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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, Identified partner, Anal Sex, Force/Rape, Oral Sex, Group Sex / Threesome
Tags: jobs Blow
Location: A dark back alley
Roleplay: Cop/Prisoner
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Agressive

The café was small and intimate making our advances seem natural. You seem to be enjoying the fact that I selected a skirt and revealing blouse for the evening. The urges are getting stronger as we have been feeling each other int booth and I am not sure about you but I know I am ready to take this to the next lever so I ask for the check. Time we were home and no longer restrained.

Once in the parkade, we notice no one is around...we start to kiss passionately and fondle each other frantically ...You get really hard and open the back door and throw me on the seat ...lifting my legs and spreading them wide... you pull my panties to the side and take your nice hard cock out of your pants and fuck me right there. You drive it in and my pussy is so wet and inviting it just slides easily. A few thrusts and u pull out...its all wet with my love juice as if someone had poured cream on your cock. You ram it in me hard again and again until u explode inside me. My pussy filling with your thick hot load. You came so fast and hard that u r exhausted and beg me to drive us home. I manage to pull my panties back in order and without wiping up the mess or cleaning up..I move to the front seat...still feeling your hot load deep inside me and oozing as we drive.

I proceed to leave the parkade and a cop pulls me over signals me to pull over..so I swing into a side alley away from traffic. As he asks for my license and registration...I ask what the problem is..stating that I have done nothing wrong. He informs me that it is an offence to have sex in public...we immediately realize that he must have been watching the whole time. The officer giver me 2 choices...take care of it here or he can take me to jail tonight. I look at you for help or support and you tell me to just give the man what he wants.

I climb out of the car and face the officer and ask him what he wants me to do. The officer opens the back door and throws me on my back..pulling my wet cum soaked panties aside and starts to lick and suck from my still warm cum filled pussy. He doesn’t seem to mind that it still has fresh cum...he licks it clean! I moan and sigh as he eats me out...You cant stand it any longer so u get out and open the other door...you pull out your shaft and place it in my mouth for me suck...you watching him lick me clean and giving me the ultimate pleasure drives u wild and makes u immediately hard. He gets up and starts to fuck me while I suck you off.. leans forward and tongue tickles my nipples...then he licks my lips and my mouth and your cock while I am sucking you...so I take your cock out to kiss him passionately..and place your cock in his mouth to suck while he is fucking me. Again I take your cock back into my mouth and suck and tickle some more...I am not greedy woman so I share your cock with the officer ...first him then me then him then me.....You nearing the edge and shout that u want to be the one fucking me...so the two of you exchange positions. The two of you walk round the car and you lean in and start to fuck me hard while his cock is in my mouth. My hands are busy playing with his balls and fingering his tight ass. Suddenly he leans forward and starts licking and sucking at my swollen clit.

He doesn’t give a second thought to licking your cock while he is there. He enjoys watching us both shudder with delight. The intensity of the situation is obvious as we all start to show signs of release...Finally U cum hard...very hard...you pull your cock out and he dives down again to lick you clean...followed by sucking each and every succulent drop of my orgasm out of me....he arches once and shoots his load to the back of my throat..and demands that I not swallow. He finishes the last few spurts and bends over to kiss me and taste his cum from my tongue and mouth...sucking my tongue in and out...holding it with is teeth and lips....not giving it back till he has extracted the final drop. The moment is over....the fine paid....As we dress the officer asks if we might exchange phone numbers...we do ...and we are happy to have a friend on the force...as well as a fuck buddy who drops by at least twice a week!!!

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