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A Party of Sex

Coming home from a day's work, I was curious, as to the number of cars ,in front of my house. As I opened the front door, I was surprised to see five of my wife's closest friends sitting in my living room. All of them grinning and staring at me as I walked in.

"Is this a book club or a Tupperware party?" I asked.

"Neither," said a strange woman, I did not recognize, as she entered from the kitchen.

"Zis is a learning party," she replied in a German accent.

"What are we learning?" I asked.

"Umm, Honey, this is Frau Mueller, she is here to teach wives to get the best out of their husbands," my wife said.

"You, are going to join us this evening, Herr Brinkman," said Frau Mueller.

"Wait a minute, I didn't sign up, for some hen party," I protested.

Starting to walk away, seven women surrounded me with angry looks on their faces. Suddenly I heard a zizzzt and I blacked out for a couple minutes.

When I woke up, I found myself naked and tied to my own dining room table. The women had removed the middle leaf so that my genitals hung below the top of the table.

All seven women surrounded the table, like students attending a science project.

"Anna, what the fuck are you letting these bitches do to me?" I demanded.

"Kerwhack, kerwhack, kerwhack," Three agonizing blows were landed on my bared ass.

"Aaaarrrrgggg," I screamed out.

"You, Herr Brinkman, vill not speak, until you are asked a question, is that clear?" Frau Mueller said.

"Yes," I managed in an angry voice.

"Kerwhack, kerwhack, kerwhack," again, snapped on my butt, as I screamed out in agony.

"You vill also speak respectfully to your superior gender, is that understood?" she asked.

I just nodded my head ,"yes."

Frau Mueller ,is about 45 years of age, while the rest of the women in the room are in their early 30s. This older woman apparently had control of this crowd.

She is clearly Teutonic, with her blue eyes and blonde hair ,still a fine figure of a woman for her age, but a real bitch.

"Tell us about this husband of yours, Anna," she asked.

"Well, he is very selfish, he leaves his clothes lying around. He never puts the lids back on anything in the kitchen. He leaves half eaten food all over, and sex is 3 minutes tops, a squirt and off to sleep," Anna explained.

I started to speak, and Frau Mueller raised the cane again. Seeing the wicked thing I shut up quickly.

"A husband like zis, is vorthless to have around," Frau said. "A man like zis needs to be kicked out or trained to be a good husband."

One of the other women spoke up,"isn't there something else that can be done, like counseling?"

"Vell, there is one other thing," Frau Mueller reached under the table and grabbed my testicles. "Zeez can be cut off," she explained.

Some of the women gasped, some giggled, I thought I might throw up.

"Lets just train this one," Anna spoke up.

"A man needs to know who is in charge ladies," Frau Mueller said. "You make him learn it the hard way, by punishment." "He needs to be spanked, whipped, paddled and strapped several times a day till he respects, and obeys you."

"After that, you can limit the beatings to correction for wrong doing or for your own pleasure," she confirmed.

Frau Mueller passed out whips, paddles and crops to each woman there and were told them to practice on my ass! They did so and the pain was soon over whelming.

"Ladies, I need a volunteer," Frau Mueller exclaimed.

Anna's friend ,Ashlin raised her hand.

"A man will sometimes velcome more punishment, if a little pleasure is given during the pain, " Frau Mueller said.

She instructed Ashlin to go under the table and touch my cock and balls, and to kiss and lick them if needed, to get me erect.

"Do not, let him cum, if it looks like he is close, stop at once,"she ordered.

Ashlin did as she was instructed and began to massage my junk. Anna was not real thrilled about it and landed 3 severe blows to my ass. The women continued to whip my ass and thighs till I thought I could take no more.

Finally, Frau Mueller ,ceased the punishment. "It is time to make him learn to pleasure a woman now," she said.

Four women went to each corner of the table and untied the ropes from it. With them still attached to me they made me walk in and lay face up on the living room floor.

Frau Mueller removed her skirt and panties, and squatting down, she straddled my head forcing her pussy to my mouth.

"Anna, please use the crop on his testicles if he refuses to service me," Frau Mueller said.

I heard her demand, and started kissing, and licking the female parts. The taste was strong, and was a little unpleasant, but the thought of having my nuts whipped ,overcame the pungent taste.

"You can do better than that Herr Brinkman," she chided.

I raised my level of attention, and licked her with more fervently, moaning and breathing heavily, while I serviced her cunt. Her breathing increased and her moaning grew louder as she finally shuddered and yelled out in pleasure. My tonguing continued and was rewarded with ample fluids that spilled onto my face.

