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  By: kaywhyjay2  Age: 59  Country: Australia

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Categories: Masturbation, Oral Sex, Steady Partner, Cyber Sex
Location: My House
Roleplay: Doctor/Nurse/Patient
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Romantic
Enter your story here... I lke to perform oral sex om my g/f at every opportunity She has a beautiful body and a perfect pussy. She keeps her pussy smooth and hair free the way we both like it. She wears skimpy lacey panties that are easy for me to slip my fingers under to feel her warm damp pussy.
She loves it when my soft tongue stays on her clit keeping her "on the edge" Her pussy juices taste delicious and the longer my tongue is on her clit the more warm creamy juices she produces. She also likes to take hold of my cock head and rub it up and down her swollen pussy lips. She responses to whispered words like "slippery and wet" then as she gets closer to orgasm she aims my cock into her pussy and I feel the contarction of her pussy muscles as she orgasms. Naturally I cannot hold back and my cock starts to twitch as I spurt my hot creamy cum into her waiting pussy and all over her pussy lips. I  love to watch her massage my hot cum over her swollen pussy lips, and rub some on her clitty too.

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