"Chinese News" A Newspaper Festish fantasy   added 3 years ago
  By: paperman83  Age: 32  Country: United States

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Sorry, I don’t have a story for you.  Instead, I thought I’d just take a few minutes to tell you about a moment I had about 3 years ago.  I was at work and part of my job was to bring used items in for resale and discard stuff that was unsellable.  As I wheeled bins out to big dumpsters, I thought to myself, “What a shame! I would have bought this/that”.  Grabbing and tossing, grabbing and tossing I worked to empty those bins. 

Then one day, my heart stopped.  Almost felt like love at first sight, but in a newspaper fetish way.  At the bottom of this bin, lay a small stack of newspapers.  So I picked them up and took a look!  Not American newspaper, though.  These newspapers were from China.  My eyes literately grew big, as I had never actually seen a Chinese newspaper, let alone hold one!  I couldn’t help myself.  I looked around the parking lot to make sure no one was watching me, then I placed the newspaper to my nose and I inhaled deeply.  The scent of this newspaper was amazing!  I wanted to bring them home with me and lay naked on top of them!  Just lay with them and hold them against my skin.  But due to policy, even discarded newspaper would be a “no no”. 

So, ever since, I have been day dreaming about the perfect Chinese newspaper.  One with no pictures, just symbol letters.  I can even imagine adding them to my home movies of me as I have my way with them.  I would use them as bed sheets, covering me from chest to toe.  Then, wrapping my face with a sheet and becoming intoxicated with every inhale.  Only teasing myself, as I sink my teeth into the newspaper, only to gently release it slowly from my clutches and ending with a gentle kiss of my wet lips.  Odd, yes I know!  But I get very feminine and seductive with my newspaper fetish.  I become “in the moment” with them, like someone would with a passionate fruit.  A strawberry would be my choice of passionate fruit and the enjoyment would be as graceful as my love for newspapers.  And I would enjoy them as I read and hold them next to my nakedness.  Caressing myself with the newspapers.  And in the morning, I’ll continue the erotic fantasy with a cup of coffee or tea.  Oh how lovely it would be to share this moment with someone special!  To finally find SOMEONE who truly feels the same kind of emotional thrill, when embracing newspapers the way I do.  I could only dream.

So I embrace newspapers like a sexual art.  Attach me to canvas and paste newspaper all over my naked body, then hang me up on a wall.  If only I were that open enough for the world to see.  I’d start a fetish club of all fetishists alike and reveal to them my secret, as if I no longer had to hide it anymore.  And each time, I’d come up with a fancy new way to display it.  Wearing newspaper costumes, posing for private pictures, joining orgies and wrapping up those guests who have never done such a thing, but have enough open mind to experience newspapers like I do.  That, for me, would be the ultimate orgasm. 

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