Daddy has naughty rules   added 3 years ago
  By: ddonovan  Age: 102  Country: United States

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Categories: Anal Sex, The Fetishists
Tags: daddy fuck me
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Sugar Daddy/Baby
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later

Mom drops me off at Daddy's apartment. Daddy answers the door and we hug. We eat dinner and hang out. Daddy is on his computer and soon asks me if I have a boyfriend. No, Daddy, Im only 14 and don't have any boys in my life. Daddy starts asking about my sexual experience. I say, Daddy, I don't have any of that. Daddy says to sit on his lap and he keeps asking me questions. Daddy, I say, I'm a good girl. He tells me he believes me..and he rubs my legs. I have a short skirt on and he keeps rubbing my legs. He asks me if anyone has touched my little puss. No, Daddy, I say. He rubs my legs..moving up my legs..and under my skirt. He rubs my panty covered pussy. Daddy, I say, what are you doing? Daddy says he is just checking if Im the good little girl I say. yes, Daddy..Im your good little girl. You rub my pussy..I slowly open my legs. You push your fingers into my's so tight and hurts a little. You tell me to be a good girl and you pull my dress off. I have only panties on. You tell me to get on my knees. I do. You have me close my eyes and open my mouth..then I feel your cock against my tongue. SUCK, you say. I close my mouth against you and start sucking. You tell me I'm a good girl for Daddy, as you push my head down onto your hard cock. I whimper. You tell me to do a good job. I suck and gag as you put your cock in deep. Again and again you push in deep as I try to suck. You reach down and start pushing your fingers into my bare little pussy as I try to take you in. You hold me hard as you fuck my mouth. I try to move in and out so hard. At the same time you finger fuck my naked pussy. I try to beg for relief from my Daddy, but you tell me I'm Daddy's little play toy. I wriggle..but you still finger fuck me. I squeal. I try to move away. You tell me that i've teased you too long. You say I deserve what I get. You hold my head tight as your push your cock in and out of my mouth. You push in harder and harder. You start pumping in and out of my mouth. I try to protest..but I am gagging on you. Ohhhh..Daddy, you push in so deep and cum and cum in my mouth. You order me to swallow every drop. I swallow and swallow. You pull out..thank you daddy. Oh, little girl, you are such a good girl. Do you love to drink Daddy's cum? Yes, Daddy...I love the taste. Good girl. Let's snuggle in bed..and play when we wake up. My poor pussy is sore..but I love making you happy Daddy. You whisper in my ear..little girl, your tight bottom will feel soo good....

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