The abduction of Joanne. Part 1   added 3 years ago
  By: Joanne  Age: 37  Country: Australia

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Categories: Force/Rape, Transvestites
Tags: abduction crossdresser
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I have always known I am more Joanne than "John". Have always felt it, have long since discretely dressed as Joanne when alone and have always felt like a girl and now a young lady. The year is 1870. I travel the seas on my fathers shipping line sailing ships. A hard working boy by day and a pretty young lady by night when locked up in the secrecy of my cabin.  My mother and older sister have stopped travelling with us after my sisters recent marriage. I have, by devious means acquired many of her clothes over the last couple of years. I have also managed to acquire quite a feminine wardrobe on the rare occasions we are in port. They are all hidden carefully in my cabin.  It has been a long day but I am eager for John to become Joanne for the evening. I am alone, I have a bottle of wine and I want to be a young lady for the evening.  In accordance with the fashion of the time I select a long, floor length full skirted pink gown, layers of petticoats, a little corset and layers of petticoats. I adore rolling on the little cream stockings and fastening them to the garter belts integral with the corset. The breasts of the corset soon padded with additional stockings. I tuck my erect cock into little cream lace panties the dress feels Devine. I feel like such a young lady. I adore the sound of the petticoats as I walk. The sound of the high heels on the wooden floor.  My hair done beautifully and now wearing a little pink bonnet.  I am indeed Joanne.  Even if only in the privacy of my cabin. The ocean roars outside, the wind howling in the rigging of the tall ship. An entirely male crew ...... Well except for little Joanne, playing amongst her dresses,lingerie, wigs, makeup and high heels in the privacy of her locked cabin.  I indulge in fantasies of men, of being held tight bay strong masculine lover,of being kissed as if I were a woman, all woman.  


The lookout quietly goes about his business from the top of the mast, carefully scanning for boats, looking carefully for any sign of the pirate ships we have been warned are prowling this area of the huge, wid ocean.......... 

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