"A little Revenge/Aunt's Surprise" 2 Newspaper Fetish Fantasies   added 3 years ago
  By: paperman83  Age: 32  Country: United States

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Categories: Masturbation, Identified partner, The Fetishists, The Audience / Voyeur
Tags: Performance revenge newspaper fetish
Location: A bed
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
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I don’t know how to make a story out of these two fantasies, or at least one of them.  The first fantasy is a revenge plot, while the second fantasy is actually a kinky one.  So since I can’t really think of a way to story plot them, I’ll just tell you about it, as if I were expressing these fantasies. 

My first fantasy begins with a revenge plot.  The reasons for revenge are sort of long and too private to explain, so I’ll keep it short and sweet.  My girlfriend’s mom and I were cool with each other for the first year or so, but things changed, once my girlfriend and I got our own apartment together.  A few situations had happened and her mother’s true colors came out.  Tensions had risen and respect was lost on both ends.  Since then, things had died down, but my respect for her mother won’t be regained as easily.  I am a respectable guy, which is why I would never plot revenge against anyone.  But I can’t say I didn’t think about it.  So I left it to fantasy.  Here goes!

First in my plot would be to scrape up enough money to buy a large stack of newspapers.  I’m talking about my local newspaper, my favorite newspaper from where I used to live, any surrounding area’s newspapers, basically every newspaper I could find on the rack!  The more, the merrier!  “Hot off the press and ready to play with!” I’d say to myself.  Secondly, I’d go to her mother’s house, when no one is home and head straight to her room and shut the door.  Her bed is big, so I know I’ll need a lot of newspaper to cover it.  At this point, I wonder if filming myself in the act and making a DVD copy to leave for her to watch would add to the excitement, or only cause embarrassment and controversy.  So I’d skip out on filming for this one.  Finally, I’d drop all of my clothes and lay naked on her bed.  The newspapers crinkling as they cling to my backside.  I would grab a pile of newspapers and toss them into the air above me and watch them fall all over me and around me.  I would grab my favorite newspaper and wrap it around my face, taking in the beautiful scent of the pages.  My cock is already hard enough that by now, I feel it is about to explode.  I would wrap a single newspaper sheet around my hard cock and slowly masturbate myself.  I’m just buying some time before her mother gets home.  I would pleasure my cock so good with the newspaper, till the point where I was close to squirting my cum.  Then I would stand to my feet on the end of the bed and complete myself all over the newspaper on her bed.  I would ejaculate all over the newspapers covering her pillows and let it drip down over the side that she sleeps on.  At this point, I don’t have much time to get a few more ejaculations in to add to the surprise, so one hot load of sperm would have to do.  I would leave a minute before she was coming around the corner.  She would park her car in the garage, walk up the steps and enter the house.  She would walk to her room and open the door.  I fantasize her first words to be “What the fuck!”.  But the best part of the fantasy is when she investigates the wet spots on the newspaper covering her pillow.  She would get her nose close enough to smell my sperm.  Then she would have to clean all of it off of her bed.  I’m sure she would figure it out that it was me, because I’m the only one who reads the newspaper.  But she will always have the image of my sperm covered newspapers all over her bed! 

Now, my second fantasy actually includes the mother’s sister.  My girlfriend’s aunt.  She’s 70 years old, but looks much younger.  She reads the newspaper a lot, so we get along very well, when discussing newspaper articles.  She’s a nice lady who’s single and might even appreciate me introducing her to the small world of newspaper fetish.  I guess I fantasize about it, because she’s older and mature and seems to have that, “what ever floats your boat” sense of personality.  I would still have to have my girlfriend’s permission and a STRONG trust that what I would show her aunt would stay strictly between us three.  I would have my girlfriend sit down with her aunt, while I am outside mowing her yard.  My girlfriend would start with asking her for a favor, but expressing that it has to remain confidential.  She would explain
that the favor would involve sexual content and all her aunt would have to do is watch.  Lastly explaining that it is a fantasy of mine that includes her.  I would finish mowing the lawn and would come in the house.  I would ask if I could take a shower at her place and ask them to wait for me in the bedroom.  My girlfriend would carry her purse with her as her and her aunt would head upstairs and wait. 

Once my shower is done, I would grab a towel and head straight to the bedroom.  I would sit on the bed with the towel covering my cock and explain a few things about the fantasy.  But just enough that she doesn’t know about the newspapers, yet.  I would mention that I have a fetish that I think she would like to see and appreciate.  I would tell her that her main involvement is to watch me perform my fetish for her, but if she wants, she can join me.  It is strictly masturbation.  She would agree, though many questions would run through her mind as to what I am about to show her.  I would stand to my feet and allow the towel to drop to the floor, revealing my naked and still partially wet body.  My penis is dry, so I would add some moisturizer to prevent any case of friction.  Once the moisturizer has dried and my cock is hard and smooth, I would reach for the newspaper in my girlfriend’s bag.  At this point, her aunt is probably wondering if my fetish is for reading the newspaper in the nude.  Her possible confusion would kick in, when I proceed to cover her bed with newspapers.  I would lay down upon them, as I do by myself and place a full sheet of newspaper over my chest.  I have to fold the top of the newspaper across, since the page is a bit larger than my torso is.  Then placing my arms over the sides, so that the newspaper wraps around me, I begin to take a single sheet of newspaper and spank my hard cock with it.  Then gently, I would run the paper up and down the front, back and sides of my cock.  This would add to her aunt’s curiosity of what I’m about to do next.  I would then, grope the newspaper into my “man boobs”, till my nipples hardened, while I continue to tease my cock with the newspaper.  As her aunt would stare upon me with excitement, I would finally place the newspaper around my cock and masturbate with it.  I can imagine her aunt’s eyes growing wider to the sight of my actions.  After a little while, my girlfriend would give her permission to sit beside me and even take part in the fantasy, by grabbing my cock and masturbating me with the newspaper.  “You have to have a firm grip, so that the newspaper doesn’t slide against the skin. Think of the newspaper and my cock being one object and allow the skin to move with the newspaper.” I explain to her, so she doesn’t cause injury.  With my experience, I’ve learned to prevent such injuries.  I prefer single sheets with the crease wrapped around the base of the penis.  One hand inside the sheet with firm grip and gentle masturbation. 

Her aunt does as I explain and her expression is of complete enjoyment.  She even says that she would consider allowing me to do the same to her if I want.  I say okay and take over from there.  I would finish myself and lay there for a moment, before asking her aunt what her thoughts were.  Her aunt would say that she never thought about newspapers in a sexual way, but she would joke by saying that my fetish can be added to the list of many uses for newspapers.  We would laugh and she would ask for me to do her.  She would stand to her feet and take off all of her clothes.  Then she would lay down upon the newspapers on the bed.  I would lay at her side and start with the newspaper across her chest.  I would motion her to cup her breast with one hand and use a folded sheet of newspaper to tease and play with her pussy.  She would do so, feeling the pleasures for herself.  Then after awhile, I would take over by having her use both hands to grope her breasts, while I played with her pussy for awhile.  I would slide, swat, slide, swat, slide and then cupping the newspaper tightly around her pussy, I would use one finger to tease her pussy lips and clit through the newspaper.  After awhile, my girlfriend would give me permission to finish her.  I would politely ask her aunt if she would accept my cock inside her.  And at this point, I would slowly bring her to climax, before having her finish.  I would pull out and finish myself on to the newspaper covering her chest.           

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