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Categories: Big Black man, S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: black big cock chris mr
Location: The toilet room
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

Day One:    

I was given to Mr. Chris as a present, my former mistress told me. Lyssa told me that I was growing far too ornery for her to handle, so she sent me to my new Master.    

The day I was given to him, Lyssa shoved me, naked, into the back of her truck with all of my stuff piled into it and told me to be a good little slut for my new Master. She told me how nice he is and how much he’s looking forward to meeting me and having me for himself. I was honestly scared out of my mind! I never had a male “master” before. Sure, Sir was above me, but he wasn’t really my master. He just helped Lyssa when she needed it.    

Now I wasn’t Lyssa’s slut anymore. I was someone else’s… Oh, God. What was I in for?


We eventually pulled up to this grandiose looking house and my heart stopped. My new master must be very wealthy… I felt my heart stop when we pulled up the driveway. From my seat in the back, I could see just how new and beautiful the outside of the house was. The walls were red and brown bricks with large windows and with large green vines carrying flowers sprawling across the sides of the house.    

“Let’s go.” Lyssa stepped out of the car and came around to let me out. She yanked my leash and I was forced to follow, even though all I wanted to do was go home and disappear in my room. I followed on my hands and knees behind Lyssa as she led me up the few steps to the front door. She knocked and I lowered my head, completely saddened by my Mistress’s abandonment.    

I heard the door open, but I didn’t look up. I kept my head low as I heard Lyssa and the man speak to each other. His voice was deep, and he sounded like he was smiling, but I still didn’t look at him.    

Lyssa yanked my leash and sighed, “You’re gonna need to be strict with this one. She can be quite a pain.”    

The man chuckled, “I don’t think that’ll be a problem.” I could hear the smug and smirking tone in his voice. I felt my leash being transferred between them, and then he pulled me inside and led me to the foot of a flight of stairs. He tied my leash to the banister and left out the door, probably to help Lyssa with my stuff, which was only a box or two.    

I took the opportunity to look around the room, which was HUGE! There was an ‘L’-shaped couch in the middle of the room in front of a flatscreen TV. The floor was hardwood and I’m sure that there was a completely modern kitchen through one of the two doorways, but that’s all I got to see before the man came back in. I quickly looked away and lowered my head.    

He chuckled and I heard him sit the boxes down beside me. I flinched with the sound but still kept my gaze to the floor. I felt him squat down in front of me and he grazed his fingers against my cheek. His hands were so big, and warm too. He brought his fingers to the back of my neck, left them there for a moment or two, and then brought his hand to my pony tail. He gripped my hair tightly and pulled so hard my head snapped back. I shut my eyes tightly and a whimper escaped my lips. He chuckled and put his face against my exposed neck. I felt him lick my collarbone and bring his other hand to cup my breast.    

“Mmmm…” He took in a deep breath, “Size C? Kinda big, don’t you think?”    

I bit my lower lip to silence the moans of pleasure I know I was going to release if I opened my mouth.     He squeezed my nipple and I cried out. He spoke with a slight edge in his voice, “Answer me.” Pinch. “Your breasts are kind of big for C’s, correct?” I nodded. He sighed and pinched my nipple harder. “Look at me when I talk to you.”    

I opened my eyes and tried my best to focus on the man in front of me. He had dark brown skin, darker than mine, hair cut short, and glasses. His eyes were dark and incredibly lustful. I saw him smirk at me and to my surprise, I felt myself get wett between my legs. I blushed at my body’s reaction and quickly looked away.     

He sighed and let go of my hair, then he unhooked my collar from around my neck. I looked at him then at the collar beside me. He looked me straight in the eye and stood up, bringing me up with him. “Let’s go.” He led me up the stairs and into a bathroom. There was a sink with a large mirror above it to my left, the toilet beside the sink, and the tub behind me. He pushed me face first into the sink and placed his hands on my hips. “Look.”    

I could see my reflection in the bathroom mirror, my hair a mess and some of my make-up smeared across my face. I instantly looked away, not wanting to see how atrocious I looked.     

