The gay sex I\'d been waiting for   added 3 years ago
  By: Clarkee  Age: 38  Country: United Kingdom

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Location: A bed
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Nature: Romantic
I am a heterosexual male with a long-term girlfriend, but I do have an interest in sex with another man. I'd never done this before, but had cultivated on-line relationships with a couple of guys. We'd have chat sessions in which they'd tell me what they'd like to do to my tight arse and hard cock while I wanked furiously. There was usually some talk of meeting up and fucking each other, but so far my nerves had got the better of me and so I had never gone that far, and I assumed I never would.

On this particular Friday night my girlfriend was away visiting her parents. I liked such evenings, because, although I loved fucking her, sometimes I liked to masturbate while watching porn and stretching my arse around the larger of her collection of dildos. I'd checked in with my online buddies but since no-one was around I got started by myself. I watched porn and wanked, lubricating my arse with the slippery pre-cum produced by my cock, then when it was wet enough I fetched the dildos, and begin sliding them into my arse, getting gradually bigger and bigger, until it felt completely full. I was really turned on, kneeling on the floor with my girl's rampant rabbit thruster stretching my arse out, it's thrusting mechanism working the dildo's head up and down inside me. My cock was hard, and I was close to coming when I heard the "ping" sound of someone signing in. It was Dan, a guy I'd been chatting with for about 4 months, and who I probably talked to the most. He was in the same position as me, having a girlfriend of some years, and we'd swapped some pictures - he had sent me some amazing images of his hard cock, and as soon as I saw it I wanted it in my arse. He even sent me a video of himself fucking his girlfriend - she had a lovely pussy, but it was his dick I'd watch as it slid in and out of her hairy cunt.

We started chatting, and I told him what I was doing, at which point he got noticably turned on - his girlfriend was out for the night, he said, and wouldn't be back til about 4 the next morning - he could come over now and take the place of that dildo. To my amazement, I said yes - I told him my address and within seconds he'd already logged off. He didn't live too far from me, so I knew that it wouldn't be long before he was here, fucking my arse as we had chatted about on numerous occasions.

Sure enough, after about 20 minutes there was a knock at the door - I opened it and there was Dan: I recognised him from the photos he had sent me. He smiled as he walked through the doorway and said "I've been waiting for this". No sooner had I closed the door than I was pulling off my trousers, exposing my hard cock and guiding Dan to the spare room where my computer is, still playing porn. He took his clothes off on the way, and we were both entirely naked by the time we got there. Dan's body was fantastic, he was tall, well defined, and good looking. I stared hungrily at his huge erect cock - it looked bigger in the flesh, wide although not overly long, and I took it in my hand, relishing the feel of his hard, hot shaft and wondering what it would feel like once I got it in my mouth. But Dan had other ideas, and he pushed me back onto the bed, climbing on top of me and kissing me, his tongue in my mouth while my cock got even harder. He shoved my legs right back, so that they were practically behind my ears, and pressed himself to me, and then I felt it: his cock nudging at the opening of my arse. I let out a moan. Because of the position my legs were in, my arse cheeks were wide open, my slippery hole wonderfully exposed, so the head of his dick rubbed up and down my entrance, the lube dripping from the end of his shaft mingling with the juices I'd applied earlier that evening, making it even wetter. He started making gentle but pronounced back and forth motions, so that now instead of rubbing up and down my arsehole, his shaft pressed against it; I felt my hole opening - actually, I felt my hole being PUSHED open, stretching around the swollen head of his advancing cock. He was kissing me passionately. With every small, slow thrust forward he made, his cock edged slightly deeper into my tight arse, opening it wider and wider. His thrusts were well judged, not too hard so that it hurt or felt uncomfortable, but just right to be able push his cock into me. It felt gorgeous, better than any dildo I'd slid up there, and by the time his helmet was all the way inside I was in heaven, and moaning "oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck" under my breath. Dan seemed similarly impressed, groaning as the first inch or so of his cock was squeezed by my arsehole. He now stopped his mini-thrusts - instead, he withdrew his cock almost all the way, and then began to push it, slowly but forcefully, all the way into me. His dick gradually worked it's way about six inches up my arse, and he was clearly loving it - as he got further up me and stretched my arsehole wider and wider, there was a look of great pleasure on his face. I too was loving every minute of the feeling of my arse being so full. His stiff cock slid into me with surprising ease, aided by my efforts with the dildo earlier on, and the generous quantites of lubrication that had been applied to the walls of my stretched hole. Once it was all the way in there, he pulled it nearly all the way out again - and then he started to fuck me. I was amazed at how easily his cock slid into my hole. He took it easy to start with, penetrating me fully but not applying too much force or speed. He was pulling almost all the way out with every stroke, letting my hole relax round his retreating penis, and then smoothly pushing it back in as far as he could get it. We fucked like that for some minutes, his lips on mine and my arse full up with his hot cock. He propped himself up with his arms outstretched, pushing my legs right back with his forearms so my feet were up in the air. He started picking up a bit more speed, entering me with more force. He looked down at me while he fucked me, making sure I was ok with it. My hands moved over his muscular body, caressing his chest. Every thrust elicited a moan of pleasure from me, and I craned my neck up so I could slide my tongue into his mouth. I could tell it turned him on and he fucked me with more vigour. He lay on top of me and kissed me while he pistoned his cock in and out of my arse. It was gorgeous - I held my arse checks open so he could get in deeper, and before long he was balls-deep inside me. He grunted as he pounded me, and I panted loudly as I finally got the gay fuck I'd been after for so long. I reached around and grabbed his arse, feeling it flex as his hips moved back and forth.

"God your arse is tight" he moaned, and he very deliberately withdrew his cock and forcefully squeezed it back in. My cock was rock hard, and now I reached down and started wanking it. Seeing me do this, Dan now changed positions so that he was upright - he continued penetrating my willing arse but now grabbed my cock and rubbed it as he fucked me. He pumped my shaft as he thrust in and out of me, sliding his nice thick cock into my wet, open arse. I started to feel my orgasm building. Before it came off though, Dan grunted, "I'm coming, I'm going to come in your arse". He started pounding my arse, slamming in and out of me, while I repeated, "yeah, fill me up, fill me up with your spunk". He gave out a moan and ejaculated into my arse; I could feel his cock shuddering inside me as he squirted his cream into my hole. He gave me a series of mini-thrusts as he emptied his cock into me, then withdrew, satisfied. I fingered the moist, open hole that his cock had left, relishing the wetness and feeling his spunk start to dribble out. I paused to rub it around my arse, but then I had a better idea. I scooped as much as I could out and rubbed it all over my cock, covering my hard shaft with his cream, then I said, "Kneel down for me". He realised what I was going to do, smiled, and eagerly knelt down on the floor, resting on the side of the bed, his arse slightly opened and exposed. I pushed two wet, spunky fingers into his arse, moving them in and out and making his hole as wet and slippy as I could. I could feel cum still dripping out of my arse - it felt insanely sexy and the feeling made my cock throb - so I pushed my fingers back up my widened arsehole and made them slick with the juice. I then slid them back into Dan's anus, transferring the spunk onto the walls of his tight hole. He moaned as I forced my knuckles passed his entrance, and said "God yeah, finger that arse". I could have done it all night, but I was desperate to get my cock into him. I positioned myself behind him and pressed my cock against his open hole. "Fuck me!" he ordered, and I obeyed: without ceremony, I plunged my slippery cock into his tight, wet arse....

More to come...

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