How I fuck my girlfriend almost every night   added 3 years ago
  By: mfdc  Age: 35  Country: United Kingdom

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Location: A bed
Roleplay: Master/slave
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Nature: Agressive

We've only just started sleeping together. Previously, she was in a pretty dull relationship, with a pretty dull guy who did'nt know his way around a womans body. She was delicious, young (26) blonde with full child bearing hips, an ass so soft and tight, and a hour glass figure, lips so kissable you'd ache and vibrant blue eyes which would just melt you. I was 31, and should of known better, and I did.

The first night we spent in bed together, the aim at the time was to just be close, to cuddle. Curled up into the nook of my warm body, she spooned against me with my hand draped over her, resting on her slightly paunched stomach (I love this on a girl, it always makes me thing what they would feel like if they were pregnant with my child) and my nose nuzzled her neck and beautiful soft blonde hair. She smelt intoxicating, a mixture of perfume, and the cocktails we'd been drinking earlier.

She was wearing a pair of black lacy French knickers, tights and a bra, her curves exposed, and her Porcelain skin shining and smooth as the moonlight reflected off her from the window. I was just in a pair of tight pants barely keeping in my already engorged penis.

I'd trace the tiniest circles on her stomach with my finger, spending what appeared to be forever tracing my way from her arm, down the small of her back, over her hips, along the crevice of space between her panties and below, and then up her stomach and in between her pert little breasts. I'd occassionally stop between her breasts, taking time to move between each one, and spend some time making her nipples ache with excitement as blood rushed to them hardening them. Alternating the softest touches and hard firm grips of her stomach as I pressed her against my now stiff penis, which was dripping pre-cum.

She'd wriggle into me further and arch her back, as I'd breath heavily into her ears and lick and nibble her neck, smelling her and moaning slightly. She whimpered as I rolled off my underwear and moving her arse cheeks apart with one hand, I rubbed the tip of my penis up the length of her arse from her now moist pussy, up to her arse crack and then up her back. The feeling of the nylon getting damp against my dick was incredible!

She whimpered and gyrated her arse as we backwards & forwards did this for an eternity, me getting harder, her getting wetter. Occasionally I'd dip my fingers into her pussy to make her wetter, rubbing her clit and then wiping her juices on my cock to lubricate me further. At this point I pulled her tights down ever so slightly just to expose her, and moved her knickers to one side.

The sound of this seemed to turn her on more, but as I traced the tip of my penis past her arse and towards her vagina, she'd wriggle back making sure she felt the friction between my penis and her arse. Her hand reached round, gripping my cock - the sight of her red painted nails and little fingers around my massive dick nearly sent me over the edge and I had to stop for a moment, but slowly she continued to wank me off in her arse.

She pushed back more and the tip of my penis pushed past her tight arse and within a moment and a gasp from both of us, I was inside her. She slowly backed up and moved herself fully back against my body and writhed around as she impaled herself on my cock.

I gripped her hips with one hand and moving back slightly pulled her hair with the other, telling her what a filthy bitch she was as I started to slam my cock into her agressively. She whimpered she wanted me to hurt her and even if she said no, I should carry on, which drove me crazy as she started saying no, no please stop, as I continued to drive deep into her arse.

The squelching sound and the slight smell of sex and her arse looesening up sent me over the edge and I pumped cum deep inside her, not stopping I continued to work her arsehole into a frothing mess as I popped my cock out and stuck it straight into her cunt, at this point, I was an animal, rolling her over slightly onto her front and pulling her tights down a little more, I fucked her for all she was worth pushing her head into the pillow and listening to her wail as I alternated between her arse and her pussy.

fourty minutes later and it was over, both spent we collapsed into each others arms. We never did arrange a safe word.

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