He reached around to grab a hold my nipple and give it another squeeze. I whined at the pain and pulled back to try to escape, but that only brought me closer to his body. He pinched harder at my attempt and I let out a throaty moan.     

“Open your eyes.” He growled in my ear and pinched my nipple again. “NOW.”    

I opened my eyes to see our reflections in the mirror and I got even wetter. My chest was jutted forward into his hand which was just as big as my breast. He had a tight grip on my nipple, and I could see that he also had his hand on my upper thigh, working his way to dripping wett pussy. His eyes were even darker now, lustful and primal.    

“I love your body…” He began to gently caress my sore nipple and he dragged his other hand across my stomach. “But, I don’t think you love it as much as I do… Here,” he placed both his hands on my hips and lifted me onto the edge of the sink on my knees.     

I felt awkward. Being up so high and on such a small edge, meant that I had to lean forward at weird position, sticking my butt out towards him.     

He stood up straight now, and I could see just how tall he was. I was on the sink, but he was still just as tall as me. He put his hands back on my hips, forcing me to straighten my back, while also pulling me against his chest. Then he moved, pushing one hand between my legs to cup my already soaked pussy. His hands were so warm…    

I groaned, arching my back and forcing my chest forward.    

“This is the last time I’m going to tell you to open your eyes. Do it now, or I’m gonna have to punish you.” His other hand began to stroke gently against my side and it then moved slowly down to cup my ass cheek.    

I nodded and opened my eyes. By now, I could see all my wetness dripping down my legs, out and around his hand.    

He removed his hand and laughed at how wet I was. “I want you to watch yourself cum. From what I saw, it is a very interesting sight.”    

I wanted to ask how he knew what I looked like when I came, but when I turned around to ask, he immediately unleashed a smack against my ass. I quickly looked forward and back at our reflections. He liked how I knew what to do and I could tell that from his bulge appearing against my ass. “Good girl.” He said. I kept my eyes glued to the mirror as his hand began to press against my aching pussy. I wanted him so badly… Oh, God. I barely knew him and I wanted him… I’m such a slut… My former Mistress taught me well…   

I could hear my Master unzip his pants and let them fall to the floor. He pulled my legs apart slightly and pushed on my back, making me bend forward.   

He moved his hand from between my legs and I felt a momentary relief. MOMENTARY. He pressed himself against me and I felt his cock press itself against my pussy. I bit my lip, but kept my eyes on the mirror. From this angle, I could see exactly how thick and long his cock was. He forced his head in and finally the rest of him followed. I groaned and whined and squirmed against him, trying to keep my balance as he began to fuck me.   

I could feel my pussy tightening around his thick cock and I knew that I was on the verge of cuming. My Master gripped my hips and began to go harder and faster into me. He went faster and harder until I could hear his cock squishing in my pussy, forcing my face and chest against the mirror. He growled in my ear and I forced myself back up to look at my face in the mirror. I could see my eyes were glazed over and almost as lustful as his.  

He began to work even harder, making me scream out in what I would soon realize is pleasure. I could feel myself about to cum. He dug his nails into my hips and shot his cum into my sore yet happily accepting pussy. I came as well, but I kept my eyes on my reflection. I could see exactly what he meant. My expression was one I thought I’d never make, one where I was vulnerable, yet completely sexy at the same time.   

He eventually began to slow down and he pulled his semi-hard cock out of me. As soon as he did, our cum dripped from my pussy and slid down my leg into the sink. We were both breathing hard, but he helped me down and wrapped his arms around my waist, resting his head on my shoulder. “By the way,” he started, “you can call me Mr. Chris. Anything else, unless I order it, will be unacceptable.”

I nodded, “Y-Yes, Mr. Chris.”

He smiled, “What is your name?”

“Kitten,” I automatically replied.

“No. Your former Mistress gave you that name…” He spoke softly. “Your NAME.”

“T…Tori…” He laughed at my timed response.

“Okay, Tori. What say you and I do THAT again?”

I looked up at him and, for the first time in a while, I truly smiled. “Yes, Mr. Chris."

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