Seeing my wife pleasured by another man   added 3 years ago
  By: bluechrome71  Age: 44  Country: United States

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I have always fantasized often about watching my wife having sex with another man. The thought of seeing her pleasured by another is so incredibly erotic to me.

It's not even a cuckolding or humiliation thing for me. I have no desire to hear her scream how much bigger his cock is than mine or what a better fuck he is than I am, I simply want to see her feeling sexually free, enjoying the body of another as she allows him to pleasure her, and also to see him taking so much pleasure from my beautiful wife.

 The image of seeing her naked with him as he caresses her smooth sexy body, cradling her gorgeous breasts in his hands and savoring the sight of her nakedness which was once only meant for me, arouses me in ways I can't describe.

The moment I wait for most is the exact instant his penis first begins to penetrate her pussy. I would love it if she had her head turned to the side, looking at me, smiling warmly and lovingly as he positioned himself above her, rubbing his cock between her legs, and then slowly began to push it into her. To see her eyes squeeze shut tight, biting her bottom lip and hissing softly as she feels him gliding into her, knowing that she's got another man inside her now would be so incredible. 

I crave hearing her orgasm that is given to her by another. Would she sound the same? Would it be different? I don't know but I would love to be across the room, yet hearing her screaming out "OH GOD YES FUCK ME!" as I watch him pumping her to climax. 

I've even fantasized a number of times about her cheating on me. Perhaps being out of town on business and ending up with a handsome stranger in her hotel room. While I would be devastated if she ever did this for real, for some reason the mental image of it really excites me. 

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