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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, Force/Rape, Oral Sex, Steady Partner, Anal Sex
Tags: deepthroat sucking teasing whip submissive pain
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Agressive
Enter your story here... This starts off with me going to a singles auction I heard about in the paper. I signed up to be on o the single ladies for the auction. I was my turn to be up for auction and it was said the was a absence bid on me. I was in shock I mean the only info that they had a head of time was my name and a few of my intersects.

The absence bid took me. I was told there was a car outside waiting for me. I grabbed my purse and headed outside. I was very nerves not knowing what or who the bidder was. A black car was outside waiting the windows were dark. The driver got out and opened the back door and said get in miss. As I sat down I could feel someone else in the car. But I did not say a word. As we drove the other person began to speak and told me about what was going to go on the rest of the night.
They then blind folded me and placed something around my neck like a leash. I was scared and to afraid to yell and it’s not like anyone was going to hear me anyways. When the car came to a stop the other person grab the leash and drug me out of the car. They lead me up some stair and into a house. We walk down a long hall way and in to a room.

Where my legs were tied up apart from each other (in the standing position). My arms were tied above my head. The blind fold was remove there was only enough light to see the outline of the person. I was told that I was bought by a very power man and he was the MASTER. And there were rules I had to follow if I WANT TO GO HOME at the end of the night.

1.       Call him MASTER
2.       Only speak if ask a question
3.       The Master is always right
Then I was left to wait a few minutes later someone walks into the room. They walk round me and I felt a big smack across my ass how dare you not greet your master the stranger says. Now say you’re sorry. I say sorry I did not know. He smacks my ass aging and says no excuses. He takes a knife and cuts my close off. And he begins to rub my inner thigh. He asks when the last time I was touched like this. In a very shaky voice I say never. He laughs and say oh so were a slut tease are we. For that I will punish you for every man you tease and never fulfilled the dead. He grab my tits and twisted I yelled. He covered my mouth and said do we not understand the rules. I nodded yes. But that was not good enough he grab a gag and gagged me so I could not make a sound.

He then started rubbing my clit with something that was cold and medal after a few minutes I figure it must me a vibrator. He rubbed my clit make me feel like I had never before. Not know what to do but knowing it was better for me to just take it. But also feeling like this was something I had wanted for some time. This went on for what seemed like forever. He stop and told me he was going to untie me arm and I was to kneel on my knees I did as I was told when I got down on my knees he tied my arm above me again. He told me I need to quit tease men and tease in and finish what I started. Not know what he meant I was scared. He told me to open my mouth for my punishment. He shoved his big cock in my mouth and told me to make it good. I had no clue what I was doing so I licked and suck like it was a lollipop. But I was not doing it right he smack my ass and say not slut like this. He grab my head and shoved his cock in farther make me gag. He smacked my ass and said no gaging slut. I could taste him as he began to cum in my mouth he pulled out and cum all over me. He untied my arms and legs and led me over to a bed. He bent me over and slapped my ass so hard and told me to quiet teasing. He turned me over and threw me on the bed he then tied me back up. He climb on top of me with his cock in my face and told me to suck it hard.  I did as I was told as I began to suck he started kissing and lick my pussy and running the vibrator all off my pussy. It felt so good it made me suck him harder and I could feel his cum in my mouth. He slaps my pussy and said swallow slut. As I swallowed he pulled his cock out of my mouth. He then blindfolded me telling me I was not to say a word. I could feel his cock down my pussy. He asks me do you want it. I was scared to speak he slap my pussy and said answer my slut. I nodded yes his replay sorry tease but my cock wants something else the vibrator will go here. Not think I reply where. He slaps me and say no one said you could talk time for the gag again I see. He gags me. Unties my legs and shoves his cock in my ass. He pumps me hard and uses the vibrator on my pussy as a learn to relax I see how good this feel and how much I want it. When he done he unties me and tell me sorry but the master thinks you broke to may rules. Look like you need to stay to be punished later for that. You will not be leaving tonight

Stay tuned to see where this goes                      

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