When Frau Mueller caught her breath, she said," your husbands should be bringing you to such heights of arousal, also ladies!" "If not, why keep such a man around, his duty should be to please you."

Frau Mueller rose up and stepped away. "Who's next?" she asked.

"I am," said Anna.

She removed her jeans and panties, and took up the same position that Frau Mueller had vacated. It had been literally years since I had pleasured her in this manner. I felt shame over come me, as I gently kissed and licked the sweet slit.

Nibbling on her labias, I caressed her inner lips with my tongue. Moaning and giving low (yummy sounds) I continued to pleasure my wife.

Her response was soon evident as her own sounds burst forth. She rocked slightly to match the rhythm of my licking. The rocking grew stronger as the orgasm flowed throughout her body.

Removing her shirt and bra, she motioned for the two ladies restraining my wrists to free them. I reached up and gently rubbed her nipples as I licked and her body tensed. Another sweet cum enveloped her being and she squealed in delight, at the sensations.

My cock was at full salute, as Anna left my mouth to finish her thrill ride on the turgid member. Impaling herself on my cock she grunted in delight at the filling of her pussy.

Bouncing up and down, she leaned back and her G-spot rubbed on my pecker to bring her to another ecstatic series of cums. I filled her with my seed at about the same time as her final orgasm.

Anna rolled off giggling ,and laughing out loud, giddy with the feelings she experienced.

The astute women holding my arms pulled tight again at the request of Frau Mueller. The next lady took her position and I was reluctant to service her. A hard snap of the crop to my thigh, less than an inch from my balls, refocused my obedience.

I pleasured this women, as I had the previous two and obtained the same results, a happy and satisfied female. Anna was not going to allow the other ladies to enjoy my cock, however.

"That cock is my property," she exclaimed. "and I don't share well with others."

Each woman had a turn, even one that was six months pregnant. When she straddled my face for service , I was strangely aroused. Her belly hung over me blocking the view of her tits, but I was intrigued by her large lump. I started my tonguing and Amanda suddenly said," Frau Mueller, I have to pee, I'm sorry."

"Das ist gut!" Frau Mueller exclaimed. "Nothing makes a man more humble than to drink a woman’s piss!"

I thought,"what the Hell will that Teutonic bitch, do to me next?"

"Ladies, this man is going to imbibe in Amanda's special brew, if he refuses or spills the precious liquid, we will whip his balls into pate'," she emphatically said.

I took careful attention to her words and determined that I would be obedient.

Widely opening my mouth, I sealed my lips to hers. The pee was at first, a trickle, then a torrent, as I struggled to swallow her gushes. The warm salty fluid was making me gag, but I resisted the impulse and consumed the foul fluid.

Swallowing the last few drops that dripped from her hole, I went to work and pleasured her distended snatch. She was quite a mouth full and I had to cover much more territory, than the other women. Soon, though she was huffing and puffing her way to a screaming orgasm also.

When she arose, with the help of her kinky sisters in crime, I just lay exhausted.

Frau Mueller bent down and asked me,"did you learn anything here, tonight, Herr Brinkman?"

"Yes, if there are a group of women in your living room when you get home, run for it!" I remarked.

My insolence brought a cruel response as she whipped my thighs ten strokes and three on my pecker.

"Now, do you think you can give me a respectful, and truthful answer, or shall we play a little rougher?" she coldly asked.

"No.no ,no," I responded. "I'll be respectful, Frau." "I have learned that I have been selfish and neglectful of my wife's needs," I admitted.

"Vill, you submit to her discipline and give her the respect she rightfully deserves?" she demanded.

"Yes, I will, I need to change my attitude, and be a good husband to her," I confessed.

I saw a couple of tears well up in my dear wife's eyes as I spoke.

"You vill keep, your vord, or I vill be back with zis," she held up a stun gun and she snapped it to make her point. The zizzzt, sound it, made chilled me to the bone.

"I vill also leave Anna the implements of discipline, to keep you in line," she said adamantly.

"So, Herr Brinkman, will you obey your wife, or shall we schedule another "party?" she asked with an evil grin.

"I think we can handle it from here," I said as I rose up and put a loving arm around Anna.

Each woman lined up and kissed me, thanking me for my exquisite, though forced pleasuring. When all our guests had left I turned to my wife and thanked her for opening my blinded eyes to the blight in our marriage.

She kissed me, and said,"well tomorrow, you will see my list of chores!" "I hope you don't fall back to your old attitude, or it may need some adjustment," she sternly added ,while tapping the crop onto the table.

"I think ,I could get use to being the superior gender!" she exclaimed.

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