Will it happen again?   added 3 years ago
  By: jayjay  Age: 32  Country: Italy

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Categories: Anonymity, Force/Rape
Tags: shower erotic
Location: The beach
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: Share it only
Nature: Romantic

This is what happened about ten years ago, when I was 19. Now I still think about it a lot and fantasize it will happen again.


Our Italian family visited the west coast of France for a week in the summer of 2002. My parents rented a house in Deauville, in Normandy and it was big enough so my dad suggested I'd take my boyfriend of that time with us.


Now my parents weren't narrow minded and they knew my boyfriend sneaked in my room once in a while…


On a beautiful day we all went the beach and we had one of the famous beach huts at the even more famous Promenade des Planches, a boardwalk as at the Americans name it.


After a great day I went in the hut, closed the door and started to take my swimsuit off. I took a shower and when I dried myself I suddenly felt - from behind - hands on my breasts and a voice that said: 'ssst, be quit and nothing will happen to you except that I going to fuck you.'


I thought - and why not  - that it was my boyfriend and got immediately wet. 'Paolo!', I said laughing.


But when he entered me, I felt right away that it was not Paolo. He had a bigger cock, acted much more mature. I still hesitated, but then I heard Paolo laughing - outside.


Whoever he was, he bend me forward and I leant on the table, while was fucked as I was never fucked before.He held a hand on my head so I could not see who he was.


And I couldn't even care! It as so good!


I felt how an orgasm hit me. And then another one. He fucked me so hard, so intense.


His cum filled me and then it was quite.


He said: 'Don't turn around, count to ten and I will be gone. Bye sweet girl.' He kissed me in my neck and the hut was empty. Of course I did not tell what happened, until now that I share it with you, dear readers.


Again, after ten years I still think about it and when I take a shower on a warm summer day I hope he will return. That must be why I on days like these I never lock the bathroom…




Jay Jay

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