The abduction of Joanne Part 2   added 3 years ago
  By: Joanne  Age: 37  Country: Australia

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Categories: Force/Rape, Transvestites
Tags: abduction crossdresser
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...... A shot is fired, a cannonball piercing the ships rigging.  The ship pulls alongside in the darkness, they were unable to be detected in the darkness, in the wild seas. The battle rages on deck, muskets, sabres, I hear the fighting, I am panic stricken. I need to be ondeck but.... But.... I am Joanne.  A boy in a pink dress will not be discovered on deck  

 No one can know of my secret.  


The cabin door bursts open.i am face to face with the enemy. A young pirate, his fellow sailors at his side. I stand vulnerable, pinks dress, pink bonnet, petticoats. Any attempt at resistance would be a joke.  "Well well men, look at what we have here" "a young damsel in our midst"  he holds a Sabre to my breast, my heart races with fear. Fear of my fate at the hands of the raiders and the over riding fear of the discovery of Joanneby my father and the crew.


My hands are quickly bound behind my back, feet tied together, gagged as I am the thrown over the shoulder of their leader and taken up the gangway onto the deck. Throw onto the deck in front of my father and crew.  They are dumbfounded, a girl, on their ship !!! I am unable to protest, I am gagged so tight. I long to tell them it is a mistake, to leave me. I am not what they think.  


As I am carried to the gangplank it is obvious that I am to be taken aboard the enemy ship.  My Father has has his suspicions about "Joanne", now he knows. They all know!!!


The rigging ofmy fathers ship is disabled. The ship is rendered useless.  I look back at the massless  hull as we power away into the black night    


I am quickly tied to the mast. Hands tied behind my back. Feet tied.  The little cream stockings are no comfort and provide no protection from the harshness of the ropes that bind me.   Still gagged, I am unable to alert them to their mistake.  I am helpless, tied, gagged.  I am truly a damsel in distress".................

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