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Pete was in his front garden, doing some weeding. When a removal van parked outside the house next door. About time too, he thought to himself. The last lot of neighbours were a right pain in the arse, moaning about his loud music, granted he did like to play it loud but he never did it to annoy them, they were far from perfect themselves. With their loud noisy rows.


As the van door opened a rather intimidating guy jumped from the cab. And then a car pulled up behind, and a women of about 40ish got out, She had brown hair with purple highlights she was short compared to the guy, she had all the curves in the right places and very sexy. She had a big smile on her face.


She walked over to where Pete was standing, “HI I’m Lisa this is Harry my partner in crime, I’m your new neighbour” she winked. Pete noticed that Lisa was not wearing a bra, and her nipples were visible.


“Hi I’m Pete if you need a hand give me a shout” He said. As he shook hands first with Harry and then Lisa.


“We need to get this show rolling “harry said. And off the pair went as another car pulled up and another couple got out. They ran to the back of the van and started to help Harry take a bed out.


Pete noticed it was quite a big one at that, and few thoughts of what happened on it ran though his mind. He continued gardening. He felt his cock get semi hard.


Shit Pete thought you need a good fuck, he thought to himself as his cock continued to throb. A Few hours later Pete gave up on the garden as his mind had been racing with all sorts of dirty thoughts about his new neighbour, even harry had not escaped his thoughts.


Pete went inside and decided to shower he turned it on and let the water run as he got un dressed, he stepped in the shower and the warm water cascading over his body, he took the shower gel and squirted some in his hand. He then started to wash his body all over; when he got to his cock he started to massage it and his balls. Using long slow strokes his cock started to get hard, he imagined that it was Lisa wanking him off. Pete’s cock got harder. He squirted some shower gel on his hand and moved round to his arse. Pete pulled his arse cheeks apart and pushed his well soaped finger deep in his arse.


Pete let out a groan as he fingered his hole and wanked his cock. God this would be easier with another pair of hands he said out loud.


“I second that “said a female voice Pete stopped what he was doing. His hand still on his cock.


“Sorry but your front door was open, and I did call out a few times” the voice said. Pete knew it was Lisa, Pete opened the shower door and Lisa was standing there a smile on her face and he could see that she was turned on as her nipples were poking through her t shirt.


“You going to stand there or give me a hand” Pete groaned as he continued to squeeze his cock. Lisa didn’t need to be asked twice she undressed at breakneck speed and, joined Pete in the shower; she took hold of Pete’s cock and started to squeeze it hard and gentle along the length of it. Pete pushed his finger deep in his arsehole as Lisa continued to wank him off.


“Do you like your arse filled “she whispered in Pete’s ear


“Fuck yes” Pete groaned. Lisa worked her way round to Pete’s arse and pulled Pete’s arse cheeks apart, and started to lick across his puckered hole. Pete groaned as she slid two of her fingers in and wiggled them about stretching the tight hole Pete groaned again as he wanked his cock it jerked and throbbed in his hands. Lisa pushed her fingers deeper past his tight sphincter muscle.


“Eoww” Pete shouted as the pain shot through his arse. As Lisa went deeper the pain was replaced with pleasure she then started to move her fingers deep in his arse fucking him slowly. There was precum on Pete’s cock he put some on the end of his finger and fed it to Lisa. as she fucked his arse hard and deep. She sucked his finger in her mouth like she was sucking his cock. Pete’s cock jerked at the thought. She then pulled her fingers out of Pete’s arse; he let out a little groan as she did this.


Lisa moved round to the front, Pete’s cock was rock hard and Lisa could not wait to get her mouth round Pete’s swollen purple head. She sneaked her tongue out and licked across the slit, the taste of his precum had wetted her appetite for his cum flooding her mouth. She then took hold of Pete’s cock and started to lick all the way down to his balls, taking them in her mouth.


Pete was so hard and turned on, he could feel his cum boiling in his balls, he was going to hold off as long as possible as he was enjoying Lisa’s mouth too much. Lisa then worked her way back up to the head of his cock and with one big suck she took the whole length in her wet tight mouth.


