Caught in the act   added 3 years ago
  By: aussiemerk  Age: 41  Country: Australia

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So it’s a Thursday night I’ve dropped my son off for sports at the local center. I’ve only got an hour and a half to burn so it’s really not worth going home and coming back. So as usual I’m sitting in the car at the outskirts of the parking lot. The spot I am in is a ways away from where everyone else parks. Except for one SUV that has parked right next to me. I watched as one of the mothers takes her son into the sporting area.

Alone again I grab my iPad and start looking at one of my favorite porn sites. It’s been a few days since the last time I had sex, so before long I have a raging erection straining the fabric of the g-string I have on. I’m watching this girl on the site mastrubating while fucking her ass with a dildo.

My mouth is getting dry, my balls are aching, I can feel every beat of my heart throbbing in my cock. The girl on my screen crams her fingers deep into her pussy, then licks them.

I can’t bear it any longer. I have a quick look around and the parking lot is empty. Quickly I unzip my pants and shove my hand down the front. I squeeze my cock hard. I rub the head through the thin fabric. God it feels so good. I’m oozing precum all over my fingers.

I look back to the screen and see the girl fucking her ass hard. My breathing is fast as i pull my hand out of the front of my pants. Slowly I lick my precum from my hand. The salty taste drives me further over the edge.

I reach back into my pants, pulling the fabric of my g-string to the side. The fabric pulls hard between my ass cheeks, my cock jumps free of it’s prison.

I throw one leg over the console, spreading my legs wide. One hand is wrapped around my cock, stroking gently, the other is caressing my clean shaved balls. I throw my head back and close my eyes, enjoying the feeling of slowly getting myself off.

Then I’m brought back to reality in a moment as my car door opens. The other mother is standing there, having returned from dropping her son off and has seen me there in the car getting myself off. She stands there for a moment giving me a stern look. Then quickly she grabbs at my waist, roughly undoing my belt and opening my pants the rest of the way. She roughly grabs my cock and wraps her lips around it. I’m hard in an instant. Looking down she is squatting, and had her other hand jammed up under her skirt rubbing herself madly.

“Fuck... I’m about to cum.” I say, giving her fair warning. She grabbs the base of my cock roughly and pulls her lips back so that she has just the head of my cock in her mouth, then she gerks me roughly. “uggggg” I moan and I fill her mouth with a massive load of cum.

She swallows every drop, wiping the last drops up with her fingers and then licking them clean as well.

“I’ve watched you week after week sitting here watching your porn video’s.” she said to me. “It always get’s me so fucking hot... today I saw you here and I couldn’t help it.”

I got out of my car, and then moved her towards the seat where I was sitting. Once she sat down I grabbed her underwear roughly and pulled it down off of her. She was dripping wet. I buried my face in her clit, licking madly at every fold. She arched her back a bit, exposing her open dripping hole. I shoved a finger into her as deep as I could, finger fucking her wildly while licked.


“More” she moaned, so I changed to two fingers.

“More” she ordered, more forcibly, so I changed over to three fingers. Her opening was stretched, but she kept arching and thrusting herself, impaling herself further on me. I could feel her muscles clenching around me so I fucked her pussy harder and faster. The she exploded in an orgasm.

She caught her breath, then got up, grabbed her underwear and shoved it into her purse, then went inside. As she was leaving she looked back and said “I'm Jen, and I'll see you next week.” with a wink.


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