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her name was Melissa, she was my first real love. We were both young and foolish at the time and I guess it was worth it considering everything that happened between us. She was very short and only came up to my chest, she was born blonde but changed it often. The most important aspect of this story is that she lived In another state across the country.

This didn't stop us from video calling and showing each other how much we wanted each other right then and there. We talked and talked for about hot, passionate, sex and making love to each other.

when I finally got the funds together to bring her to town she literally was so happy we would see each other again for the third time. and considering all the video talks we had, things were going to get very nice when she arrived.

I picked her up from the airport and we hugged and kissed immediately. On the way back home she told me "I love you john, and no matter what I am going to get you tonight" she flashed a smile and a seductive wink while I was trying to hide the python now growing in my pants.

we got out of the car after we arrived and I showed her to the house and we were bringing her bags in when I tripped on my staircase, and out popped all kinds of "bedroom wear" and even a couple toys. I looked at her and she said she wanted her first time to be special. 

I was surprised to know she was a virgin, we talked about sex and after we packed up her suitcase again I felt more turned on then ever.

I led her out to the back porch and we made out while I got on top of her and dry humped her. she said "Johnny your so controlling"

I didn't care right now I wanted to get off inside her pussy. I ripped off my pants and she looked at my cock with unmistakable desire. She looked back up and said "it's so...big..."

she then got off the porch swing and started to suck my cock on her knees. she licked it after each stroke she made. it felt so good and I groaned while she took off my shirt. she began to feel my chest and rubbed my abs. she then whispered
"I wanna feel it inside me John..."
"ok, i love you"
"I love you too Melissa"

we kissed and she bent over and started swanky her ass back and forth, I grabbed it and slowly stuck 8 inches of manhood into her; she bucked and squirmed while it was inside her.
"melissa your so fucking tight!"
she moaned and said 
"that's cuz I've waited for a man who can fuck my pussy till I cum all over and I can't walk!"

we made love 10 times that weekend alone. By the end of the week we loved each other so much and even after she left I got her a special toy that was made exactly after my own rate and comment ;)

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