The sensations of being sucked in one go nearly made Pete lose control. Pete grabbed Lisa’s head and held it as she sucked hard on his cock and used her hands to squeeze his balls, she squeezed them hard then soft, Lisa then took her fingers and slid them back in Pete’s arse the sensation was too much for Pete, he began to fuck her wet warm mouth as Lisa fucked his tight arse, Lisa felt the ridges of his cock as it throbbed and jerked in her mouth, Lisa pushed her fingers deeper in his are and started to rub Pete’s P spot. Pete thrust his cock deeper in and Lisa nearly gagged.


“Sorry “he groaned as he continued to fuck Lisa’s mouth. Pete could feel his cum filling his balls as Lisa rubbed his p spot .she sucked harder as Pete gave one last thrust and his cum shot in the back of Lisa’s throat.


Lisa swallowed as fast as she could as Pete’s cum flooded her mouth. Some ran down her chin and dripped on to her nipples, Pete scooped the cum on to his fingers and licked it off as he kept thrusting in to Lisa’s mouth. He gave one more thrust as the last of his cum pumped in to Lisa’s mouth, Lisa continued to suck as the cock started to go soft.


And swallow the last of the cum. Pete pulled his soft cock out of Lisa’s mouth. And pulled her up to meet his mouth and started to kiss her deep, their tongues swirled around in each other mouths, Pete tasted the last of his cum in her mouth.


Pete stopped kissing Lisa and move down to her nipples and licked the one which had his cum on it.


“Mmmm I taste good on you “he groaned out. Pete then stopped kissing Lisa and turned around and turned the shower off, He pushed open the shower door and picked up Lisa and walked to his bedroom and dropped her on the bed.


Lisa bounced as she hit the mattress, Pete then joined her he started to kiss her breasts. He started with the right one swirling his tongue round the hard nipple as he rubbed and squeezed the left one. He then kissed his way over to the left one and sucked it hard in his mouth. Lisa let out a moan and Pete sucked harder. Lisa arched her back as Pete sucked harder.


Pete then kissed his way down Lisa’s stomach and across her shaved pussy, Lisa let out little moans as he pulled her pussy lips a part and rubbed his thumb across her clit, Lisa thrust up and groaned, as Pete licked her clit as he rubbed it. He then licked down to her arshole Lisa shivered as Pete licked and poked his tongue in her tight hole. Pete then slipped a finger in her arse and started to finger her fuck her arse as he sucked her clit. Lisa’s started to match Pete’s moves.


“Suck my clit harder” she moaned. Pete sucked her clit harder and pushed his finger deeper in her arse. Lisa’s juices were running over petes tongue, he could not get enough he felt Lisa began to shudder,


Pete pushed two fingers in her wet hole, he was finger fucking her arse and pussy she could feel her orgasm building and Pete rubbed her g spot, Lisa started to groan out loud as her orgasm shuddered through her, Pete fucked her arse and pussy faster, she lifted her hips to meet petes mouth. Her juices ran down her pussy and across her arse. Pete followed its trail.


“Fuuck me” she groaned out as her orgasm shook her whole body. Pete’s cock was rock hard he got up on to his knees and slipped his cock in Lisa’s wet hole. She gripped him tight as her second orgasm ripped through her, Pete started to thrust faster and faster Lisa’s pussy was so wet.


Pete held her hips and he drove himself deeper. Her muscles could feel his throbbing cock deep in her; Pete could feel his balls tighten as his cum started to boil. She gripped him tighter she thought she would break him.


“Ahh fuck” he yelled as his cum flooded deep in Lisa’s pussy. Lisa met Pete thrust for thrust as he kept coming deep in her. Pete thrust one more time before his cock went soft. Lisa’s orgasm started to slow down as Petes soft cock fell out. With a plop


“Ohh” Lisa said as it plopped out pet then took hold of her hips and lifted them off the bed as he started to lick his leaking cum from her hole, he could taste his salty cum and her sweet juices. Pete could not get enough he flicked his tongue across her sensitive clit. Lisa let out a little moan. He took one more lick and moved up to Lisa’s mouth. And started to kiss her, Lisa could taste her juices and Pete’s cum on his lips and tongue and could not get enough. They French kissed for a while. When Pete pulled away.


“There’s plenty more where that came from” Pete said with a grin across his face.


“I only came to ask if you had some sugar for Harrys Cuppa “she laughed


At that Harry appeared at the bedroom door with his hand on his cock.


“I arrived just at the right time “Harry laughed.

And joined them on the bed ….


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