A nite at the camp!   added 3 years ago
  By: suckandfuck666  Age: 28  Country: United States

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So one nite me and my friend1 went out to his camp and deicided we wanted to party but it was only us so we just started drinking and then I told him that I had some gay thoughts about him and he was like yeah prove it then and whipped out his dick so then i went over to him and starting licking it up and down and sucking it so good until he stopped me and to go inside and wait for him next thing i know my other friend2 is pullin up to the camp and they start talking and laughinh then come inside i am sittin on the couch they come in and friend 1 forces me on my hands and knees then starts fucking my face throat fucking till im gagging all over is hard fat cock then i feel something wet on my back and ass its friend2 to covering me with baby oil and says your in for one hell of a night and starts to tease my ass with his cock then starts to move it in and out slowly and faster it felt so good i felt like a lil girl gettin fucked then firend2 get me on top of him and i start to ride him while friend1 comes up from behind and says time for a lil dp i felt a pinch and screamed while moaning then all i new i had 2 hard cocks going in and out of my ass for like an hour then they both are about to cum and have me give them both a double blowjob until they cum all over my face and down my throat ....end of part 1 ;)

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