples and slid your finger slowly in and out of my pussy.

“Yes, yes I do want you,” I reply, “but I don’t want to suck a strangers dick”. 

“Hey man,” you say, “what’s your name?”

“Uh, Zac” he says. 

“And what’s your dog’s name?” you ask.

“Uh, this is Bruiser” he replies.

“ You want some of this?” you ask him.

“Uh” he stutters, “Uh, yeah.”

“Boo, this is Zac and Bruiser, say hello, now they’re not strangers.”

During this whole exchange you have been rubbing your finger up and down my pussy, every once in awhile slipping a finger inside me, pressing against the inside of my pussy and rubbing your hands lightly against my tight hard nipples.

“Hi,” I gasp as you pinch my nipple between your fingers.

“Now be polite and ask Zac what he would like to do to you .”

You have me on the edge of an orgasm and I would promise you anything at this point.

“Uh Zac,” I moan,” what would you like to do to me?”

He walks closer to us and I can see the bulge in the front of his pants in the lights from the houses across the street.

“Um,” he says a bit nervously, “I can do anything I want?”

You tell him I am all his and he can do whatever he wants with me.  You had told me that you really wanted to watch me fuck another man, but I thought it was just something abstract, not something you were actually serious about having me do.

I look at you and see the gleam in your eye and can tell that you are really getting hot thinking about watching Zac fuck me, so I look back at Zac and nod my acceptance of your comment.

Zac walks around the bench and you move to the side to allow him access to me.  He stands behind me leans forward grabbing a breast with each hand and he starts massaging them and playing with my nipples.  He spends several minutes doing this before he reaches his hand between my legs and slides a couple of his fingers inside my pussy getting my juices all over his fingers.  He gets his fingers all wet with my juices before grabbing my hair and pulling my head back, sticking the fingers he pulled out of my pussy into my mouth and telling me to suck them.  I suck and lick my juices off his fingers and look at you watching us.  You have your dick in your hand and you are slowly sliding it up and down your shaft as you watch us.  Zac dips his fingers back into my pussy, getting them wet again and then he pulls them out and rubs them around my asshole, getting it nice and wet, before he slides a finger inside my ass and rubs my juices all up into me.  He pulls me off the bench and turns me around so I am facing you as he sits down on the bench behind me.  He pulls me back towards him, having me straddle his legs.  He pulls me down onto his lap, placing the head of his dick against my ass and slowly working me down onto it until it is buried in my ass up to the hilt.  He then grabs my thighs and pulls them up so my legs are bent and my feet are on the bench. 

You have your phone out and you start to record the show as your hand is sliding faster and faster up and down your dick.

Zac places his hands under my thighs and raises me up and down on his dick, sliding it in and out of my ass. My knees are up and spread wide as he is fucking my ass.  Feeling his dick in me and watching you record me fucking him is turning me on so fucking much it is unbelievable!

Zac is sliding me up and down his pole and I reach down to play with my pussy when he reaches over and pushes my hand away. 

“Bruiser!” he calls and the dog walks over to us.  “Bruiser, get the pussy Bruiser, get the pussy!”  Bruiser immediately sticks his nose right into my pussy and starts to lick it like he’s drinking water out of a water bowl.

“OH FUCK!” I hear you say, your voice strangled.  “Oh my fucking god, that is so incredibly fucking HOT!” 

“Get the pussy, Bruiser, get the pussy” Zac says again, and Bruiser shoves his nose into my pussy and moves it in and out as he continues licking me like he hasn’t had water for days.  Zac is really pumping my ass at this point and I am moaning and grinding my ass against his dick and thrusting my pussy at Bruiser at the same time.

Zac grabs my arms and pulls them behind me and them pulls me back against him trapping my arms between our bodies.

“Bruiser, mount, mount Bruiser” Zac says, and at that command, Bruiser jumps up and places his front paws on either side of me and walks forward on his hinds legs until he is against me and then Bruiser is humping against me and I feel his penis stabbing against me, trying to find its way inside my pussy.  He finally hits his target and suddenly I have Bruisers penis in my pussy and Zac’s in my ass. 

“Oh my fucking shit!” I hear you say, “I don’t fucking believe this!” and then you are shoving your phone in close trying to get it all on video.

The orgasm rips through me and I hear him tell Bruiser to dismount.   Zac lifts me off of his dick and as my pussy is still pulsing, he pushes me onto my knees and sprays his load all over my face. 

Once I’ve caught my breath, you help me to my feet and tell me that’s the most incredible thing you’ve ever seen.  Tiredly I smile at you and then we head home to fall into bed.

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