Alone with my thoughts, and fingers   added 3 years ago
  By: WalkingInTheRain  Age: 28  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Masturbation
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Location: My House
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I'm home alone, it's a little past midnight. The house is silent and peaceful but no matter what i do i can't stop myself thinking about sex. Keep seeing ad's pop up everywhere for porn and dating so i try to watch TV instead and relax for a bit, but then there's an intimate scene of a man massaging a woman and it makes my skin hot and my heart race imagining his hands on me. He runs them all over her oily body and i cant help but touch myself in the same way. My skin is soft and it tickles as i caress myself. I watch his toned body and the way he leans over her and imagine it's me and he's leaning close rubbing down my chest over my stomach and down forcefully between my legs.


I slip a hand under my panties and am surprised at how wet i am, i need a man inside me so badly. Suddenly i start  imagining he's massaging me with his cock, rubbing it all over my wet pussy. I run my fingers down my lips teasing at my hole pretending it's the tip of his cock. I'm slippery wet and i rub up and down between my clit and dripping entrance as i think about his hard length parting my lips.


My clit is swollen and hard, it's hot and throbbing under my touch. I rub it harder andfaster, moving it round in a circle. I start to moan and my legs spread wider apart, i can feel my juices flowing as i rub slowly but frocefully up and down my whole pussy. I need a big hard dick inside me so bad.

I spread my legs as far as i can and slip two fingers deep into my pussy as i picture him entering me, in one long stride, balls deep as he buries himself inside me. I push my fingers as deep as they will go, i let out a loud moan and force my body down onto them more. I keep them there for a minute and feel my tight warm cunt spasm around them and rub my clit with other hand. I begin to thrust my fingers in and out of my pussy as if they were his long shaft fucking the hell out of me. Then i rub my g spot pushing it hard up behind my clit and rub my clit faster as i imagine him shooting his warm load inside of me i feel my pussy tighten and my juices run fast as i shake and release my orgasm.

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