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Categories: Oral Sex, Group Sex / Threesome, Other women, Cuckolded
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Location: A bed
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it was late one night and I was just leaving my friends viewing when I called my bestfriend to come keep me company. She told me I could spend the night at he place so we hung out and then we called her boyfriend to come pik us up. Well fiona and I have expiremented before it was hot and we started kissing and before we both knew it we were slowly grinding against eachothers pussies. Well this night it just so happened to be my birthday as well I was 17 and fionas boyfriend had been begging her for a threesome with someone so we thought what the hell. We finally get to there house and me and her take a hot shower together  as we always do she starts to kiss my neck and nipples and I stick my hand on her breast and slide the other down to her already wet soaking clit I start to rub it only to hear her moan in delight which she then starts to rub my throbbing clit lay down in the huge shower tub and I then make my way down to her thighs . I then take my tongue and press it against her aching clit and begin flicking my tongue up and down licking her pussies sweet juices while I'm getting wetter I start going faster while fiona is crying out for me to make her cum as she is thrashing her hips agaist my tongue I then take two fingers and slide them in her pussy  just as I did I heard her moan in orgasmic extasy  we then finish up in the shower and head to the bedroom where greg was waiting with his firm hard cock in his had he then instructed me to get on top of him and for fiona to sit on his face but facing towards me he then pumps his hard cock into my aching and at this point soaking wet pussy as he then starts engorging on fionas clit 

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