Another Fantasy - Crossdresser in the Park   added 3 years ago
  By: sammyhe252525  Age: 39  Country: South Africa

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Categories: Transvestites, Masturbation, The Audience / Voyeur
Tags: Transvestites submission cum
Location: A park
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Humiliating

I hadn't chatted to my friend Jeff in a while, so we were due to catch up with each other. We were both really busy so on the phone he suggested I meet him in a park, where he walks his dogs. As I've explained before, I've come to enjoy putting my unique and arguably selfish cross-dressing spin on my meetings with Jeff.

I decided that this would not be a lost opportunity, so I stopped by the mall on the way to the dog park. It took around forty five minutes for me to find a body hugging black lace chemise, a black silk thong that could barely hold my cock when soft, and pair of stockings. I briefly considered a soft A-cup bra, but eventually decided against it. My ensemble was already making my cock drip.

Fast forward another half an hour, and I was almost at the dog park. I could feel my cock sticking out my thong, wetting the bottom half of the chemise that was all tucked under my jeans and sweatshirt. Jeff and I made small talk and I started giving his dogs some attention. They were very cute and were absolutely loving the park.

We were having a good chat, and I almost felt bad for trying to derail our meetup. After all, if I'm being honest, Jeff probably views me as a steadfast friend or brother. Jeff is also very gay, but I realise that it doesn't necessarily mean he wants to see this steadfast friend's cock sticking up out of a lace thong - something that is predominantly associated with women.

I almost felt bad, because I was flashing lace and silk everytime I bent over. Although our conversation never really faltered, Jeff gave me the impression he was weighing up whether to bring this up, or just continue chatting. Either way I think I'd have been happy. After all - we always got along well.

But he did not keep quiet, or just continue chatting. All he said was "We're going to carry on walking up over there, and then you're going to pull down your fucking pants and explain to me exactly what I'm looking at!" He was pointing at a secluded area of the park. Everything went dead quiet for about ten seconds. Then I said "OK".

I didn't have a clue as to what I thought was going to happen, but it took about ten more minutes of walking to get to that secluded area. We were both quiet, and I barely realised we had gotten there before Jeff was going "Now!". A billion scenarios had been running through my head, but when he said "Now!", I did it. I just undid my belt and dropped my pants. By now, my cock had been constantly erect and soaking my thong and chemise with precum.

It felt like I was using all my willpower not to just orgasm immediately. Since then I have jumped to the conclusion that all of my behaviour was just annoying Jeff, because he didn't seem to demonstrate a hardon for me. He made no motion for me to give him a blowjob. He made no advances at all. All he gave me was an instruction. "Okay, cute, but now take your jumper off, as well as your shoes."

Within minutes, I was standing in a public park wearing a black lace chemise, a silk thong and a pair of black thigh high stockings. Then he ask me to jerk off. I almost came on the spot. It took three strokes and my hand and cock were both slick, slippery and wet since there was so much pre-cum.

I noticed Jeff's eyes go a little wide at this point, but he recovered quickly and told me to "hand fuck your cock you silly little bitch". I have to say that I normally try to savor masturbation, but in this instance it was over in just a few seconds. There was cum all over the ground, and Jeff just sniggered a bit.

"C'mon and get dressed, you bastard - I'll buy you a beer.." he said.

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